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Happy 10th birthday to Adly

We had a family dinner @ Roadhouse Grill. The food was nice but the drinks were bad. I ordered iced was sooo cair. and the rest who ordered iced green tea ...tak rasa tea pon. Lepas makan2, we headed back home and potong cake.

I would be sooo happy if i can afford to buy these candle as wedding favor. But obviously...i could not afford it hahaha. Its not freaking expensive but to buy for hundreds of pieces kopak lah jugak ;)

I iz hate Monday

What made me really frustrated today is that i have an issue form waiting to be closed. I got all the 4 panel signatories but 1 refused to sign because his name wasn't spelled in full name and designation dia salah. So had to reprint and chase the other 4 to sign again which i'm sure dorang bising. Urghhhh!

Later in the evening, i just found out that the system environment i've been using to capture screen for upcoming training materials dah tukar jadik benda lain. huarghh!!! takde replacement plak tuh. nak tunggu dorang copy balik to another environment surely take hours tomorrow. and time is running out :(

Not too mention the whole day since last week, aku jadik help desk clearkan user ID trainees. Agents called HTP with a problem, HTP called us and tell the problem, Pern tackle the problem, when necessary call HTP back to tell them the problem is settled and HTP will call agents to say there is no more problem. And the loop goes on. Problem kecik clearkan…
Found this stuff in a shop with the most ridiculous typo ever. Sorry for the crappy quality, its from my camera phone.

Read: Yon'e really under stansing and caring I'm so glad to have a friend like eyou. Hahaha wadahel?!!

Read: Royal. Frocrastination is the thief of time. Do I have to tell you how i love you? A good word, or even a smile, and i overflow. What are you 'froc'kin overflow about? Wahaha!

The day I got engaged

Like Cheepster used to say, 'before you know it'...i am engaged to the love of my life hehe :) Here are few photos i would like to share during the engagement.

These are fresh flowers yang my colleagues sponsored. i've bought 2 flower arrangements with the with roses and the other one with tiger lilies (not in this picture) also a lil bit of loose this-and-that flowers. thank you so much :)!

Time nie me, zet and k.zaila tgh soksek dalam bilik. Tetiba abg ayie bukak pintu asked me to get ready as cheep's mom is coming in. Haha kelam kabut pegi kat kosi and trus proceed with the sarung cincin session.

Here's the close up. Hope we'll get a wedding ring that compliment the engagement ring

Among UTM friends yang datang...tengkiu tengkiu so much for being there! Also thank you to Wan and Akmal yang jadik official photographer. As well as fitosh friends yang datang wpon ada yang kene kejer ari tuh. Not forgetting to Cheep's friends Kusa, who's tying…