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Crafts department

Everytime i browse etsy store or handmade blogs, i feel like so semangat to sew or to craft something. It'll be fun to shop all these lovely stuff and that's why i love to go to flea market!

The beautiful fabrics {source}

The colorful buttons. {source}

And to own a room like this where all your materials are stack nicely around you.


As for the sewing crave i've borrowed a portable sewing machine from my sis. But when i looked at the machine it looks scary pulak (0_O). In fact the sewing machine is still in my car boot thehehe! *hint shara! biler nak tolong ajar basic? hiks"


So i guess for now i just stick to appreciate other people's handmade. Feels like i can do it but when i want to start doing it i have to deal with the technical, measurement lah, proper materials lah, and not too mention techniques. Aiyayaya i'm lousy! Hopefully one day i can make my own paper crafts, jahit my own tote bag, baju kurung or dress like ikin hehe. I envy you guyssss…

2nd day Raya at PD

On 2nd day raya, we went to beraya at Port Dickson (my sis's parents in law's house). Cheep's sisters and bro also went along so we konvoi in 2 cars. Reached PD just about lunch time, so sampai2 jer trus makan hehe. We had nasik, lauk ikan sweet and sour, rendang, sayur, and sambal prawn. Sedapnyeh! I miss the rugrats a lot but Adly was too busy playing his dslite most of the time. Ajak amik gambar pon susah.

Tapik nak tanya pasal game call of duty rajin jer dia gi tanya uncle cheepnyer. Siap ajak berentap lagik. Tuh pon muka dia tak nampak gak dalam gambar nie, dia tgh duduk kat couch tuh.

Lily don't mind getting a bear hug from achu hehehehe.

Rifaid, cousin to the rugrats is the youngest in the family.

Group photo with auntie zai (the host) and us.

Salam nak bagi duit raya with all the kids.

Posing with the chicas before nak balik. Lepas pelok cium my sis kitowang made a move to Teluk Kemang sbb nak bawak Khairan (cheep's nephew) pegi main kat beach.

Sampai jer T…

1st day beraya

Still citer 1st day raya. Malam tuh we went beraya to Cheep's aunts who live in the same area. The 1st house was aunty Teh and her house is very cosy.

And ada swimming pool summore. Banyak lagik lah gambar posing around the house especially Cheep with his poyo raya pose.

This is Nissa who's birthday is the next day so aunty Teh kuarkan a kek lapis for blowing candles purpose hehehe. Dia punyer lah suka...look at her beaming smile when everybody sang birthday song to her.

And another budak kecik, Mia pon nak jugak blow candle for the faux birthday cake. Adalah dalam 3 kali kitowang kene nyanyi birthday song hahahaha!

Then after makan2 simple, we went to aunty Aki's house. Makan kat umah aunty Aki nih the ultimate finale of the night. Put aside rendang and kuah kacang (ada tapik tak pandang sangat)....we had seafood instead. Soft shell crab, shrimp masak telur masin (the best!), pandan leave chicken, asam pedas, tomyam etc.

Haishoooo perot pon dah terkuar2! Unfortunately i wore …

1st day Raya

We rushed to the mosque for solat raya but unfortunately we were few minutes late. I stayed behind near the mosque entrance because i don't think i can walk fast enough while Cheep marched ahead. If i continue walking, silap2 sampai jer dalam dah start khutbah hehe. Then balik umah and isik perot with the ketupats, rendang daging, rendang ayam, daging kicap, and so on. Fuhhh besnyer! Then all the family members gathered for sesi salam2. I'm quite nervous jugak because my family member sket jer, and for the past two years i only have to salam my sis and bro in law. This year kene salam 8 adults! It started with the parents of course. Aaaahh terubat jugak sket rindu nak salam tangan parents sendiri.

Then with the hubby kene lah mintak ampun and maap for all the wrongs i've did. Even though every night before tido mintak maap, but this is raya mode kenelah special sket :)

Then family photo for keepsake.

Our last minute raya theme, red. Dari itam ke pepel tetiba jadik red. Hahah…

Raya's eve

Jemaah surau came over the house around 10pm for takbir raya. We served mee goreng, cake and fruits.

It's raya tomorrow and we finally get to eat in daylight hehe. Again, selamat menyambut hari raya everyone :)

Selamat Hari Raya 2009

Would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya! Mohon maap andaikata ada perbuatan yang tak kena di hati, tertweet kasar bahasa, terfacebook yang over di mata, harap2 maapkan lah ye kerana sesungguhnya kemaafan itu dendam yang terindah. For those yang balik kampung or travelling, please drive carefully. Lagik musim raya, lagik accident prone don't you think?

I'll be celebrating my first raya with Cheepster and his family this year. Domestic preparation as a wife? Huhu nothing much i can say. Kuih pon pow from my sis (tengkiuuu!) On 2nd day raya, we planned to beraya in PD because that's where my sis will be. My cuti will be until 25th which means a looooong holiday w00t! Hope you guys enjoy your holiday and jam free in KL/ Selangor for a few days.

And oh, i changed my header again hehe. The recent two headers and the picture above were from my outdoor wedding photos collection which we took early this year. Might as well use it right? Simpan lama2 lagik segan nak pakai ;)


Buka puasa @ Amarin Heavenly Thai

The last buka puasa entry with friends. This time it was with our ex colleagues from previous company at Amarin Heavenly Thai, Midvalley. Nih lah geng2 lunch and gossip gue hehe! Or as Cdot call it, geng lipan bara. Lol! There's another one person missing here was Liza who just delivered a baby. So officially dalam pantang tak dapat lah join.

Close up sket sorang2. Umi and lil Muhammad. Dolu slalu panggey Kashfi but i've noticed sumer dah tukar panggey Muhammad. luper lak nak tanya kenapa.

Eija and her lil Rayyan. Aktip but tak dengar pon sora dia.

Just the two of us.

JJ, FF and lil Riyadh. Dorang nih dolu kapel paling lawak kat opis sampailah skang. Kot kot Riyadh dah besar nanti pon leh jadik pak lawak cam parents dia.

Nih couple senior paling loving skalik...kak raha and abg Zul.

In the middle is Cdot the snow white. Muka ayu jer but suker men gitar and sora tiptop biler nyanyi karaoke hehehe. Dolu time kenduri kawen ff and jj, dia and Cheep siap beduet nyanyi lagu aper tah tak i…

A dose of Ryan Reynolds

Just completed watching Definitely Maybe. There's Ryan Reynolds ihikkks! Rachel Weisz is brilliant. I don't really like Isla Fischer. And i love this quote.

Hari Raya Money Packet

Print your own raya money packet with Emila's illo on it! I've print mine. Even though the print quality is agak kodi but it still looks cool ayt?!

Download the freebie here and print as many as you like :)

Buka puasa @ Seoul Garden (2nd round)

Yesterday was buka puasa with college friends. We tried to get a place at Chillis but since it's Friday evening, to arrive in One Utama before 6pm is kinda impossible. Sib baik we have a backup plan where Wawa has already booked 18 seats at Seoul Garden. At first during the discussion dalam gmail there were 3 of us opposed the idea to bebuka puasa at SG, including myself lah because i just went there last week! But at that time we're pretty sure most restaurants dah full house, so masuk jelah SG nak jumpa kengkawan punyer pasal. Time tuh Zet dah dapat seats at Italiannies but since ada yang dah duduk kat SG so maintain SG jugak lah.

We're the early birds in SG. No queues at all :)

Can choose what to eat peacefully and can amik gambar food summore.

Ramai lagik tak sampai, but pape pon start bbq dolu!

Rina and her 2nd son, Ammar. Dahler ada dimple, cute betol!

Zet tunjuk skill masak depan Adam.

Siong and family setable ngan Ja'a and Sulian.

Time nie attendance dah complete. Si…