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The last day for bem6* and wce2hundred has come to an end which is so utterly upsetting... I'm gonna miss em, their friggin annoying jokes, the lunch time, the after hour break, the borg, netsend, and poking around :( surely they miss their cig break. Dang, no one to salut and keep me awake nemore and dat is why his absence wud deeply felt and so much much more. Sigh.

//Lately i’ve been jaded life got so complicated
On Friday, the pubz celebrate bday for 2 of the team. Then off to Mines during lunch. We rode a boat coz they were having a free ride promotion. The so called 'jetty' is just one block away from the office and sumer naik bot muka teruja abis. It was fun cruising the Venice walk...instead of walkin and crossing dat darn bz road. Trip to Mines wud never be the same again hahaha. Then headed to Sate Kajang for dinner with the bunch.

On Saturday, mmsc held a bowling tournament @ Mines (where else). I didnt took part and so was the other Fab 3. So we sneaked out during the bowling match to watch Land of the Dead. Huhu! And just in time get back in to hurrah & hurray the winners. Then had our sponsored lunch at Kenny Rogers.

I tried to write something for the past few days, end up deleting everything. Sigh
Its a thrill and pleasure dat both of us safely made the trip to Sabah. The trip was a smooth one and we had a gud time laughin our es off as our imagination runnin high. Krazee and determined...glad we did it!

Pix @ cakcibur & galeria
Packed to Sabah :D
way past midnite on monday and still in the opis. i hardly prepare for upcomin trip! and why izit theres oways an urge to buy somethin new whenever i make a list on things to pack on every trip?

had to stop while blogging this because of the stupid printer need to replace a drum kit. why lar at this hour? but luck still on our side tho huhuh, there's an extra drum kit. expertise long gone so there goes our precious 30 minutes to read the manual for dummies and perform the operation. sigh.
Wiken slave @ mmsc. almost done but havta bear mesin basuh slomo.

Last saturday marked my dad's lost his 2 years ikan kelisa when didi slammed the new aquarium. saw the water wooshed down the porch and dd was soakin wet and stunned. luckily the glass pieces tak kene dia since its quite amount of water pressure. cut the long stori short...there's one big hole and one dead fish. the 3rd fish dd "killed" this year neway. hak hak.