Monday, July 18, 2016

Raya Decor @ The Gardens 2016

The Gardens's raya decor was simple. Not that vibrant but just nice. I'm not sure exactly what the theme was but they used a lot of kain songket for decorations.

Konsep perdagangan songket? ombak berderai? hehe

Raya Decor 2016 @ The Gardens
Raya Decor 2016 @ The Gardens  Raya Decor 2016 @ The Gardens

This looks like performance area. But somehow rasa cam tak siap jer this section.

Raya Decor 2016 @ The Gardens

Banyak jemuran songket dorang nie.

Raya Decor 2016 @ The Gardens

Ujan dah turun...angkat kain.

Raya Decor 2016 @ The Gardens

Tetiba selit window display LV seketol kat sini. Asik songket here's one out of this world display.

Raya Decor 2016 @ The Gardens

Friday, July 15, 2016

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 8

It's Fri-yeay again! Here are some links:
  • Collect pokemon in the real world. Gotta catch em all. Link: Pokemon Go
  • Who reads lengthy privacy policy/ terms of service (TOS) policies? This fake social networking stated in their TOS that users are required them to give up their first born. The users signed up anyway. Link: Nobody read TOS.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Zafeer @ 8 Months

Zafeer is 8 months old today.

Zafeer @ 8 Months

He likes to stare. And smile. Sangat suker tgk Qeeb buat any thing or every thing, observing and thought the abang was playing with him. Well most of the time mmg Qeeb main dengan dia but some other time Qeeb just finds it annoying biler asik kene perati. Lol!

Now dia suker lompat2 biler dukung sambil duduk. Kekuatan both biceps and grips si pemegang are very important here haha. Last timbang was 8.77kg. Daily rompers sumer dah ketat....but sebaik stretchable. Looks like mommy needs to shop for new set of baju 9-12 months punyer size.

Zafeer @ 8 Months

Dah start mengensot. Blom fully crawling yet. Suker buat bunyik cakar on surfaces with his own nails. So imagine tgh bagi dia minom susu tetiba bunyik cakar kat bantal especially biler kuku dia panjang. Aiyoo! Suker scratch pintu keta pon ye jugak. Terel tarik rambut. Banyak spots geli2 biler kene geletek. I know i look silly every time i  tried to make him laugh but baby's laugh is just soo contagious so i don't mind at all. But it hurts if i tried so hard and he just gimme a blank stare *krik krik*

May Allah always keep you safe, well, happy and healthy my dearest Zafeer. Love, Mama. 11.07.2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016

1st Syawal 2016

We only beraya 1 house jer so far. It was my PIL's house. And it was only 5 minutes drive from our house. Lol! Like every other year, the house will be visited by aunties, uncles and cousins. Soo very the meriah with loads of food. Pagi tuh Jeeb pegi solat raya with his dad, bro and nephew. As for me i just have to siapkan the kids and kemas rumah sket. Easy peasy :P The hangen part was when Qeeb kept constantly kacau Zafeer while i was getting ready.

Raya 2016  Raya 2016
Raya 2016  Raya 2016

We hang out at rumah PIL sampai malam. We chatted. ate, took pictures, fed the kids, etc. I also bought a set of playdough from Miniso so that Qeeb can play with Irina in case they'll get bored. But that's the least of my worries, macam2 benda dorang main and Qeeb tak bother to find me sangat pon except when he was hungry/ thirsty. 

Lovely pictures of Kekami and Zafeer
Raya 2016  Raya 2016

Qeeb dah paham the whole idea of salam and dapat duit raya so he is now more appreciative biler dapat money packet. He kept telling me that he wants to keep all the money in his coin box. But biler emo datang...campak tetap campak (heh!). Cuma tinggal lagik time salam mintak maap tuh belom fully apply haha.

Raya 2016  Raya 2016

Warna warni riang ria hari raya. Biler tgk balik few shots of this group photo. nak tergelak tgk gelagat si Zafeer tgk kiri, kanan, atas except in front. He was just too curious on what's going on. 

Raya 2016

All the cute cucu with their cool grandparents

Raya 2016

Small cousins. Big cousins. Second cousins.

Raya 2016
Raya 2016  Raya 2016

While at the dining table. Meja tetap sama, orang jer yang bersilih ganti.

Raya 2016

[Left] Zafeer's default expression biler tengok orang. [Righ] Trying to wiggle his way out of my grasp.

Raya 2016  Raya 2016

Laa nie baguih Jeeb's nephew dah besar2 and boleh depend on them to tolong amikkan gambar. So we do not need any tripod or use timer for our obligatory family photo kat garden.

Raya 2016  Raya 2016Raya 2016  Raya 2016

Malam tuh. when we were leaving pon still ada lagik yang datang. Balik rumah rasa saket2 badan macam pegi beraya 10 bijik rumah kekdahnye hahaha. Walaupon one whole day kami kat situ jer, the kids dapat kumpul banyak duit raya. The Toks, Aunties and Uncles were very generous. Besok tuh we sent bibik kat Ampang so that she can enjoy 3 days of cuti raya. We just stayed home to rest since Jeeb pon on off demam and cough. Hope next2 week dapat laaa kluar beraya kat rumah kengkawan/ sedara. 

And tomorrowwwww on 6th Syawal i'm going to work! Monday, please be nice. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Zafeer pose with Khairan & Qeeb

Zafeer with cousin Khairan. 7 months old vs 14 yo.

Zafeer & Khairan

Zafeer with big bro Qeeb. 

Qeeb & Zafeer

Friday, July 8, 2016

Babywearing Newbie

Baru nak blajar berkecimpung pakai ring sling. Setelah timbang tara banyak benda finally i chose this Daiesu Tatami for my first babywearing. Time Zafeer lahir ari tuh penah pinjam shara nyer bobawrap. Best jugak yang tu tapik i became kalut biler nak lilit2. Kang dah segak2 pakai nak kene kluarkan baby pulak. Nih gambar time baru memula practise pakai...tak kemas langsung hahaha. Baru anak dua...i need more hands when both demand attention! Oh one more reason i like this one is because bleh position the baby kat hip instead of front and back. I tend to cepat lenguh kat tengkuk even pakai bagpack pon rimas. Besides tgk bibik pakai kain batik lepas tuh snang jer tayah nak berbuckle and ring bagai. Hahaha i'm inspired by bibik gituh because very convenient time nak kluarkan and masukkan baby easily. I know ada other babywearing yang lagik terel but it's all about own preference and keserasian right?

Babywearing Ring Sling

Then i experiment lak pakai ring sling time ke paed checkup at the hospital...the main reason i bought it. Because parking susah situ so usually Jeeb will drop me off first. Takkan nak buang masa tunggu Jeeb carik parkingg baru nak gi register sbb kat dalam klinik kene queue lagik. So biler dah pakai pouch cemnie snang sket trus masuk queue. Kalo pakai stroller sure belaga2 ngan orang and takde space nak park the stroller. After register, trus letak number for next queue kat klinik. Biler number dah dipanggil, kene gi timbang baby dolu. Chap chup chasss snanggg nak kluarkan baby by loosen up the ring. Lepas timbang leh masukkan balik baby easily and continue to edjas sambil tunggu turn jumpe paed plak. 

Time pakai babywrap memula dolu nak masukkan balik baby susah sbb tak biasa. Biler bukak sumer and lilit balik jadik hassle because kain terlalu panjang and nak avoid terkene lantai. I'm just easily kalut hahaha so i guess takde lah chemistry sangat disitu. 

Babywearing Ring Sling  Babywearing Ring Sling

Lama gak we waited that day...2 hours gone baru dapat jumpe paed. Alhamdulillah zafeer tido easily dalam pouch and sempat pekene satu botol susu lepas tuh. Hopefully next visit would be as smooth as this. But his weight sure dah tambah time tuh tatau lah larat lagik ke dak carry pakai ring sling nie.

Babywearing Ring Sling

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya

Hari yang ditunggu dah tiba. Selamat menyambut hari raya wherever you are. Drive safe, eat moderately and look out for small ones yang busy main :)

credit: artbyjeeb