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soon @ istana budaya

nak tcekik aku tgk price listing for saturday nite fever theatre. mmg mahal bangat if oberseas punya. cam cats ngan fame dulu pon...cemana leh luper the very 1st reason tak jadik tgk! duh! sumernya 3 digit wpon tak dibundarkan! rm125++. syiok ar zrett dah tgk kat UK. tskkk

just registered with gmail by googles (beta version). another email account...huhu! 1000mb. who could resist! b4 nih banyak kali aku try nak register the most ridiculous longest email ever at but to no avail. the links balik² masuk page yang sama. hampeh!


Yesterday was Didi's 3rd burfay! Celebrate among us jer...itupon nana cakap dia tanak buat. tapik cam tak bes lak...its family lil tradition. sooo I bought 10 slices of cake different flava @ Secret Recipe, sate etc. he said "acu beli cake didi" awww yes i am...takper makin kering $$ pon xper. makan! makan!

Saturday, pagi tadik saja gi kejer lambat. tanda protes kecik! no mostly i doze off in front of ma G4. there is no way you could contain any excitement for workin' on saturday and with no internet hooked up. Balik singgah KLCC pass cds to shin pai and had lunch there. bump into bubbly kak anis. she's more cun these days! and then there's AIM @ 8.30pm...pretty bored to me. the host (who would laugh @ harith's jokes?), the performance. *yawn* clap² to the rockers (man kidal, nash, awie, may), anuar zain, and mnasir feat spider. huhu...tringat konsert diaorang kat JB dulu. pak taaaaaammm! =D dolu ferhad nyanyi lagu mlayu skali trus ngetop, and now reshmonu wpon 1-2 songs. see any resemblance? between x tak tgk sgt yang aku nampak ct de kat pentas few times lagikla busan...layan america's next top model gik bes

Once upon a time, there was a design firm in the Antarctic called The Waddlingtons Creative Company. Penguins made up most of the staff. Susan wanted to be one of those penguins. Waddlingtons had a reputation for originality and Susan was definitely an original. What luck! She got an interview on her very first try

When she arrived at the firm's iceberg, she was amazed to discover the birds followed themselves in an endless circle. Everything was a variation on what was successful when the studio first began. A regurgitation of that which had gone before. Susan thought that's fine if you're feeding your young, but it's not a way to design. And they never looked up. Each just watched the heels of the penguin in front of her

"What's wrong with you penguins?" she demanded, stamping her webbed orange foot.

They ignored her. They kept passing old concepts back and forth, crossing out old names and scribbling in new ones.

"Where's your direction?" She began stamping both orange webbed feet. Somebody snuffed at her.

"What happened to the innovative company that changed the way polar bears dress and harbor seals buy film?" Susan jumped up and down flapping her undersized wings

There was a thunderous crack under her feet and her world tilted. Actually it was the iceberg. Oops, she thought, did I do that? But then the real culprit - a local killer whale, and notorious society critic - rose out of the ocean and smashed his head into the studio. The sound of ice shearing boomed over Waddlingtons and they started sliding into the ocean

"We have to think of a way to get out of here!" Susan shook as many penguins as she could. One finally told her, "We've never had that concept before," as he sank closer to the giant teeth.

I gotta get out of here, Susan thought. She couldn't swim for it. Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea - and quickly built herself a catapult out of pencils and old inner tubes

The studio finally sank and everyone was eaten by the whale. Everyone, that is, save Susan, who pulled a lever and soared high over the water. She eventually opened her studio and had many more brilliant ideas

Source: Eyewire ®
mlm smalam gi Summit TENGOK orang men bowling. yang paling menyerlah malam tuh ngan banyak strike, Din, Wawa, Akmal and Mad. yg paling rilex, Am kot. heheh 1st game maintain jer, 2nd game haaa mik ko. peh tu gi late supper kat USJ gak smp 2 a.m. balik crash umah wawa ngan objektif utama, str8 to sleep. zt siap bet lagik yang kitaorang takkan bangun nyer pagi tuh. huhu...berjaya beb. time wawa anto ke opis, i'm the first one yang sampai. pintu pon x bukak lagik. sabo jelah.


i dunno when the Big Tree put up the ad at LRT, but I just saw it...twice and its awesome. between M.Jamek station and Dang Wangi, there's a sequence images on the tunnel's wall. so when you look thru the window, the images move like a running film when the tren pass by. 1st time tgk, terkujat ler gak...yelah tgh stare dinding tunnel yang gelap tetiba kuar kaler biru countdown, 5-4-3-2-1. and then starts kuar gambar pompuan slowly hold wording 'captivate'. tergawking jap. wow! it was too fast i cannot catch product per. but i likeee!!! huhu!


Gus van Sant (director) in statement, said he wants to release a film bout grunge scene. and more focussing on nirvana and of koz Kurt Cobain. awww...saper la dapat blakon jadik Cobain! or David Grohl...kih kih kih!
ari nih 3rd floor half empty. mzln cuti, eila dok backroom, sara and dom masuk qc room. huhu...bes giler layan tdo. sampai swing²...mata cam de gam! tgh ari gi jumpa chul kat ayob since dia planned nak turun Maybank DJ ajakler lunch sesama. lama gak tak jumpa dia nih. nak dekat staun kot.

i was thinkin nak masuk contest Drypers...menang dapat Naza Ria cam iklan kat tv tuh! huhu! the rules is to form the most creative grafix kat keta naza ria tuh like letak gambo family behind the wheels dengan muka yg sronot giler. cewah cam hebat jer aku nak main ngan potosop...tader idea satu not too mention creativity! tapik teruja nak masuk coz takder slogan. hahah. siap dah soh lan scan kan gambar keta Naza tuh. kalo rajin buatler...kalo takder idea, biarle keta tuh jadik wallpaper aku jer.
my morning starts @ 4.00 a.m when tok uchop ring the house bell non-stop. aku amik masa agak lama nak compute tuh bunyi aper. my dad pon kelam kabut bangun. tok cop sampaikan brita dat our neighbour, pakcik hj. Jumali, imam surau kat sini, merangkap husband makcik ngaji aku, had passed away. Al-Fatihah. wpon aku takder la kenal sangat...tapik i dunno why, pemergian dia rasa cam satu kehilangan. especially to community kat sini.

kat opis lak...ader brief session and training from DHL staff. diaorang nak updet & config new shipment system. from DHL easyship to DHL connect. series penin ngan GUI baru tuh! memangler details but too many buttons to click, too many fields to fill! my opismate sumer tak bagi baper good response to that new appz. maybe sbb dah besa guna yang lama, so susah nak timer yang baru. but still, its true, the GUI schucks and dem confusing!

balik drop by KLCC. makan kat 1901 with susu. tgh burak² skali nampak adi bangla. stride dgn penuh konpiden dan machonya, rambut ikat. huhu! sungguh² dia senyum, slow his pace pastuh dia trus blah. cheit. bukannya nak stop tanya kabar ker. hampes sungguh classmate ku itu!

8TV jumped one episode of Alias! deliberately! but when ethan hawke hit the screen...aww! those eyes! those mesmerizing eyes! takper aku maapkan 8tv.

saturday after work pegi klcc to feast eyes with cleo's 50 most eligible bachelor. yang ensem bleh kira ngan jari...itu pon takder lar ensem giler. the best part is when they do the meringue. huhu! malam tuh trus demam. tak teruja pon tgk bachelors tuh cemana leh demam? and i'm sending a big appology to cik ZETTY! sorry my dear! but you have better one...muahahaha!

such a wasted having fever during weekend! takleh MC. hmph! *sigh!!*
Author for SPC emailed saying dat I sent the shipment to the wrong address again! ahakz...the first time, she tot it was DHL's mistake when the parcel stuck somewhere between Birmingham and Oxford. Which both parties finds it very odd. I am so sure that I key in the correct add! Rupa²nya she retired from Univ. of Birmingham 3 years ago! lorrr ish! Bis tuh naper Macmillan tulih address Birmingham in client's hand-over form? Aku pon x bothered check her cover letter ekceli ader current add in Oxford. kes! kes! so lambat ler 2-3 ari dia nak timer parcel tuh. sabo yek cik Waters!
monday lepak @ cinnabon, I had classic, susu had choc and kewl glass bottle of mineral. immediately replace plastik mineral kat opis with this one. hehe! tuesday makan kat Mama a nyonya restaurant ngan bebudak opis. we ordered kerapu masak asam pedas (taste perfect), ayam inchi bun, and kerabu kacang botol (sedap giler!). definitely worth it spending here! wednesday melepet kat Strudel. i had cake apo kobondo tah namanya yang tsangatlah flat rasanya. no more cakes from Strudel.


ari nih ari rabu. pagi tadik sblom datang kejer aku make sure aku mandi spt besa. adakah nih dikira updet?? kes! kes!
Pepagi mak yah and pak mat datang melawat di tatkala aku lom mandi lagik. thehe...sungguh aku rasa bersalah sbb dah lama tak gi visit dia. dia yang tak sihat pon datang tgk aku yang tlebey sihat nih. she's the best nanny ever from the 3rd month i was born :D and today is gurls day out ngan bebudak geesix xcept rina yang couldnt make it. from krinchi with ais yang tgh flu (dats the spirit!) jumpa wawa and zect then gi Shah Alam...umah Fad. Irma was already there. makan gitu² (quite banyak ekceli) and then baru kuar pegi makan bebetol at JJ. balik sampai around 8. and tomoro...its MONDAY again! urghh!
Brian tarik balik surat resign dia today...because he received a letter from his so-called future employer stating that they couldn't offer the position any longer. Giler...sukati co. tuh jer nak wat cenggitu. They jeorpadizing other ppl's job by offering it in first place! Brian said he felt like suing the co. Luckily Alicia didn't make any scene somethin like "ooo memula dapat kejer baru eksen, skang nak kejer balik ngan aku, bleh blah" hehe. kalo tak...gigit jari ar brian. tetibe jer jobless.

Cemana nak konpem ngan co. baru tuh they will wait for us until we had 1 month notice from ol company? Verbal confirmation is not a guarantee like in this case. But unlikely they're going to issue an employment letter within 1st week after interview ayt? Aku pon blur bab nih. hmph...

btw latest new bout Des where Hogan told Irma who told me dat he joined Tentera Udara Malaysia. huhu! sungguh² aku gelak. Des siap warning Hogan not to tell me bout this...and rasa²nya i know why. and soklan irma yang bes, cemana dia pumping ar? koh! koh! koh!