Thursday, October 8, 2015

[Articles of the Week] Minimalist

Some of random articles i found interesting. If rajin I will post more. And also some Instagram accounts yang menarik (dari mata hitam ku lah).

1. A book shop in Ginza, Japan with one single book only. Read more here.

2. A minimal sushi shop. With truly minimal dining experience. It's like a relationship between sushi and space. Even the artwork hangs on the wall pon nampak kosong. Read more here.

3. A minimalist handphone. All you can do on this phone is call people, send an SMS, save your contacts, mark appointments in the calendar, or set an alarm. Macam calculator kan? No other distractions if pakai this phone, can you live with it? Harga mahal pulak tuh. Read more here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Infographic on Swaddle

How to swaddle a baby? Ingat2 luper dah cemana nak swaddle. Dolu lepas bedung Qeeb pon kejap jer dah terbarai kainnyer. Biler ketat sangat rasa kesian ler pulak. Lepas kene bedung tuh mmg kiut jer rupanyer...macam ulat beluncas laidat.

Swaddling is an age old remedy used to calm newborn babies. Swaddles can also be used as an impromptu nursing cover, stroller cover, blanket, or soft place to lay your baby. Infographic from DoktorBudak.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Haze oh Haze!

I just had a conversation with Cheep about haze last night time balik kejer. Syukur sangat the view dah clear and what not. And pagi tadik time subuh plak ujan selebat2nyer. Terbayang2 nak sedut fresh air. Skali tuh bangun after nap bau asap daaaa and visibility pon nampak hazy jer.

We have been cloaked in smoke blown-in from tinder-dry Sumatra island for about three weeks now. Lama hoccay! It's hazardous and unhealthy! Kesian budak and orang saket especially yang ada asthma. Le sigh. Biler laaa nak abes episode haze nie. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Salam Aidil Adha

On the holy occasion of Eid al-Adha that celebrates the Hajj, may your life filled with good health, happiness and blessed by Allah.

Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam

Found old pics when we had dinner at Grease some time ago. Located in Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Big crowd time kitowang pegi tuh but the staff (or maybe owner) were very friendly. They showed us mana tempat kosong yang kitowang boleh duduk. [Left] kitchen area, [Right] counter area.

Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam  Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam

The menu. Ada cheesesteaks, burgers, pastas, sub & sandwiches and also hot dogs. Self service system - order and pay at the counter.

Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam  Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam

Since it's been a while, I can't really remember what we ordered. I think Jeeb had Texas Chilli Cheesesteak.

Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam

I'm pretty sure I ordered Mushroom Cheesesteak. The food sedap but i think it was a bit pricey. Suasana cafe plak loud so agak susah nak borak romantika. Kalo in the mood nak gelak2 huha paling sesuai!

Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam

Monday, September 21, 2015

Infographic on BreastFeeding and How to Raise a Child

Interesting facts and links for reference

Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms and also other interesting facts.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

4D3N at Ara Damansara Medical Centre

Qeeb was admitted due to mild pneumonia on Monday night. Ekceli dah considered as Tuesday pagi because when we reached the Ara Dsara Medical Centre (ADMC) it was already passed midnight. At first we went to DEMC because we were worried Qeeb's cough dah more than a week. Ubat klinik and 2 kali neb tak jalan so we were expecting the DEMC doc will prescribe antibiotics. But instead the doc said Qeeb dah kene pneumonia and need to be warded that night jugak. That made us panic. Unfortunately DEMC itself full house, so we called KPJ, Sunway, Salam was either dah penoh or first come first serve. Alhamdulillah ADMC returned Jeeb's call and asked us to reach the hospital before midnght. Banyak benda tak sempat nak pack properly because time tuh dah pukul 11.15pm. Had to distracted Qeeb with iPad because dia dah risau ada jarum, darah etc.

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre
Took this photo on the last day we were there. Baru tau cemana rupa building time siang hehe

Qeeb was the 2nd patient there. Before him there was a little 1 year old girl. Who happened diagnosed with the same bacteria called mycoplasma like Qeeb after checkup. Time Qeeb nak masukkan drip sampai 5 orang kene pegang, tuh pon dah siap balut ngan towel to reduce his struggle. Then bawak gi xray nak amik gambar chest and after that neb for few minutes. Around 2.30am baru dapat masuk bilik and Qeeb was so tantrum because his hand ada drip and too sleepy.

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre

In summary, Qeeb still hates nebulizer. Time dia tido paling senang nak bagi dia neb tapik biler mask tuh in slanting position banyak tumpah plak. Kalo time dia awake plak macam2 alasan dia bagi penat lah, lama sangat lah, banyak asap lah, masuk mata lah and also x duduk diam. On Tuesday evening, we changed to single bedroom after ada kekosongan. I need private space because i have to use toilet frequently, nak shower pon senang tak conscious, solat pon lapang kat bilik sendiri. Tuh pon after consideration of our own budget yang nak kene topup mana rate tak covered by insurance.

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre

Very thoughtful of Ruth to send this gift all the way for Qeeb - a set of hot wheel cars & a card. MYC also sent over a bouquet of flowers with fruits and chocs with a get well card.

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre  Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre

On Wednesday (Hari Malaysia) Qeeb was free from drip. Because dia dah takde fever and remaining shots of antibiotic di inject straight. Selera makan ada tapik kurang minom. His entertainment were game on iPad and netTV. Nih time muka boring.

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre

On Thursday, Paed said Qeeb can be discharged! Syukur! So after breakfast i started to pack barang masuk bag, nurse came to cabut jarum, pharmacist came with berbotol2 ubat (pitammm nengok), officer from billing dept came with a bill. Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan sumer urusan, the cost was fully covered by insurance and i did not have to top up anything because the room got corporate discount.

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre

Time nak balik tuh we sat at the cafe downstairs to enjoy some freedom moment. My first caffeine for that week.

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre
Baru tau kat mana the cafe. Hari tuh turun sendiri tak tau belah mana.

While Qeeb layan main his toys. Hope Qeeb recover well at his own comfort. 

Qeeb @ Ara Damansara Medical Centre