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Gong Xi Fa Cai 2017

Happy New Year  to family and friends who celebrate

May this year filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.

Farewell Lunch for Shila & FV at Bangsar Village

Went to BV to treat Shila a farewell lunch because she's leaving the company by end of this month. Why BVII, because ada 2 peminar tegar FV which are shila herself and Ira nak cuci2 mata.

Our menu for that day i.e mihun sup, quesadillas, spaghetti. 

Shila and i.

In front of Citrus cafe.

Then we went to BV1 because ada yang nak beli chatime. Lalu Dash cafe terjebak pulok tgk all the pies and desserts yang tempting. Maka tapau lah 1 untuk tidak mengeciwakan anak tekak.

Also singgah this colorful kedai yang jual homeware with beautiful design & prints.

Simple CNY decor

Beautiful shade, while waiting for our uber ride to arrive.

[The N&Z Brothers Series] Haircut

Bawak Qeeb and Zafeer pegi potong rambut last weekend. Qeeb was really cool because he knew that he will be rewarded with lolipop after siap potong rambut. While little Zafeer, baru pasang cover jer dah nanges menjejeh2. Kesiann....but rambut dah panjang ler dik! Dia pon asik tarik2 rimas jer biler panas.

Nih la gaya rambut baru. Ada rupa song joon-ki lahhh hak hak.

24°C on 24th Jan

It was gloomy and drizzle throughout the day. But it was lovely because the weather sangat sejuk 😍

Photobooks Collection

At the moment, i'm loving my Lifebuuk collection. It's actually 4R prints in one stack of 50pcs in one album with cool covers.

They have 3 different covers every month to choose from. Each photo is also can be detached if you wish to tampal kat tempat lain or bagi to any one else. 

When i uploaded above pic at instagram, some of my friends were asking camne rupa dalam book tuh. So here it is. If you cannot view it here, you may check out my Flickr account directly.

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 21

First fri-yay links for 2017! Happy Friday :)
All you need is some water but you have to wait windows update. Link: watercooler won't dispense.Too many shopping malls in KL? Link: Are Klang Valley malls dying? Golden Globe winners. Link: Golden Globe.Use your leftover juice pulp into something useful. Well, not that i'm too rajin to prepare but who knows tetiba smangat nak buat. Link: What to do with leftover juice pulp.

Qeeb's 3rd and 4th Day at School

On 3rd day of school we only went to check out on Qeeb during his lunch break because that morning bawak Zafeer gi appointment at HTAR. He didn't ate his bekal roti sangat. Dok main2 ngan kitowang sementara tunggu bell ring. So everything was considered normal.

On 4th day, i already started working. Cuma mampu bekalkan doa for Qeeb that everything will be ok at school. But rasa nak gugur jantung biler balik tuh he told me that someone took his money from his shirt's pocket. Oh nooooo ada kaki buli ker! Nih yang lomah nih takot dia kene aim jer pasnie. I wanted to ask his teacher but Qeeb tak bagi. But to get all the details from him pon susah. He did cerita that he still has another rm2 and he managed to buy nasik goreng and teh o ais cuma tak sempat nak abeskan because dah abes time rehat. He saw the boy who took his money and used it to buy a drink. Perghhh memang lah slumber giler. Kesian muka Qeeb cam down time dia citer tuh because that one ringgit was supposed to be his …

Qeeb's 2nd Day at School

On 2nd day i waited for Qeeb at the school canteen. Melilau carik dia then baru lah nampak. He already started eating his bekal roti sambil diri because tak cukup space nak duduk. Which is a good sign, at least dia tak tunggu melangut. He insisted to buy air kotak milo again which costed rm2! Mahallll. I wanted to stock up air kotak milo kat umah Jeeb tak bagi plak because tanak jadik a must have item.

Biler tgk sesi jual beli little people ngan orang canteen memang sumpah kiut, termasuk lah Qeeb! Ada yang pegang wallet susah nak tarik kluar duit, ada yang beratur tapik lepas tuh cakap tak bawak duit, ada yang main hulur jer sumer duit. Tengok peniaga canteen sumer pon penyabar and very helpful.

Time balik plak i waited at Gate yang dah diconfirmed by the van driver. Saw the van driver pegi collect the kids kat canteen. Biler sumer turun, no sign of Qeeb. Mana pulakkkk budak neh! When i was about to go and find him, i saw him baru sampai kat tangga berpeloh2. He said he went to the ot…

Qeeb's 1st day at School

Qeeb's first day at school which was supposed to be calm jadik chaotic at last minute. Sampai umah tok wan he wanted to eat chocolate cake. Ok, since i don't want him to risk kotoq kan baju skolah, i took it off. When i was about to pakai kan him balik the baju i saw ada chocolate cake bersepai kat lantai. Distractionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Time tuh lar the school van arrived.

So kalut nak pakai kan him the shirt, socks and shoes. Luckily he already used to naik van so i just asked him to cecepat naik van because i don't like to keep people waiting. Tak sempat nak hug him and what not. Dah naik van we waited him plak kat rumah Hamzah because tau the van will pickup Hamzah there. Nampak Hamzah pakai tag baru tingat i put everything inside the folder sure Qeeb tak pasan, dang! Tetiba leh imagine aper yang chekgu commented "murid ker bag yang nak pakai tag tuh sbb simpan dalam bag"

Sempat lah waved kat Qeeb yang dalam van time tuh. Then konon nak intercepted kat school gat…

[Quote] Focus


2016 Brief Summary

2016  2016 in a glance. A lot of beautiful and interesting memories to keep.  172 blog posts for 2016. Not bad eh! I guess smangat nak amik gambar helps. Pat myself on the shoulder. My highest traffic blog entry was GLC meetup @ SA with more than 3K pageviews. It was a one time hit, lol! I also got some of my photos printed on Lifebuuk. I love their monthly covers! Photobook takes so much time to siapkan. So this will do! We moved into our own home. Our casa. Our little space to roam freely. Breastfed Zafeer till he was 10 months old. I wish it can be longer but production turns low because he suddenly lost interest and bit me when i kept forcing him. So ocayyyy i got the hint.Zafeer turns 1 yo. His birthday entry here.Qeeb turns 6yo and his birthday entry here. Finished his preschool years and going to primary school next year.Jeeb resigned from his company at Sentral. That means i have to drive alone. I missed the borak2 session and what i missed most was having the chance to take a n…

...and The Clock Struck 12 - Happy New Year!