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Went for a one day trip to Genting with Bem last monday. Since its a peak season, we purposely apply for leave to avoid crowds. One of the best part was, we got free tix for indoor and outdoor theme park. wohooo!!! And i oso learned that parking at p5 is free. Jimat jimat! As for the weather, it was ok kejap panas kejap sejuk.

I still have giddiness everytime naik roller coaster or wateva rides yang pusing2 :( But this time dapat naik few games i didn't have the chance to play last time wif colleagues. Finally around 8.30pm betolak balik KL.
Di tatkala orang tgh syiok2 attend open house, i had to attend team building at Broga. Jalan masuk Exc*el Training nih syiok gak sbb kene lalu ladang getah and kebun sayur. Hijauuuunyer refreshing! However, x banyak yang sebaya in this batch so it wasn't that thrill. Luckily Jue and D ada skali so tada lah busan sangat. During DAY 1, we had to panjat turun naik, begayut and terbang all the Obstacles. And then ada lah some indoor activities.

On DAY 2, we had soaked into the water activities. Build a raft and race! Dahler before masuk tasik tuh, the trainers feed the fishes. I guess they want to make sure all the ikan dah kenyang kot so it wont get 'excited' when we get into the water? But think what kind of fish ada dalam tuh?! Anyhoo, my team won hehe. Later petang tuh ada sportscar race plak. This one my team kalah teruk tak sampai satu lap, handle dah tercabut hahaha. But we won for the new best design and low cost categories.

DAY 3 lak, had a chance to blajar pocho pocho…
This is me everyday starting from 5.30pm. The office hour ended, and the smoking parteh begin. The smokers ken smoke freely at their workstation. Sigh...yang suffernya aku. My air freshener oso kenot help. The other gurls seems relax jer, or am i the only one with oversensitip nose?