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The Big 3-0

La La Chong was in the top list at first but since nak bawak Qeeb and that tempat can be very hectic so we changed to Kelab Shah Alam. Tempatnyer dekat giler but biasalah nak prepare baby's stuff all the susu, air panas, bottles, blankie, baju extra, diaper, etc so kitowang gerak lambat sket. Practice! Practice! :P After maghrib, the in laws went there first to order food hehe.

Qeeb was asleep all the time we were there. Fuhhh dapat lah birthday girl neh makan sampai menjilat jari. We had lemon chicken, sizzling beef, butter prawn, siakap sweet&sour, tofu, taugeh, and pancakes for dessert. The food were as great as La La Chong and the place pon comfortable. So everyone balik with happy tummy.

Balik umah, nyanyi2, doa2 and potong ciskek. Awww dah masuk 3 series! Syukur Alhamdulillah for everything i have right now :)

My Birthday Dinner 2010

It was a quick and nice escapade that night (20th Dec). We planned to celebrate one day earlier in case Cheep has to stayback kejer on my birthday. So he managed to balik awal to take me out for birthday dinner and Qeeb was sleeping at that time so i feel less guilty tinggalkan dia. We went to Harvey Norman to buy something and then had dinner at Dome cafe. Rasa cam dah lama giler tak amik gambar bedua camni ekekeke.

Cheep ordered Pacman Chicken cheese avocado sandwich.

Mine was grilled chicken with turmeric sauce. Takat nasik ngan kuah lemak kat umah pon bleh makan camni hahaha :P but lapar sangat mmg order nasik lah.

With additional wild mushroom soup! I can go wild eating this sebab sedap sangat.

Then we went to The Curve to take photos of their xmas decor. This year i went to almost all major shopping malls like One Utama, Sunway Pyramid and MidValley but satu pon tak sempat nak amik gambar like i used to sbb rushing (rushing ajer skang nie). So The Curve was the only one we managed t…

A week before abes cuti

Today was kinda hectic and wasted. My monday blues should start next week not this week! I want my final week to be relaxing not tekejar sana sini. Since today baru dpt my car barulah nak start wat maid application and everybody gave me confusing instructions kejap point soh buat benda A kat tempat B, but rupanya kene buat benda C dolu, nak buat benda C kene pegi tempat D dolu. Tensen wat kejer last minit camnie sbb bile ada benda tak kene jadik extra frustrated. Dahlah nantok x cukup tido and Jeeb plak demam panas so he can't help much. Tuh pon petang dia ikot pegi buat setem duti sampai nak muntah2 dlm keta haiyoo kesian. Biler balik umah pon still x dpt tido ada jer asik kene panggil. And cam skang nie, i'm so tired but susah nak tido. Macam2 benda nak ingat kene buat besok. Rushing lagik arrghhhh! Pehtu plak today rasa Qeeb cam minom susu sket jer. Bottle 3oz tak abes, direct feeding pon kejap sangat trus tetidoq. Ishh risau plak!

Hopefuli settle cepat lah pasal maid nie. B…

0 month - Qeeb and cousins

Qeeb (2 weeks) and Myra (3 months). Qeeb nampak halus and tan besides Myra yang putih gebu hehe. Time nie he's still recovering from jaundice.

Qeeb with Adly and Didi. Aisey takde plak gambar Qeeb ngan Lily.

Myra poking Qeeb. Hahaha no lah...gaya tgh pujuk tuh sbb Qeeb asik melalak jer biler amik gambar ngan Myra.

Myra's expression "I don't know what to do with this lil' guy!"

Qeeb and cousins Fariz, Iman and Khairan during Raya Haji.

To my dear Qeeb, these are all your cousins. Stay close, play well and be nice to 'em okeh?

Birthday Pressie

It's my birthday today. Umur? kengkawan tau dahhh kan hehe. Kalo dolu time kecik2 wajib celebrate with a cake and presents. Lagik bes biler parents panggey relatives datang makan2 cam birthday party gituh. Besar sket dapat cake jer dah best. Lagik bes biler dapat duit instead of present so can beli aper yang nak. Biler dah cecah adult, my family ingat to wish me happy birthday pon kira happy dah. Opkos lagik happy dapat cake lah hehe but so far mmg tak penah tak dapat. Tapik bezanyer time nie dah eksaited tunggu2 sms birthday wishes from kengkawan...sbb dah ada henpon lah katakan. Pastuh dah sibok2 nak kuar celebrate ngan kengkawan lah plak sbb ada yang dah berkereta so langkah makin panjang lah. Lagik bes biler dapat celebrate ngan boyfriend and now hubby.

Tahun nie biler dapat sms birthday wishes agak surprise and kagum ekceli sbb yelah dah ada facebook and twitter lagik senang sumer nak wish kat situ jer. But aper medium u guys wish me skalipon, i really appreciate it! You guys …

One in a Million

Lama giler dah tak layan lagu Neyo until Jal put up this link on FB. You gotta watch the official video clip. Dance choreography dia sangat osem and the song melts my heart away! Hehe sangat menimbulkan kecintaan. Tak dengar lirik pon at first because the tune dah catchy.

Tajuk lagu nih oso reminds me of Bosson. Nih pon penah jadik kegilaan gak once upon a time. Saper ingattt? hehe

Qeeb week 6

The first six weeks can be a real trial. You and your baby are getting to know each other, and you and your partner are adjusting to your new roles. Hold on to the thought that right around that six-week mark you will be rewarded with one of the most gratifying milestones in your entire parental career - your baby will beam a genuine smile at you. Yes!
All-gums grin :) and we got it on camera!

Visitors @ Home

On second week after Qeeb was discharged frm hospital sbb jaundice, i stayed in Cheras for one whole week to berurut and bertungku. Nih gegambar yang datang melawat while i was there. Mak long and Pak long came to KL ikot rombongan gi kenduri kawen. They stayed at IYC nearby and gave sis a surprise visit. Since i happened to be there, dapat ler dorang tgk Qeeb skali.

Walad and family singgah my house before sambung pegi berjimba2 kat shopping complex.

Tai Ma, Karen and the kids, Cavan and Caden also came to visit since Karen took a day off to bring Caden for a jab.

Wawa came sorang sbb Din ada kejer. Budak degey nie kalo tau dia sorang mmg tak bagi dia datang sbb dah malam.

Zect came to visit me in Shah Alam. Her doter Qadeeja sangat excited tgk baby tak abes2 sebut "babyyyyy! babyyyy!!" hahaha sampai tanak balik okeh! Hint sangat tuh zect, lol!

Nih hadiah from opismates, Fisher Price rocker. I've been eyeing this rocker tapik tak beli sbb bukan dalam must-buy list. Skali dap…

Visitors @ Hospital

Photos of family and friends who came to visit us in the hospital. My in laws were already in the hospital even before Qeeb popped into this world. Sian dorang tunggu lama kat kopitiam until i transferred into maternity room. My sis came as soon as she can with the happy to see them! The rugrats looked so eager to see their new cousin hehe. But banyak gambar amik ngan camera my sis...luper nak copy time berkampung kat Cheras ari tuh.

Lily with Qeeb

Me and Kekami
Cheep's friends, yunus, alby, gnome and redbull came to visit. Posing with my signage and their ipad hehe.

Those are the signage i made the night before deliver. Huhu sampai senak perot and kebas kaki duduk bersila potong mendalah nie. Nih gambar Kak Fara who came with her family.

Sunday morning, Jannah came to visit. And then Zaza oso came with husband. But both luper amik gambar!

Malam plak D and Poji datang wpon dorang baru balik kejer.

Thank you very much for visiting and for the gifts!

Burping and Smooching

Burping is a tough job. I look like a raccoon with those eyebag >.<

But kissing and smooching is the most wonderful thing in the world!

DEMC delivery package

I had a good experience throughout my 3 days 2 nights stay at DEMC. The service was good, the room is comfortable and the food is not bad at all. I forgot to take picture of the room though. Nak tunggu kemas sampai terlupa trus. And no this is not a sponsored entry hehe just to share some photos for those who plan to deliver at DEMC. Most families and friends who came to visit sumer cakap best jugak the new DEMC nie...mmg bes ler sbb baru lagik hehe. I think the delivery package rate is ok and alhamdulillah dapat bersalin normal so takdelah pengsan tgk bill. But for jaundice treatment mahal gila especially for consultation cost. Sabo jelah dahler company tak cover (T__T). Here's the basic delivery package, for more info can check out their website on extra charges for epidural, vacuum, forceps etc.

Normal Delivery Cost

PACKAGE A (2 Days, 1 Night)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,040.00
Normal (SVD) – Single Bed : RM2,200.00

PACKAGE B (3 Days, 2 Nights)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,42…