Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Had farewell pizza during lunch. It's weng's last day. And today oso, Brian and Tim gave their resignation letter. Comin up next Monday would be Domina. Tskk...i felt so discourage! I luv this job...but i need to get outta here.

Monday, March 29, 2004

credit Jaring dah bis, during weekend lak tuh!...penat jer dial-up lagik dan lagik. kwang! kwang! kwang!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

ari nih kejer dalam panic mode. first, EUTS author sent an email in fits saying that his book subtitle is wrong. me and sara traced back ol emails to see wether the subtitle is confirmed. punyala banyak buku mana lar aku nak ingat jap tukaq nih jap tukaq nama tuh. first globalization and then globalism, but John Smith decided to use globalization. and tuh insist nak buku dia called globalism. whateva the difference does it make? tak kosa lak aku nak bukak dictionary. soo saper yang salah skang? takkan nak blame John...dia pon client. thehe. shirley contacted John, and the book is already in printing tinggal nak bind jer! series shit. muka memasing kinda panic. takut alicia naik mengamuk jer...which she always does whenever any books goes wrong. aku x penah kena lagik...could this be my first time kena sembur? *brrr!!* tapik slamat ler lagik buku tuh tak bind, and john takder make fuss, maybe dia pon realize his mistakes, aku pon cecepat antar PDF corrections. pepandai ler orang sana masukkan in between. author tuh pon satu time cakap buku nih dah final stage tanak check. dah antar printing baru nak kalut...buat orang menggelabah jer!

second, i kinda eksidently harrass WY's file. the one he intended to post in his blog i guess. nih sumer wani nyer kejer. dia jumpa, pass kat aku without me noticing its ekceli a shortcut file. habit dies hard...aku trus type msg in it to reply to wani. peh tu baru ler sedar tuh WY punya...and i'm spose to tumpang baca only. not to do anything wit it! menggelabah tok kesekian kalinya. terpaksaler aku blank save file tuh. and biler WY bukak 2moro...surely dia akan terkejut beruk benda yang dia penat² bermadah dah takder. waaaa...insap jap! tanak dah wat kejer cenggini! moral, jangan bukak orangnya file directly from their HD. kalo nak copy masuk HD sendiri!!! ayat insap ker nih?

Monday, March 22, 2004

After undi smalam, headed to Mid Valley to meet up Saha. and Fini. Saha promised a lunch treat so gagah ler jugak tetengah ari buta kuar g jumpa dia. Had pizzas, burak² and then balik. Thru conversation...well guess 'some' would know what 'happen'. btw fini kem salam kat x-roomate dia, wawa and oso everyone else, rina, zect, and sesapa lah yang mengenali diri dia.

And today...since Pak Lah tak declare cuti, aku wat cuti sendiri. Ponteeeng!! at 6.00 a.m bapak bang my door, "hang dah lambat, bangun!", and at 7.00 my sista bang the door again, "weh tanak g kejer ker", at 8.30, eila called me twice and wani smsed asking where am i. hampess...sumenya kaco aku tdo! yang besnya lagik, wawa pon ponteng...still kat kuantan! muahahah!

+++ Happy Birthday to TOAD!! Big beary hug for you. +++

Sunday, March 21, 2004

2moro, i'm goin' out to vote, to fulfil my responsibility as citizen of malaysia. cewahhh!! dulu² if vote for MPM-UTM main blasah jer pilih mana² muka ensem and cun. heheh...but this time tgk logo jek, i think?! aku akan membuang undi kat skolah depan lorong umah, smBTR. dekat gitu...cuma bapak aku sorang je yang len kat taman tenaga. musykil sungguh.


Friday, March 19, 2004

i'm sinking everytime karupillay dengan manjanya calling "lisssaaaa" across the room every half hour, even less. since when nama aku jadik sulisa ntahle. yang lenlain pon nyahut everytime she does that, croakin' in harmony "lissaaaa" ewww! Joblist pon de 2 different names of me. One with 'z' and the other is 's'. duh!

Done and over with previous book entitled Motherhood and Disability. Kinda like reading Chicken Soup for the Soul. Painful facts and experience about disabled mothers and how they deal with it. bes jugak. and now, workin on a book called OC. Full title On Clausewitz, which doesn't sounds interesting as in short form. Burink! cuba bagi aku buku wat buku citer cam shopaholic ker hatta buku mills and boon skalipon. terang sket mata. gawd, felt terribly restless! consume and intoxicate me puhlease!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

last nite after 10p.m, pak long and the family came over. 5 bijik keta...huarghhh! skali skala family from penang nak mai burak. cuti skolah lar katakan. (^o^).

Saturday, March 13, 2004

series aku bantai gelak baca bebudak nih nyer caption gambar aku ngan walad @ fsksm. kalah headlines magazine! *lol*

From: zetty (11 Mar 2004 23:44)

"tidakk!!..itu hanya gossip" kata soul kepada wartawan yg sempat menemuramah beliau

From: waswas (12 Mar 2004 09:21)

"no komen, no komen", kata walad

From: Anonymous (12 Mar 2004 09:34)

sape tanye lebih2 aku fire kang.. 'kata soul'

From: gen_juro (12 Mar 2004 09:55)

"padan jugak budak 2 ekor ni " kata rina

From: akmal (13 Mar 2004 05:17)

"ensem nyer pakwe dia" kata alia

From: waswas (13 Mar 2004 09:10)

"kami hanya berkawan rapat,itu hanyalah gosip", soul berkata

From: zetty (13 Mar 2004 09:54)

"Dia adelah bodyguard saya, no affair at all.." tambah soul kepada wartawan...

From: Anonymous (13 Mar 2004 16:16)

"celebriti rupanya dia tuh " kata receptionist itu

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Weng handed in his resignation letter today. Waaaa....dia blah dulu! I always had interesting conversation with him in spite of his habit snatching my morning paper, everyday! Member tunggu bus sesama, lambat datang kejer sesama. Well...ppl come, ppl go. we say goodbye, and move on. Hope he have better prospect in his new job.

I had six finalized books today. Pretty confusing when it all renamed to ISBNs. Hope didn't mix up anything. It was huge relief after todays shipment. Phew!! Balik, Shirley gave a ride to LRT. Btw, there's one ol guy at M. Jamek who became a regular street singer there. His ice-cream tub (tupperware). Hardly understand what he's singing tho...but i caught few keywords like aint got no money, disloyal women, whatsoever. Guess he's singing about life...but I wouldn't consider it to be called singing. Lets just say it's an artistic performance...something different.

Monday, March 8, 2004

Cuti² Mesia...weekend gateway in PD. A blast!! really had a good time there. Saturday nite, bbq by the beach till midnite. sha la la by the twins and fawaz. sunday mornin' b'fast, naik banana boat, get thrown out from the boat, mandi kat pool, main tarik tali then mandi kat laut plak. pack barang, check out, momentous session, then, headed to Teluk Kemang for lunch. Pastuh gi Senawang, umah pakcik zet, lepak jap. and then balik. I'm drained of energy. balik umah, after dinner around 9++ trus flat.

today bangun gi kejer baru rasa all my muscles aching! nak pusing 45° pon susah. but it was all worth it! Plug to zect for details. Sham pon dah uplod laporan penuh + album @ fsksm (^o^)



Friday, March 5, 2004

ujan lebat giler kol 5 tadik. so lepak @ lotus with eila, weng, hambali and alid pekena teh, megi goreng and roti canai. and then called mazlan paksa dia turun so dat he joined us and then send us to lrt. thehe...around 6 baru we all make a move. nampak akhak ngan abhang @ bus stop hailing cab. jumpa lagik @ KJ station, and then abg turun @ tmn bhg so dat he can accompany akhak tunggu bus. adeh sakit usus aku tgk lakonan drama-yusof-haslam nih. tataular baper lama episod cerekarama nih...skang dah masuk season II where akhak dah engage ngan orang len and still flirting with abhang. Thickening plot and twisted ending, i'm sure. why am i even bothered..well because i hate two-timer!

dlm tren susu called n said she's heading KLCC. aper lagik...joom! 2 days straight @ KLCC after work :P. There's Ralph Lauren Fragrance-Blue promo going on @ concourse level. I realllllyy like the parfum, it smells...fresh!!! big screen viewing full version ad of Blue, yang kat tv dah dipotong². beach house prop at the corner by the pool. endless striking blue skies background. rite now i'm thinkin' want to buy onot? ermph...rm180++ beb! eu de aerosol ader ak? sure murah one!

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Day 5...still with stomach ache and CB thingy. Dehydrate aku cenggini. Promised myself not to take any cili, belacan or whatsoever yang sewaktu dengan pedas. tapik tabley arr...tempting!

Tomoro is Joe Millionaire last episode i think. Dah lama tak folo this game but I wanna know who's the winner and how that construction worker gonna break the news. Something like...hey i'm actually not a millionaire! U just been fooled! And all over the world is watching you fooling yourself over me. Seriously I found this game absurb and exploiting woman.

America's Next Top Model dah bis. I was ekceli hoping Elyse became the winner. But then Adrienne okay gak. She won Revlon contract!!