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Wedding checklist (again!)

Wedding dress
Last Friday, me went to collect our baju @ BC. Baju nikah and baju reception belah Cheepster side are gifts from the future in laws. Sangat2 appreciate it, because i could keep it! :) As for mine, i haven't collect it yet because its rental so lagik few days to the Big Day baru gi collect and make full payment.

Bunting and Bannner
These were never on top of my list. I tot it was kinda poyos hahaha. But the family insist soh buat, lelama baru i decided to print biler dah kene marah :P Because its not cheap, but cheaper lah dari dolu i guess. Besides i don't know nak letak aper other than muka sendiri. segan okeh! Nak letak patterns...but what patterns? kang letak muka katun orang ingat ada cartoonist gathering lak. so i asked for Cheepster's help to vector the muka so tak obvious sangat and yet tak rasa wasted letak random design. Besides, the dewan where my reception will be is kinda tersorok sket from IYC entrance because IYC ada gate while kompleks sukan lak m…
Wishes everyone Salam Maal Hijrah 1430H :) Semoga dilimpahi rezeki & kesihatan yang baik. Amin ya rabbal 'alamin
On one fine evening Diana, Zaza, Mas and I planned nak gi ke NZ for our minom petang untuk sekian kalinyer. Little did i know that they planned to throw a surprise birthday cake for me *hins! hins!*. Because i kinda screwed up sket their plan for that evening hahaha!

Mmg lawak biler tingat balik. How kak fara came up with an excuse biler aku terbaca satu hint bocor pasal kak moji supposed to pick her up that evening. Biler aku tanya dorang nak gi mana...she said they planned to pegi BSN pasal refinance rumah. Somehow aku percaya bolat2...isk ishk!

Petang tuh plak tah cemana aku nak ikot keta zaza instead of naik keta D together with mas. Padahal si zaza nak lari gi beli cake, so they had to change plan D ngan mas yang gi beli. Biler otw gi NZ tuh i heard si D called zaza yang asik replied "urm..aar...urmm...aar" aku pon tanya lah D cakap aper kot lar ada tukar plan nak gi minom tempat lain since jalan jam giler. And zaza came up with an excuse yang D dah sampai and tanya whet…
And the very next day after the potluck was my birthday, 21st December. Cheepster treated me a birthday dinner at seafood restaurant in Subang area. Before that we went to watched a movie, Yes Man (jim carrey)...highly recommended!

However, we didn't capture much photo that night because lapar sangat. And every food served sparked my taste buds. We had shark fin soup more than 3 bowls sorang....lepas gian dah lama tak makan muahaha! There's more....lala, butter prawns, squid and lemon chicken. Mmg stock 4 orang makan and we managed to abeskan sumer sampai licin :D

Mmg sket giler amik gambar....besides tempat sempoi jer nak posing2 sangat hehe. but great food, definitely!

Thanks a lot chayang for celebrating my birthday :) And also for this bling2 bracelet together with the other 2 pressies. muahhhhhhhhhhhsss!!

Wawa & Din wat potluck last week @ their new home in D'rimba. So me and Cheepster bawak nasi goreng kampung special from BMC hehehe. Wawa prepared macaroni goreng and bought 2 buckets of KFC, lain2 bawak sandwiches, cake, fruits, sate....meriah meriah! *Photos courtesy from Zect*

Dah lama tak gather cenggini, especially geng2 geesix back in UTM...nih pon tak cukup korum gak nie. Sumer dah kawen except me :P huahuahuah

Aksi bapak2 mithali kusyuk melayan their kiddos

The gurlfrens with their kiddos

Zect was so thoughtful. She bought me and wawa a birthday cake since our birthdate dekat2 jer. And then time event tuh i took an advantage to distribute my invitation card as well. Ngeh! Ngeh! Anyways....Thanks to wawa and din for organizing a successful makan2 event :) Next time leh wat lagik *grin*
Xmas tree @ KLCC dah siap pasang. I think dah almost 5 years they used the same tree, tukar2 ornaments jer. Next year mau pakai pokok nie lagik ker? Aiyohhh!
That's the santa clause...ho! ho! ho!

Took this photo couple of weeks before. Baru pasang 2 layer time nie.
It's my Birthday! Yayyy!!

I just got back from Potluck @ Wawa's house. Balik tuh rasa nantok plak so i took a nap. Tetiba bunyik bising kat luar, my nephews ketok pintu macam nak pecah. I'm a bit blur sbb bangun tekejut, dengar dorang dok giggle2 kat luar and few seconds later nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday in not-so-rhyme-version. I was like oh owhhh kantoi muka tido! Bukak jer pintu....tadaaaa!!! Siap ada birthday cake! Terharu gilerrr hehe! Susah2 jer mysis belikan cake :)

Sib ler time tuh takde camera yang capture muka tekejut + nantok...i bet its an ugly scene! I was soo excited nak amik gambar but nak carik memory card pon tatau kat mana sbb yg slalu pakai tertinggal kat office. So, I just had to settle with my camera fon. This is Didi tgh crown me as queen of muffin....too bad my crown blur in this pix.

Adly and Didi posed cengkonon tgh blow candles with Achu. And Lily?....dia dah kat lalaland dah time nie.

Another tea break @ NZ. This time Mas joined to melepak wohoo!

Sumer ordered benda yang sama....megi goreng. Kang order separate2....sampai lambat plak.

Lunch @ Sari R*tu Grand

One of the things sacred to the minangkabau ppl is nasik padang?

Almost the whole team member were there. Except for 3-4 orang yang stucked kene wat tender kat HQ and bechoti.

Oh boy, i was sooo bloated!! I had 2 fried ikan keli, 1 fried ciken, sambal sotong, udang, kari tunjang (tah betoi ke tak), lots of sambal cili (tak pedas pon), daging dendeng and nasik sparuh (aicehh!) Nak gelak pon tak larat dah. Ayna lak macam tgh burp sampai nak terkuar balik sumer food hehehe. But i was frustrated dia tak buat kerepek ubi kayu that day :(

I've ordered an alpokat jus, a blended avocados and chocolate sauce. But managed to drink it sampai tang tuh jer because its too thick and filling. Avocado + pekat = Alpokat? Cam tuh lar air nie dapat nama kot huhu!

X-mas @ 1-Utama

Nose picking

Cheepster came up with more annoying pose...nose picking and eyes poking.

But i ken squeeze this in public without looking like a pervert. muahahaha....and besides its just an eyes!

Mish mish!

X-mas 2009 @ The Curve

Part of the deco

Not as impressive as last year or the year before. Nih more like a theme park.

Mana lar dorang simpan dinosaur nih nanti?

I think this year banyak wat theme for kids lah. Pavillion punyer decor jer tak tgk lagik. Usually pegi sana dok ronda blah foodcourt jer tak penah nak naik atas.
Tagged by mrskojiwami. Thanks babe!

1. Do u think u are HOT??: Yeah i'm HOT biler ekon tak on!
2. Upload a fav pic of u

3. Why do u like this picture: I missed the hair color!
4. When was the last time u ate pizza: Last week @ Ampang Park
5. The last song u listen to: Jonas Brothers-Love Bug
6. What are u doing right now beside this: Getting ready for lunch
7. What name u prefer beside yours :Soul
8. 5 people to tag: 1 Cheepster 2. Darlingcandy 3. Wawa 4. Zect 5. Terabot
9. Who is no 1: My fiance bunneh
10. No 3 is having relationship with?: Definitely with Nordin!
11. Say something about no 5: Budak KL yang stucked kat south
12. How about no 4? She works in Japan company and kene eksesais every Monday hehe
13. Who is no 2? My Sistah
I've called this xx company to inquire pasal training. But it was the automated voice yang jawab and below are their script.

Company xxx : For english press #1. Untuk melayu tekan 2 (tekan melayu?? haha)
Me: Press #2
Company xxx: Jika anda tahu nombor sambungan, sila tekan sekarang atau sila tekan #0 untuk bantuan operator
Me: Press #0
Company xxx: Baiklah, sila tunggu sebentar untuk bantuan.
Me: (so i wait for few seconds sambil dengar lagu beethoven ke mozart tah....still tada orang pick up the phone)
Company xxx: Harap maaf, kurang jelas (aper yang tetiba tak jelas nyer? im waiting your side to pick up the phone)
Company xxx: Untuk sambung semula, sila tekan 1
Me: (ishk!) Press #1
Company xxx: Baiklah, saya cuba sambungkan talian awak sekali lagi.
Me: Hahahaha bersaya-awak pulak dahhh! And then dia repeat lagik tak jelas tak i pressed #0 trus operator tuh cakap BYE. Mangkut tingkat sungguh!

Saper lah yang buat kan dialog tepon tuh. English version nyer ok jer...nih musti case di…
Everytime i hit search button with 'kompang' keywords musti kluar result that link to
Ezhar kompang or Jalal kompang. Orang lain tak iklankan ker their kompang service online? Or anyone ken suggest other keywords? I'm looking at RM300 budget and dekat ngan my area. When i asked around pon sumer cam blur2....because skang pon dah banyak orang pakai recorded sound.

I was thinking to do the same. But if ada live kompang within that budget nearby my house area i'm still interested!
30 days more to go. There's just soo many things in i wish to do right now but time doesn't permit me to do so.

1. Spa
2. White shoes hunting
3. Hantar card personally to relatives in Penang instead of mail it (but i just did this morning)
4. Kemas my room so that i have a space to walk. Nak bukak almari pon seksa occay!
5. Cat bilik
6. Compile mp3s
7. Still looking for kompang
8. Buat banner
9. Hantar langsir for a fix kat tailor Mines nuh
10. I havent contact my makeup artist. I need to know if she can do the type of hairdos i want.
11. Distribute invitation card to other relatives and friends.
12. Honeymoon! Haven't book anywhere yet

and the list goes on. nih yang baru kecik2 but still bothers me. i'm trying to juggle between running checklist in my head with the documents im supposed to submit. I found out that i got 'promoted' but in the org chart lah heh! Heck....i was also assigned to a new project today. Tapik takde plak dengar ada increment gaji. Hadoiyaii!!!

Hope i…
I was on my way to work this morning. Near pudu t-junction, there was a lady nak cross the street. Time tuh traffic light merah, so it was quite a long queue. That lady tunggu sampai aku bebetol stop (i was like wahh bagusnyer dia nie), TAPIK lepas aku stopped dia trus lari nak lintas jalan in front of me. How unfortunate because at the very same time ada motor laju giler from my left side....aper lagik trus wham bham!

The lady buat swirl and tejelepok, that cyclist plak tegolek ngan motor2 dia skali. Shett! Last time i watched this kind of accident, i hesitated to stop. But this time aku mmg tgh stop and that lady is not moving. Its just not right to sit in the car and watch because even if i don't go out and help, that lady will still block my jalan biler lampu ijau. So i grabbed my fon and kluar. Dengar mamat motor tuh bebel kat pompuan tuh sbb lintas tak tgk jalan. Tapik bising2 dia pon...dia tried to papah pompuan tuh soh dok tepi jalan and pakai kan kasut dia. i picked up he…
Ooo mai...i got 2 awards from Cheepster!

The receiver of the award is supposed to list 3 things he/she loves. I love lots of things but this will do:

1) I love my family, the rugrats and my Cheepster
2) I love the whole collections of photo albums since i was a baby
3) I love my old postcards and letters from friends

My nominations for this award are:
Diana - http://didiesierra.blogspot.comZaza -
Sharax -
Bibi -
Inot -

Rules of the award are:
1. Show the award.
2. The name of the person who gave it to you and a link back to their blog.
3. Pick 5 blogs you think deserve this award for: creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution/participation to the blog community.
4. List the author’s name and link to their blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve selected.Link back to the original Arte y Pico BLOG, so all will know the origin of the award.

My nominations…
"Tony Fernandes adalah jenama Ketua Pengarah Eksekutif Terkemuka"

First time baca sounds weird...tapik betol. Read Utusan Online for details.

"Kaji selidik itu juga mendedahkan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif AirAsia, Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes merupakan pilihan jenama orang ramai bagi ketua pegawai eksekutif, kata Pulse Group dalam satu kenyataan hari ini. Kaji selidik itu bertujuan memprofilkan syarikat serta ketua pegawai eksekutif sebagai satu jenama di kalangan pengguna dalam pasaran utama di Malaysia."