Friday, October 5, 2012

The One with Farewell and Birthday

The day after Raya Potluck, we had a lunch date with HST on her last day of service. We makan2 at Ben's General Food Store Bangsar. Almost all IBG team on the table.

HST Farewell Lunch @ Ben's

Iols dah terjatuh chenta with eggplant salad yang sedap giler that i kept teringat biler lah nak pegi lagik sana. Thanks to the person who ordered it, or else i won't try it at all! Ermm nope the photo below is not the dishes i talked about. I thought i took some photos of the food, but xde aper in my memory card so i guess i musbi busy eating then. But i think we had 2 pizzas, 1 pasta, 2 desserts and 4 plates of salads.

HST Farewell Lunch @ Ben's

Petang tuh we bg special gifts for HST as kenang2an :) a set of parker pen and cinderella mirror hehe.

HST Farewell

On another different random story, I found Adly's birthday photos and i think lom penah post in here. I bought the cake from a colleague - marble cake caramel kot nama dia.

Birthday Adly 2012

And here is the birthday boy with his sister yang sangat suker bergambar lol!

Birthday Adly 2012

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