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Happy 48th Merdeka Day, Malaysia

Satu petang @ mamak the day before...

Wat the heck is wrong with my host, Plenet. Seems...vanished.

Update: Looks like they only fix it during workin days. Haiya.

Lissa's wedding

Lissa's wedding
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Selamat Pengantin Baru to Lissa and husband. The reception took place @ KGPA, Mount Kiara. [View more pix]

Aishah & Kril

Aishah & Kril
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Congrats to Aishah & Kril. Selamat Pengantin Baru.

Tingat masa 1st year kenal aishah. lembut jek orang nyer, pandai lak tuh. biler mintak tulun dia ajar, any time...ajar sampai paham. tuh kelebihan dia, very patience.

Fadh oso took the opportunity to break her news. she got engaged last 2 weeks (senyap²). dengan bes beat irma who planned next week. huhuhu i'm way out of track.

I just havta say Equilibrium kick ass. And there's Christian Bale with amazing choreographed battles of Gun Kata. wohooo!!

Neway, i think max*s 3G tv commercial series is pretty stupid with CT Nurhaliza kept on smiling throughout the ads. main game senyum, nampak paparazzi senyum, tgh lari² pon nak senyum, no other expressions at fake and annoying. giler punya control cun. and i cudn't help but flinched everytime. *yawn*
Furfle Violet
Luv the cinematography. The ending wasn't so predictable as expected. Heck i like the oredi fames theme song so much. Gives u goose bumps.

Moral of the story: If you plan to chase someone, make sure u're not holding anything fragile like a glass.
7.55a.m...the rain stops :(
7.37 on wednesday morrninnn....and its raining! Yipieee!