Maximizing Cuti

This morning was my 3rd attempt to change bank rakyat's debit card. Usually the queue was long and each customer kat counter punye lah laman. So today i reached there at 845 am skali blom bukak lg. Dah tulis form dalam keta! Bukak jer shutter trus pegi amik number. Anddddd i was the first one. Daebakkkk! Im so happy that i wanted to write about it, lol! Mmg lama ok diri kat counter tuh. About few mins diri, pusing blakang dah amost penoh org tunggu kat kosi. Alhamdulillah settled, got my new card! 
Then i went to perodua as they sent a letter for free quality inspection on transmission cable. There's another one due for checkup as well, ABS actuator. Unfortunately that one requires half a day and kene tinggalkan keta. So stick to checkup yg plg cpt jelah. I stayed there about 2hrs. I was prepared with my own nasi lemak bungkus beli kat tepi bank rakyat (tapi takde sudu) and my lappie. Gigih buat kejer okeh kat situ sebaik can connect to my hotspOt just fine. Balik rumah grab …

Selamat Bersekolah 2018

First day at school of 2018

Qeeb is now in Standard 2. Good luck and enjoy what you can; endure what you must :)

Semoga diberikan ketenangan, terang hati and may Allah ease everything, protect you from any harm shower you with intelligence and perseverance to become the best in whatever you do. Say goodbye to 24hrs access to iflix, youtube game review dan sewaktu dengannya.


Last Working Day of 2017

Last working day of 2017. MD released awal as it's a long weekend and as a special one off case. Hurray! But as usual something came up so i can't go home that early pon.

Went to Midveli, I had assam laksa (RM6), assam fishball (RM4) and also chatime. Laksa tuh sedap and price pon very reasonable. Considered cheap actually.

Let's finish this year out with family and friends making memories that last year after year. 

Anddddd it's ho-holiyay! 

Lost Info on Standard 2

Am i the only one who lost about standard 2 books missing from bookstores? I heard about change of syllabus hence the delay of distributing text books. Is that why all activity/revision books taken out from the shelf?

Birthday Treat & Meetups

K.Shua blanja-ed coffee. It was really nice of her and kekami to spend time jap at Stabak even though masing2 penat jaga papa over the weekend.

Birthday lunch with the usual suspects at Coffee World. Since duck dish not available, i chose tomyam noodle. Pekat dan pedas bendetung. Coupled it with Thai ice tea. Perfect combo!

Coffee sesh with Susu who came to my office area after her physio treatment. So we had coffee and chit chat.

Adek2 IBGDD blanja me and enni makan kat Fuel Shack. Siap belikan slice cake summore! Ada yang bagi pressie...sis suker!

Masing2 pejam mata...sebaik tak tersuap kat hidong.

My fav food and drink can be easily summed up as coffee and thai food. So siam laidat. Truly blessed and appreciate with everything i've received - love, hugs, doa, wishes, and foooood!

Xmas @ TedBoy, BS

Feeling festive