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Zafeer in Ninja Turtle Costume

Bought this Ninja Turtle from Spotlight through Juju because it was on sale. Since Zafeer don't mind to wear any costume and layan jer mama dia nak take picture lah, posing la sooo why not!

Zafeer Ninja Turtle Costume

More like Mommy yang tingin wpon tatau biler tah nak pakai haha. Because time Qeeb dolu dia tak suka and silap2 nanges if has to wear something like this. Soo here it is some pose from Zafeer.

Zafeer Ninja Turtle Costume  Zafeer Ninja Turtle Costume

Random F&B and Souvenirs

Roti Man layan Zafeer to choose some buns because he can't decide. Reminiscing my happy childhood.

Roti Man  Roti Man

Chill Chill Limited Edition Songkran Cup 2019. Gigih nak angkut balik this cup so i put it in my paperbag. Skali tuh terkoyak bocor and spilled dalam kedai jual tudung. Luckily it was just plain ice so mintak tolong adik jaga kedai tuh sapu cepat2 before it melt #chillchill #chillchillah

Chill Chill Songkran SE Cup

Maru Ice Cream and Coffee. It's super affordable and i get to collect stamps via mynews app to redeem another free ice cream and coffee.

Maru Ice Cream and Coffee

Souvenirs from Heli who just got back from UK. She bought cath kidston tag for the ladies and cannabis socks for the guys haha! The waffle box looks like tiger balm donchu think?

Souvenirs from UK  Souvenirs from UK
Souvenirs from UK

Love the vibrant colors

Souvenirs from UK