Monday, June 15, 2015

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung, Shah Alam

Cake Jalan Tiung just opened their cafe recently. But their name apparently dah well known way before. They even listed in the famous local bakers via Says. Their cafe is in Seksyen 9, above Anis Sup Utara.

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung  Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung

Simple decor at the entrance

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung

Time kitowang pegi, almost full house. Except for one big table with high stools at the corner. Risau plak Qeeb duduk tergolek but since he sat there quietly sambil draw so everything is fine.

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung

Love the counter. Decorated with origamis. Unfortunately, cake almost finished and tak banyak options. Frust!

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung

So we tried a slice of Christiung Applegate. Light and sedap. Their dessert plate is lovely!

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung

The kah-pucinos.

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung

If tingin nak makan cake and coffee, we will drop by again. I also ordered Jeeb's birthday cake from them. Best sket skang banyak options of halal cafe and dekat summore.

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