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Went to watch Tengku Anum theatre last nite @ Istana Budaya. The props are nice, the songs are beautiful…and the theatre was okayla. And I’m actually expecting Tengku Anum is a she! Maybe because of the name and certainly lack of history. Familiar faces like Azri Iskandar, Melissa Saila, Juhara Ayub, Serina, and yeahhh Intan Mahsuri’s hero I-can’t-remember-his-name. His the joker (^o^) as Prince of Siam Kingdom. And as usual Serina Chef Wan over-acting just like in Mr. Cinderella. Ptthhhh.

The thing is thought I could escape from ringing phone in theatre but nooo...just like in cinemas :P Moron! They could let their mobile ringing with stupid tune for whole 5 minutes. Annoying! Annoying! Annoying! Maybe they couldn't find the phone somewhere in the bag...whateva. But the point is TURN OFF the handphone or what is Silent Mode or Vibrate for? Duh...

Christmas pix uploaded.
Like this jokes some sorta like Santalite owned by Bill Gates. Ha ha...wondering when the competitors will stop suing this poor Microsoft guy. Come again...he's not poor yet.

A Microsoft Christmas

Twas the nite before Christmas, when all thru the house

Not a creature was stirring, except Papa’s mouse

The computer was humming, the icons were hopping,

As Papa did last minute Internet shopping



No more dolls or toy soldiers or little toy drums (ahem-pardon me)

No more dolls or tin soldiers or little toy drums

Will be under the tree, only compact dsk ROMs

With the Microsoft label. So spin up your drive,

From now on Christmas runs only on Win95.

-Copyright (As published in The Star)
Felicia Ang is the owner of Big Brown Bag! Terkejut badak aku tgk muka dia kat paper. Macam pernah aku lihat, tapik di mana ya? Hehehe...i served this lady before in Formaggie. Very selective but generous tips! (^o^).

p/s: Jaring account tinggal RM4.03. Mana nak carik duit nak reload! Shit..i'm declaring myself on hiatus.
My next door neighbour, Nona got engaged today. Also back door-neighbour. Rock, Renee and friend, Lina came to braya. WOhooo wit PED6680! Primary skool friends Sek. Keb Batu 31/2 , nine of em came. 7 years tak jumpa…sronot giler. Nila budak² flat yang aku slalu leypak sesama for 8 years until one **tch came along time kat Bandaraya dolu.

One card raya yang aku hanto bulan posa ri tuh, makes today a reunion…without that pompuan, luckily! Update each other…flash back zaman kecik² dolu. Everything was soo simple back then. :D

Went to eWorld organized by The Star yesterday. Straight to LOTR’s booth. I wore this Hobbit costume with The Fellowship of the Ring background (why not Two Towers I wonder) and take a snap. I luv free goodies! Sony booth is the best i guess. So does Apple. I luv Apple notebook so much and their iPod now support Windows (good news) and I'm getting this...hopefully. Then found this one bookstore called The Book Chest at The Mall. Finally I found the purfect supply of ol and new books. Novel City sucks! Mamak CM bole la tapik tak banyak choice. But this…wah sei! Rambang mata aku!

License To Kill

Sometimes I feel sooooooooooo rebel (like soo rite now) when I’m stuck at home with two kids (not mine). I luv them dearly, yes. But whaddaya feel when the rest of yer gang is out enjoying…and I had to say “sorry I’m babysitting” and spend the rest of the day chasing the lil ones so dat they don’t the crush the cookies or spill the milk.

Even when I already make one-week plan. Leaving me no choice I had to cancel em last minute for the sake of her if something come up and can't get away from it. Shucks! I am babysitting the kids now everyday till they get back from work. But on weekends too? Where’s my freedom? I’m not even married yet! Erghhhhhhhhhhh geram! And don't even think of saying Practise makes Perfect. And why the heck procedures of gettin' a maid is so damn friggin slow?

MOOD: Feel like killing..................mosquito.

Nothing couldn't been berra. My pc soundcard refuse to make a sound even a tiny beep. Notebook wayar rosak. Can't operate the scanner without the notebook, bontot-pc aku naper tah tanak connect. I have a zit on my right cheek! Oh my God I'm whining...

I Love Thee

I received three wedding invitation cards today in one shot! Could it mean something? At this point of age...think i'm in "attending-friends-reception-phase". Or could it be "you-come-to-my-reception-phase"? Soul glanced slyly at this sentence. Hmmm...
Too many guests today…my feet aching! Chul, Saha and kaum krabat dropped by mengejut nak braya. Ka che chung yi chula…har har har! Nana’s friends, ayie’s friends, maksu & family plus maklong & family all the way from Penang. They gonna crash the place for 2 days. Also my x-boss in Sirim. Bakri and kak Tini the newly wed couple came….didn’t see them for quite sometime. Long enuff in LICT, Bakri now settled down in UPM as a lecturer and felo. Hahahah the last thing on earth he ever become a felo in girls college.

Later, I was just landing peacefully at the couch to watch not-to-be-missed Roswell, 3 cars of Penangite mai. Hardly know even one of em. Kelentang kelentung lagik kat dapur. Sheesh! Everybody speaks pure bahsa 'ibunda'…bes bes giler ah ding dong. But my Roswell...walawei!

Potato Couch

Watched Intan Mahsuri. Beautiful cinematography. Puduraya yang bughok tuh pon jadik lawo. Nak tergelak tgk scene kat Puduraya tuh where the bus driver waited patiently sampaila abis peluk² then baru naik bas. Bertuah kalo aku jumpa bus driver cenggitu kat Mesia nie. Mau kena maki kalo real life beremo² depan xpress bus yang dah nak blah. wakakakaka....Rasyid Salleh aka Orang Utan is cute. English memang berabuk...but all I can say is his BM shucks. Har! Har! Cam citer Markonah dolu. "Bole nenek awak jadik nenek saya? Bole mak awak jadik mak saya? Bole adik² awak jadik adik saya?" Kalo sploh keturunan mau disebut sumernya.

Called Tok Chik in Penang. Happy to hear that she still in a pink of health. The only Tok around...Maybe Maklong datang braya kat KL nanti on the 12th. Org kat sg buluh pon kena jemput gak. Almost a year I dint see em except Karen.
1 Syawal

Jemaah surau stopped by the house last nite for takbir raya. The second Raya without beloved Mom. The grievous pain i couldn't bear till now. This morning sembahyang raya, salam² mintak ampun maap , then me, bapak, nana and adly headed to pusara. Cheras Baru pack with Muslims yang nak pegi menziarah. Sebak oooo...

Nana buat nasik tomato. Arrange here and there...very efficient. Maybe her decision to join F&B full time is the right choice. She seems enjoying it. Then she depart to her in-laws sometimes in the evening. Will be back on Sunday. And that just leave me and Bapak. la crita adik bradik sket. Kalo big family datang nak braya abisla aku tunggang langgang sensorang kat dapur. Bluarghhhh!

May Allah bless us on this beautiful day.
Adly got himself a pet today. A fish he called Fish. My sista kept on 'oh no' on the way back takut ikan tuh kiok sblom sempat sampai umah. Gladly Fish made it!

I believe this is the first pet ever stepped into this house. In my entire of 22 years, I never have a pet. Some house rulez...but i think it only apply to fur creature :D. Dad is being xtra nice...he bought an aquarium the next day and some fish friends for Fish. And more in the we kinda have like 50 fish now. Erghh tedious job. But at least it could make him occupied. But he also spent too much money on those fish whereas he could buy new clothes...or maybe my clothes. thehehehe! Hmmm....I've already got him a shirt...nana would do the rest.

I'm totally self sponsored this year. So I'm back to broke now. Why do I get the feeling tahun nie aku langsung tak dapat duit raya?Whoaaaa....shucks! So azam aku tahun depan kutip hong pau banyak²! Tinggal lagik sminggu bulan Ramadhan...sayu la plak. Isk!
Aku nak balik Penang...but they don't. Okay fine but don't make me go to PD. A few hours there suits me...but not stayin' overnight. I'll die of boredom!

I'll survive on the first day Raya even if i'll be alone. Lotsa my friends pon tak balik kampung. Tapi takkan nak tinggal bapak sensorang. Kalo aku stay..kang dia kluar, aku lak tinggal sensorang. I'll make a deal later...but no matter what I'm not going to stay at PD. Ni la susah sedara mara jauh.
Wishing on a dreams

NTV7 currently showing loads of fiction. I likeeee! The 10th Kingdom, and next Journey to the Center of the Earth. Everytime the channel playing the gazzette..i felt my heart soar! Silly but hey admit it fantasy and fairy tales is always written or filmed! Just look at Harry Potter, Cave of the Golden Rose, The Merlin, LOTR or Wizard of Oz. Salute to the animator for their masterpiece.

I wonder bila la nak kluar iklan raya. Perodua and Petronas ad is most awaits. Rite now iklan Planta pon jadikla. Deepavali ari tuh, Telekom's ad is outstanding! A touch of ol tamil's film...lightning and eyes close-up. Very witty!

Sex and The City

Sex and the City test...finds me as naive as Charlotte! Hehe well yeah okay i do have a tendency towards materialism but I'm not a shoe worshipper ;)

Charlotte most resembles you. The term “girly girl” was coined for those of your kind. From haute couture to handsome lovers, summer houses to French-manicured nails, you aspire to be nothing less than an exalted goddess on a pedestal. Your personal tastes, ranging from the books you read to the clothes you buy, are determined in light of their fairy-tale compatibility. If Sleeping Beauty were around today, would she adorn her feet with anything less than Prada? Though keeping up appearances certainly holds its rank on your list of priorities, you are simply a romantic dreamer at heart who, when you brush all your fancy accessories aside, wants little more than the health and happiness of her nearest and dearest. And the world needs its fair share of princesses anyhow – who else would keep the horseback riding industry in business?

Lord Of The Ring

You are most like Galadriel. There's just something about you that people like. A sort of aura. You're very kind to people, and you like to help others succeed. You're not as candid as most people would like. You don't have to share your deepest darkest secrets, but be more honest about things! You're more mature than most people your age, so don't worry!

What LoTR Character Are You?

Star Wars

I am Obi Wan Kenobi


**ck i'm bored!
Mana-mana shopping complex pigi skang sumernya hectic. If you're only going to buy a toothbrush, makes you think 10 times when lookin at the payment counter. Is it necessary to change the toothbrush now? Everybody shop like nobody business.

Aku still takder baju raya. Should i be worry by now? Aku takder baju rayaaaaaaaa! Mana nak carik? Kaler aper? Pesen aper? Arghh aku tak suka shopping reramai cenggini. Tu la last minute lagik. Padan muka!
Nana and abg. Ayie organized makan-makan for fast breaking at Formaggie for family on both sides. Sembahyang B'jemaah then sambung balik makan. It was fun. After dinner, everybody sit back and talk over coffee and tea. Lazying around...

Adly + Didi had a major fun running around with all their kazens. Plus Daniel in his Spiderman suit knockin everyone with his light-saber. :D
Saw Jason Cottam with a baybee...i mean a real baby. He seems lost...pushing stroller back and forth. Dia tgk aku, aku tgk dia. Aper dia ingat tuh baby aku per? But he got the looks...Hip Daddy!

Balik gi param Cheras. Saw Fazley gettin into a sports car, WBM 888. Hmmm...tripple 8. Fattat lorr! Keta pon manyak karer! Soo anyone who is Fazley's die hard fans, watch out for this plate number. anyone cares ;)


Fazley who?

Fazley Asmara...

Whut? Erghhh!

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

Bend it Like Beckham

This is a must watch movie! Damn hilarious. Parminder Nagra, she's a natural along with gorgeus Keira Knightly. Plus their smokey eyes coach Rhys-Meyers. You can feel Bollywood mood in this film but in Irish atmosphere. all blend nicely. At the end of the film, you could catch a glance of Beckham and POsh. Maybe it's them i dunno...Nyehaaaa!

Keira Knighty appeared on the big screen before in Star Wars-Episode 1. She cast as Sábe, the queen Amidala's handmaiden. She portays as Amidala for over half the movie and i don't even notice it before! She's as gorgeus as Natalie Portman. A score to George Lucas....:)
P.e.l.i.t.r.a Coffee

I missed JB! I missed students life! Stayin' in KL is like walkin' into a big net of responsibility i don't wanna be in. Back in JB, i'm just a student. Burn the midnite oil for nothin'....nobody cares. Sleep like nobody business...nobody yells. Kluar meronggeng after midnite...nobody gets heart attack.

When u're not a student don't get students price. Pathetic! And you havta give the best answers when people asks whatta u doin' now so dat they dont get on to the next questions. Should i say nope dah bis or tgh carik kejer or dah kejer dah or tanak kejer. And the list goes on after that anwers...believe me. "Apsal tanak kejer? Keje katne? Kampeni aper? Gaji Baper?" bla bla bla.

Wish i'm sipping Neslo blend at Pelitra rite now. Brother Botak is the best Neslo maker...yeah yaerghhh! Forget Frapuccino...he does better! Blast services, great view and free dessert. Muakakaka! Plus Bersatu Jaya...the place to shop! Pisang goreng kat depan Jalal, cendol kat Petronas, Burger 7-e, Tom yam warung Nor, cendawan goreng kat Pak Ali and comin' up Pasar Ramadhan. Huaaahhh....tsk! tsk!
Autum In My Heart

Lately i'm so into Korean drama, Autumn in my Heart. No Winter Sonata for me, the one aired before, maybe because of the actors aren't cute enuff to catch my glance. Besaler 'roopalistik'! But this...okaylorr. Doesn't autumn sounds romantic? Nyehehe..mushy! mushy!

The heroin Eun Suh is suhweet. And as for hero, i like Won Bin although he looks like yuppies in this series.

The Brand (TV3) did a coverage on Joe Hasham. I've always admire his advertising work. Even i didn't know it was his before. He is one of the wanted person in commercial industry. He said the most satisfaction ad he ever made is the Perodua's Chinese New Year ad. Ya know the ol' lady who waited for his son every CNY and prepare big meal eventhough she knew he's not coming. Very touchy...

But lil know...that ad ekceli has its sequel in real life. The son watched that ad...and he came to see his mother and asked his mom to stay wit him. Now that's called a very effective ad coz he reunite a family!

Joe Hasham is also one of the founder for The Actors Studio along wit Faridah Merican. I'd like to watch some play again...but nobody's willing to go wit me. It's not that boring ya know. Everyone should try it. Yang ya nya i want accompany. Heheheh...

I was a first timer then (thanx to complimentary tix)...but i like it instantly. ;)
Who Moved My Cheese?

I'm currently reading a motivation book entitled 'Who moved my cheese' by Spencer Johnson. It's an expression about changes in life and job. There are 4 imaginary characters depicted in this story, the Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw who represent ourselves in real world.

It's quite motivating with almost every odd pages filled with inspirational quotes. What makes me reading this type of book is becoz it only has 96 pages and it takes less than hour to read. Besides, the title is craving enuff.......

Sometimes we may act like Sniff

Who sniffs out change early,

or Scurry who scurries into action,

or Hem who denies and resists change as he fears

it will lead to something worse, or

Haw who learns to adapt in time when he sees

changing leads to something better!

Whatever parts of us we choose to use, we all share something in common: a need to find our way in the maze and suceed in changing times. ' The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese'. The quicker you let go of the past and history, there'll be berra chances to find a berra future. Life has to go on...but somehow, sometimes we still need to cling to the past to make us a stonger person. This is my thoughts but to other people it may bring a different meaning.

Adly Kindy Graduation Day

He did it again...

I went to Adly's graduation day today-Colourful Kids Kinderland. Supposedly he went up the stage and do some dance with his classmates. Tapi ntah hangin aper dia bad mood...maybe becoz of the fever leftovers...he refused to dance! My sista was sooo pissed-off.

Well yeah, the concert is held once a year. It's supposed to be an important day to him and to the parents la of course. Tapik nak wat camno...that 4 year ol kid have mind of his own. I thought he will i just waited near the stage wit a camera. But...naaadaaa. Mokchik dia yang sorang nie penatla dongak carik anak sedara. Cheish tak kluar rupanya! Nak tergelak pon ader....suka ati dia jer!

Managed to watch the first performance before followin my sista stomped off the hall...the kidz dance Hindi song 'Bole Churiya'...ya know the Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham movie. Way kiut! Giler punya gelek...phew!
4 the Cause

Smoke gets in my eyes....heheh! Today the DBKL crew came to fog. I was forced to get outta the bed! Hisshh! The crew asked my neighbour (the one particular neighbour) whether they could fogging inside his house. Guess what he said....oh no! no! nO! I have a imported US cat inside. He then actually turn to me and said naya kang si Joe tuh mati...nangis Faizal (anak dia la yang dah beso bagak...).

Nyeeeehaaaaa! Wish that black cat die suffocate! And all his hamsters, rabbits and fishes! Hah puas ati aku. ;) Or maybe I should spray each of 'em like Zect suggest. heheh....*grin devil*
My dad platelet is decreasing. I'm drop dead worry. From 138 to 118...decreased to 106. Both his arms kena cucuk...sampai bruises. I can't go thru this all over again...I hate hospitals! I hate docs! I hate pills! It suffers to see other people who suffers. Dad is so miserable of having to stay in the hospital for another couple of days.

In addition, the cause of the miserable is rules and regulation of smoking prohibition. He's having trouble in finding spot to smoke. Nak tanak I had to covered for him while he's in the washroom. Aihh...! Kluar jer dari bilik ngan asap skali kluar...kantoi bau gak.
I hate my neighbour

For as long as i live in this neighbourhood this particular family never said nice words about other people. Always brag about themselves.

He sounds so 'shocked' when abg ayie mentioned that bapak was admitted at the hospital because of dengue. And then...then and there he sprayed his whole house with aerosol! He also claimed that the mosquito must've started from dad's mini garden. Tak sedor yang dia dok bela kolam ikan kat porch. Either's nobody's fault, the dengue is not from the house. So i just shut my ears, walked straight to the gate smelling aerosol :P. Hmmm...ignorance is bliss!

p.s: by end of the evening all the neighbours in Jln Jaya 3 knows the news..heheh. Know what i mean?
I'm Tired

Hectic doesn't match what i'm going thru this moment...

My elder sista is having dengue fever the mosquito-borne viral infection. Her platelet is only 28 over 150. She was admitted at Gleneagles last Thursday. I rushed back to KL...cancelled my dad plans from comin to get me and my stuffs. Now my dad is also suspected dengue. Straight from JB to Ampang Putri...check his bloodcount and dang...138 platelet. Because of this lil darn mosquito! And the bad thing is no dengue vaccine is available. He was admitted immediately. Sian Bapak...

spray ém!

This dengue thing happens at the construction site near the cafe. It's not from the house..luckily! This confirms because nana's colleague also occured dengue fever. Besides bapak alway wait for nana at that spot.

My holiday excitement in Melaka is's going down. :P

Went to CS couple of nights before….didn’t wanna stay till midnite show so that’s just leave us no choice except Mr. Cinderella. I paid 10 bucks for no action-pack, dirty jokes and stoopid scenes

Overly accent King, clumsy queen and a daughter who got sports car with plate no Puteri 1 from a state called Inderapuri??? Soooo typical! Duh...Umie Aida in seduction scene is so yucky! Finger sucking?….bluarghhh! I cringe everytime she does that! Kenapala aku tgk citer nie! tgk takder prasaan...kater citer cinta. takder kecintaan pon? Soo flat! This is what the media claims hi-rated film? Citer yang tader poin cenggini la disanjung².

Embun is 10 times worth watching. why the critics said it’s like a toilet bowl? why most malaysian chose Yusof Haslam look-alike film over any other director? why chose mushy film that act by the same actress over and over again? :P why? why?

What's your inner pie?

I'mma Blueberry pie! Refreshing and subtly sweet? Yikes...

Pie is good....erk no cracks bout the American Pie please....
kit sei yan ah! fan fan lei ke tou! chou yeh laaaa! :P
I think i lurve Netscape 7.0...erm naaah. I LURVE Nestcape 7.0. It reload faster and the new GUI is much berra. I think it's long enuff after Netscape released this version. But only now, i got the patience to donlod it!

I like the tab. could open couple of window in one browser. There's cookie manager. And the page info is...all i can say it's guhreatt! Guhreatla time tgh wat assignment web cenggini coz i could view the source what went wrong. Besides en. Razak count the alignment in Netcape not i.e. Nak cakap banyak pon takbley..i dunno how to put it in computer terms ekceli. heheh...try sendiri ah!

You can apply theme browser too! I tried the Toy Factory theme but there's a bug. Forget it..modern theme is kewl enuff. But most pages to view in Netscape is still terrible. Some people don't give a damn bout Netscape...and some people too disgust of i.e. This two would never fit in together!

Yang designer!

+ Perempuan +

Perempuan datang atas nama cinta.

Bunda pergi karena cinta.

Atas dirinya...

Digenangi air racun jingga


Wajahmu seperti bulan lelap tidur di hatimu

Yang berdinding kelam dan kedinginan

Ada apa dengannya...

Meninggalkan hati untuk dicaci


Sampai darah ke lututpun aku tak percaya


Rumput tersabit

Sekali ini aku lihat karya surga

Dari mata seorang hawa


Tak tahu...

Ada apa dengan Cinta ?


Aku akan kembali dalam satu purnama

untuk mempertanyakan kembali cintanya...

Bukan untuknya, bukan untuk siapa

Tapi untukku, karena aku ingin kamu

Itu saja.

Wohooo....kerna aku ingin kamu juga Rangga! agagagaga.... besa cair! Finally i got to watched a2dc in full version. kesimpulannya aku tgk 4 kali! heheh...ekceli i'm trying hard to understand the language! Duh...
The BIG day

Aku dah present yeay! yeah!.....felt like a jolt of satisfaction! I'm okay...rasa cam fun lak tadik! heheh. The climax was Dr. Siti Mariyam masuk and doesn't show any sign of leaving. Jumail kept lingering at his seat. Hampeh tol! Balik la...i don't have anything to do wit u!

Start membebel...bla bla bla. Then start the discussion session. That particular time la plak ramai yang masuk. Unfamiliar faces xcept for Muaz, Kak Jit and MM's technician wit the whole gang. Suriati break the ice. Jawab² then suddenly Dr. Siti tanya..can i ask a few questions? haiyaak...inila yang tak syiok dengo! Jumail dah sengih...she ask bout 3-tier technology. Siap soh lukis kat whiteboard cemana....luckily Shafry dah stori da mori before dat. So i understand what i'm talkin about. if!!!

Then Jumail lak sibuk tanya...cemana u guna session. okay prove it to me...u copy this thing...letak kat url in browser nie...yadda yadda!. Tok sekian kalinya...i'm overly lucky. Sengih cam kerang busuk aku kat depan. My penilai, Suriati pon tak tanya banyak...lecturer lain lak tanya banyak. Even one of the technician tanya question. I dunno why...but it was kinda fun. I don't feel like kena smack in the face or anything eventhough sumer tanya bertubi². smile plastered on ma face all the time. compared to PSM 1....this time is much berra. :D *grin*
THANX A LOT TO SHUKRI, SHUKOR, AND MR. SHAFRY. all the 3 Shhhss guy in my life rite now. heheh! sampai tersasul² sebut nama 3 manusia nie. susah payah Shooq tolon detect coding aku...mekacih. now the syst it's kinda BUG FREE! agagagaga.

2 days left before the big day. 2moro rina, yulie and rock present. cam nak pi tgk...but don't think i could wake up early in the morning again. tadik tgk puan Suriati judge...lembut jek. okay ler kot. but tataula plak dalam case projek tak siap. hook or by crook i'm gonna present. pas tuh nak jadik aper jadikla. kena sembur ke kena fire ke...

bak kater m.nasir "semua serangan yang datang kita tangkis, jangan kau gentar pada bayang² sendiri, di sebalik pahit getir kemenangan menanti"! cewah...erm aku hapal lagu m.nasir?

GEWD LUCK TO EVERYBADEH YANG NAK hmate yulie, rock, rina, wawa, fizet, tisna, lela, roha, aida, ewinz, basyeer, aiza and hmate, shooq, kak aritta, kak jit, etc. abis present kita pi cucuk langit nooo...
Heartily Congrats

fizut board the bus last nite...heading back to Penang for her big bro's wedding. too bad we couldn't make's all bcoz of PSM. yadda! yadda!

luckily sempat beli present. tthehehehe.... slamat berkenduri! agak² pengapit laki sama ak? *wink*
watched 'ada apa dengan cinta' last nite before jumped to bed. heh sempat lagik tgk cd...zaza dah siap pasangkan cd tuh siap²...left to play. aku pon tekan jelah play. mana nak tau the cd i watched was the second one. chit!

dahler tgk blur². i just knew that story from melly's vid. there's a scene of nicholas saputra aka rangga and cinta. i thought ooo maybe bla bla bla..coz the starting is like bla bla. duration pon 32 minutes. agagaga...tak terpikiaq langsung!

suhweet lurve story...tgk cd dua pon aku tau ler gak jalan citer. eventhough satu haram jadah aku tak paham aper dia cakap. goblok goblok! gue....?
damsy cursy

nak buat kuiz tak reti...dok tunggu wawa buat. heheh...php is her thang. dia siap-> aku copy. maleh nak pikiaq....

report tak bis print lagik...tak jumpa shafry lagik. tak prepare nak kena sembur lagik....

kena gegate la plak....dah cam beruk tergaruk². bughuk giler my elbow. nie bukan bughuk siku as in kedekut aaahh...but bcoz of the rashes. :P manakan nak pegang keyboard, nak garu lagik. *itch* la **tch!

9 days left...and i'm still stuck with the coldfusion. the main core is outta reach....shitttunn!
By the end of the sem...

1. i wanna go to singapore. but need to renew my passport. kena duit!

2. i wanna buy tons of cd before heading back to KL....duit tuh!

3. i wanna ********

4. i wanna go to some trip with ma friends. duit lagik dan lagik!

5. i want a new set of perfume...certainly needs money transaction

Kesimpulannya sumer duit. mano nak carik! huarghhhh...rite now all i could think of is spent! spent! spent! i should be thinking of carik duit not spend the duit...i know.

*sigh!* why am i thinking all this wish list? pikiaq PSM cik Soul oiii! okay...stop!
"There does not now, nor will be there ever, exist a programming language in which it is a least bit hard to wite bad programs"

-Flon's Axiom-
Shafry is outta the view...he went for kursus BTN whatsoever...that's what he posted on his door.

Gotta meet Harri the Hairy this evening...and fry my brain. Deep Fried! i being nuts by accepting this job? psm pon tak terhandle lagik ader ati nak kejer. but for long terms...rasa sayang lak nak let go. hmmm...

smalam bersamaan dengan 13/8 tepat kol 3.07 aku anto draf laporan II.

since Shafry tader...sumbat bwh pintu spt besa. erm kalo lecturer tader

still kena tulih dalam log book ke dah anto laporan?

kalo tak tulih kang dia kater lambat anto plak. tulis ke tak tulis?

haven't made up my mind.

smell me...sniff! sniff!

my clinique-happy only left a few drops away. and i'm tired being smell

happy since i don't have any happy feelin in my bone for last few weeks.

and this unhappy feeling is expected to continue for another couple of weeks...huarghh!

the perfume can't make me happy. who said perfume does?

my Fuzzy Peach gives me headache during noon. my eau de Cartiere makes me static.

i'm in need of new perfume. not too strong sampai leh swing nor too light sampai tader bau...heheh. the

only perfume i can stand till now only Miracle. but it's a miracle for me to buy one rite now.!

i'll add this to my wish list. ;) maybe someone will...who knows. heheh

En. Razak is the first lecturer i've come across that remain silent the minute he entered the class.. not throughout the class la. cam tadik after 20 minutes then only dia bagey salam. slagi connection dia tak setel slagi tuh la tak setat. he put the whole class in awkward silence. dahle cakap pelan, every single word is like mumbling...but wit my sleeping mode...everythin' sounds like a lullaby. tido soull....tidooooo soul!

last nite tidoq kol 5.30. i felt like walking zombie rite now. wit big eyebag, i look more like panda. erk...anak panda ah..cute sket! heheh! the other day when i stayed up time² pagi camnie alone....aku pasangla mp3 wawa. i went to dapur, n then lagu Dewa-Arjuna kluar. i was like eee...besnya. lagu pevret nie! bila tang chorus, tetiba jer dengo ader suara pompuan skali. aikkK! ingatkan suara pizet. tapi sumer dah tidoq. alahai...pompuan mana lak nie.

tapi ngan slamber badak aku pi hall. off sumer pc tatkala dewa tgh feel "Akulah Arjuna yang mencari cintaa........." tutup lampu kipas. jalan control masuk bilik. muakakakaka...takder la naik bulu roma. so maybe it's just my illusion! heh.
It's all said and done for the BBQ nite. The chicken is so damn good but for one 'reason' i had to stay away from it. duh! The nite would be more fun if everyone relax and enjoy the meal. borak then makan lagik...that's what i called BBQ. I just wanna grab a pei loi ma. but yau yan so fat fong.

zect really worked hard dat nite...cayalah. sampai langsung tak sempat makan. dialah tukang tepuk, paksa orang tepuk, jaga makan, bagey adiah, cabut nombor, anto orang balik, buang sampah. sampai lembik kawan. Aiza plak did a great job as treasurer...pi meeting tak lekang ngan calculator. Shooq for finding the chicken guy. while Din ngan org kuat dia sian gak. agagaga...turun naik HEP. berkenalan ngan MTO. fight for better speaker...but failed. tuh yang sound cam speaker tersumbat malam tuh. heheh...bit it's all worth it!

thoroughly everything went smoothly. takder yang tak cukup makan (cam Erhan terlebey makan) and the activities fully participate. everyone giving hands. i'm happey.
To eat or to XP?

After reading the commentary regarding the excerpt from the "Malaysian Star" (Piracy allowed in schools), i came across one article posted in The Inquirer by Letternan. So achingly goes:

"The average monthly pay of a citizen (and most definitely that of a civil servant, of which I happen to be one) is LESS than that of 1 legal copy of Microsoft Office + OS. And that costs about as much as a brand new computer.

So, our hypothetical citizen can either:

1) spend a month's salary on food stuff, petrol, rent, detergent, baby stuff etc etc AND one copy of pirated windows OR

2) Buy one copy of Office XP

Like to try to guess which one he would pick? "

What would you pick?

p.s: that darn monitor is goin to cost me RM195. abisla abisla...
The Difference Between Focus on Problems, and Focus on Solutions:

When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found

out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity. (Ink won't flow down to

the writing surface) In order to solve this problem, they hired Andersen

Consulting (Accenture today). It took them one decade and 12 million

dollars.They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down,

under water, in practically any surface including crystal and in a

temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.

The Russians used a pencil...

go to web go to shafry. takder la plak...ponat jer pakai baju kurung. peh! hmm...jusco's opening today. the traffic light masuk simpang pulai utama alreadeh functioning which makes life more hell. most of the car, parks like nobody business. i'm starting to hate the traffic flow in taman u but i love jusco. heheh!

bisness cendol guy's kencang tahap kuda, penganggur got a job, and the students got a new mall, and a coffee house. so everyone's happey. except for the fact that almost everyone would buy the same clothes whatsoever. "hey...baju nie ko beli kat jj kan?" muakakaka
aku rasa aku posing tok camera lain...orang lain pulak yang snap. it akas's?

banyak lagik gambo lantai dari muka orang.

everybadeh wit wan tapir..yuhuuu. glam abis mamat nie. agagaga...

images by akas-XP [community zero]
Pile of Shit

yesterday had to call bani to pick up my monitor. it went blank all of the sudden after few weeks flickering. leceh ah wat kejer takder monitor. memang tabley wat kejer pon takder monitor. ahaha. shit on me....

pinjam monitor rina...transfer all the files needed. and i thought i am! duh...double shit!
shoot la...drag myself outta the bed on rainy day to go to webz. only 3 people turns up. Razak came in sheepishly saying takder klas la yek...camno nak ajar 3 org jek! haaa tulah slalu sangat cancel class! baik follow rina jek tadik sambung tidoq.

so here i am stranded at the lab wit no place to go. had to wait for wawa abis klas kol 2...and now it's only 10.23 a.m! whooaaaa...ngantuk like shhhitttt!

"what cell phone ring tones say about people"

i'm a la fea? ooo i am! i am!....
attend a bbq partee last nite kat umah abg Zud....but Zudnya sendiri tada. so sorang pon aku tak kenai kat stu xcept for budak umah ngan shukri who happens to be there too. it was okay....not too much xcitement as i thought would be. kenyang la jugak makan. kesimpulannya...bolehla. nie yang tak sabo tunggu bbq next week. hope this one would turn out berra.

A.I had asked many times bile nak tgk movie as in claims my reward for helping his assignment. sat² ajak pi makan...isk tabley nak pikiaq la nie. banyak benda aku nak kena buat. or am i getting bored? :P

oh yea...convos punya gambar dah printed. peh syiok tuh. gambo sblah say***. ader sesapa lagik yang amik gambar ramai² dat day yang ader muka aku..lemme know. nak reprint lah as usual.
Dilema Seorang Orang Yang Sorang......

Aku yang sorang....

Hidup sorang...

Buat amende semua sorang...

Berak memang lah sorang..

Lagi pun jamban aku memang memuat untuk

sorang jerr..

Aku yang sorang....

Makan Sorang2..

Minum pun , sorang2...

Nak makan dua orang...

Tapi takut tak kenyang....

Aku yang sorang...

Bangun pagi sorang...

Tido pun sorang...

Hajat dihati nak tido dua orang..

Tapi buat sempit bilik pulak karang....

Berjalan sorang2...

berlari pun sorang2...

Bejoging pun sorang2

Ingat nak ramai orang..

Tapi tu, mereton lah korang..

Lepak sorang2..mimpi pun sorang2...

Berangan sorang2..jiwang pun sorang2...

Pegi bandar sorang2..balik bandar pun


Dah sebulan aku tak kebandar sebab ramai

sangat orang..

Semalam aku sorang...

Kini aku masih sorang...

Esok lusa sorang lagi kot...

Tulat nanti gerenti memang sorang...

Tapi, dekat stadium semalam, ramai pulak



Aku bukannya orang-orang...

Aku bukannya orang utan..

Aku juga bukannya orang minyak...

Dan aku juga bukannya orang gila...

Dan aku juga bukanlah orang jahat...

Bukan gak orang kena sawan..

Tapi aku juga orang...macam orang lain jugak

Macam ko jugak lah masa ungko sorang dulu

Aku tahu...

Aku bukanlah orang berada...

Aku juga bukanlah orang glamer...

Dan aku bukanlah orang ternama...

Walaupun aku hanya orang biasa...

>Aku tetap orang...

Aku ingin menjadi gaban

Tapi nak jadi gaban kena gagah..

Tapi gaban tu bukannye hensem pun..

Lagi hensem ultramen..

she's laughin' at me *cringe!*. as quoted in my sistah's : "Somehow I am imagining her mouth talking in KANTONESE he he and worst I even hear

her voice in my head.. "

i am improvin...heheh...but still no talkin for me please. much worse! used when needed only for emergency case. ;). by the way, i did not put the tripod image on purpose...somehow 'they' change the link. tuh yang terkeluaq gambo tripod. sori!
Went to swimming at Larkin last nite...didn't see any instructor with Hans Isaac look-a-like as Lela claims. heheh...

As usual kecebur! kecebur! New hardware added this time. Irma's Surf Board and a camera.

we did take a few snaps...but don't even think i'm gonna post it 'ere. your dreams :P
to nana...

regarding the topic, ngo lam...that's the best way for now. lei ke chou kong tim yong ah? when all this going to take place? ngo em chi kong mat ika. but anyway and anyhow...ka yau! ngo chi chi lei! hehehe.
Shafry oo Shafry...

Went to see en.Shafry today...he was just about to go out to lunch. ngan ayunya i said..i didn't managed to finish everything today. expected question....

shafry: bis tuh awak nak present bile?

me: next week?

shafry: next week tuh bile?

me: i can't promise u that

shafry: okay next week month pon bole...tanak present pon bole.

wuiiihhh....nak kater marah idak..takkan majuk kot. aper² jelah... :P idup musti slumber yaya...tapik slumberk pon keje kena siap gak. peh!

bought a new henpon desperately. the ol' one was vibrating non stop even when i picked up the call. brain damaged oooo! i think..? besides slalu putus. so

me and rock get ourselves Nokia 3310. why 3310? because its the cheapest in taman U.

i'm getting bored wit nokia ekceli. i want samsung so much. but rege tak penah turun! well the 3310 has a new feature to create picture msg whatsoever with no manual. duh!

and the LCD is blue...looks okay during daylight but at night. sakit mata! and ma current ringtone is Betty la fea. i guess that's it. yang penting bole

callin²! tak gitu?
29th Convo

pi tgk bebudak my batch grad. like fadh, ais, yan, sham, wan tapir and dess (fke)

to name a few. for ais and fadh we bought 2 huggy bears and tie up some

balloons. that's all we could afford heheh...

the best part is gambo ramai²! the crowd grew larger when they realized eh...

course aku?! even ntah mana² cameraman capture the moment. that's when they

throw their mortar on the air... :D thanx to zect and muaz for all the trouble

to gather sumer². ;)
really had a gewd time browsing orang punya web assignment...muahahah. macam² pesen...rite from semat gile till plain gile. my alignment sumer lari coz kat umah view screen kecik...kat lab hoh...

pesta konvo is getting started..maybe 2nite or 2moro nite? aper yang bole dibeli? jigsaw puzzle lagik...pizet? heheh

there's this one archi zines i came across in MPH...calls ish (i think...finding the title is quite trouble). never seen it before...but i just fell in love with it right away! thought of buying...but rm16.90? erm...don't think so.
Back into the scene...drag myself into the bus heading to JB. Fadh crashed my place the night before coz she had an interview in S.Alam. Then we ride to JB in different bus but around the same time.

Here i am now forcing my big fat ass to stick on the chair. Assignment for web is done. so noww...concentr8 on FYP and Simulation test...*bluuarghh*


p.s: lei tim yong ah kamat? okay?
i went to MIB's open party at Sunway Pyramid. geez we missed the free goodies! the oasis boulevard was a packed! i liked Spectacular MIB Dance...but the lead who pretend to be Will Smith doesn't even memorize the song..nod your head. lorrrr!

and then there's Too Phat...yo aw aw! Heheheh...luv 'em!

apsal la connection slow tahap cipan malam nie. buhsan giler!
i went to inot konvo's today at upm. wee...sampai jek bumped into bandaraya skoolmate...chin and kwai heong after 7 years. su chuan was there too..xtreme gile. me, bibi, sukurt and pjot sneaked into the hall just in time to watch inot queue for her scroll. whatta luck!

graduation always gave me different feeling. and now...aper tah lagik. when i watched all the grads with their family, emo wooo. my mom would not be there :( i'll feel incomplete. and just now i talked to bapak. he said "jangan sedey...takper bapak kan ader. Bapak pegi punya!!!" whooaaa...lagikla sedey! gosh...i miss mom.

i'm home! other place feels good as home. usual my room redecorated by sistah. all my stuff was 'invaded' revamp but love the result. every angle has its own personal touch. my room is small but she just knew how to do it. thanx a lot nana! mmmuaah.
it's been a week since i concentrate on FYP. malas tahap mengular! only 2 weeks left before i have to set up everything for Shafry. Gila ah ding dong! *Cringe!*

and family trip to Goman has been cancelled due to some the-otherside conflict :(

adly's burfday is going to be celebrate at the house with circle of his lil' frens...camno nak bwk balik present dia nie? isk...berat! nak bwk balik my baybeh lagik. huarghh dahler balik ngan bus.

but the happey news is the lil' arising hero...didi dah bole jalan! muakakaka...finally. *sigh* someone. did what you ask...sori for the misunderztand. no hard feelings yea :|
I'm going back to KL this Friday...beli dah tiket Senandung. Bump into my coursemate Idham-lookalike...i dunno his name. we never talk before. but then and there at the bus counter we talked for a few minutes. very frenly...makes me happey!

then gi BJ...time nak balik saw one cute guy. i mumble to rina and wawa "whoaa this is cute"! i looked at him...then he smile back at me. hmm...that makes me really happey. coz his smile looks sincere not some senyum miang! mind me but i can categorized one...heheh. see how a person's smile can make soméone elses day! i think i'm the one who's gettin' 'miang' and sloppy here....? kweng! kweng! kweng!
we had lunch at Restoran Noor today. It schucks! i order wantan mee...and i end up getting the mee without the wantan! that's no mee if there's no wantan. let's just say i had kicap mee. when i asked the waitress where's the wantan...she was like huh? with the expression "what is wantan?" duh!

then while we duck our food, they start to sweep the floor with the fans on. what in the world were they thinkin'? you don't respect me...can't you at least respect my food. there's lots of cigs ashes on the floor...think la dey! urghh...when i pay i only got 20 cents off for the kicap mee. i'm sure 3-pieces of wantan costs more than that! :P
Watch Minority Report last nite. Jumpa a bunch of budak faculty...dok depan kitaorang lak tuh. aiihh!

Steven Spielberg's film...always expect the unexpected. the same spice...the futuristic and creative imagination.

Like it a lot. Lotsa manipulation...that makes audience laugh! Siap ader yang tepuk tangan tuh! tgk theatre lak.

Talk about theatre...felt like catching the Cats at Istana Budaya this late September. Tapi tak brani nak beli tix awal...if something come up. tapi kalo tak beli tix awal kang jadik cam Fame. Meleleh jer tgk :P
i'm having a mathstrophobic...exe is fine but not quiz or test

it's suffocating and makes my brain stop computing.


M. Nasir Concert Update

The m.nasir's concert was a blast. Spider rawks! and the highlight of the nite turns out to be Spider vocalist...Rustam [for me laaa]. heheh!

Too many best parts happen dat nite. first kitaorang dapat tempat depan skali...sampai tempias ayaq liur m.nasir pon kena! and then we got the chance to go backstage. thanx to erhan. a few snaps and signing moment. sumer pelem dah abis dat time...all 36 of em! if only i brought camera will be full of pak tam!

2nite i'm going to M.Nasir's concert! hahahah...don't believe myself! dahler ader lagu yang satu hapa jadah aku tak paham. but the thoughts of spending 2-3 hours screaming my lungs out is very appealing. besides there's 11 of us going...should be fun.

The cast of tonite would be me, wawa, rina, atuk, irma, awek salad, salad himself, hogan, teez, zet, and erhan (just met this guy). and this guy did mentioned somethin'about backstage.....phooaaa! we'll see how it goes tonite! IF we're dat lucky maybe i'll be m.nasir's most devoted fan till end of this year...which only left couple of months away. wink* wink*
I don't even comb my hair

When I wake up in the morning

I've always been like that

My clothes are on the floor

And I just don't have the time to put them back

Is this what you truly want for a girlfriend?

Or am I just someone you find pretty cute for a good time?

Don't go breaking my heart

I think very deeply and I hold very dearly from the start

So why do you still love me

I'm so useless in the kitchen

And my cuisine is lousy

It makes you want to curl

My toes are awfully huge

And I am not just the stuff that makes a girl

Is this what you truly want for a girlfriend?

Or am I just someone you find pretty cute for a good time?

Don't go breaking my heart

I think very deeply and I hold very dearly from the start

So why do you still love me?

Pardon me ... I'm quizzical

I don't even call you baby

'Cause that's what I call my dog

It would have sounded funny and so strange

Don't expect me to be crawling over you

For maybe I am just a poor unromantic

Why do you still love me?

So why do you still love me?

show my progress on admin part at en.Shafry...

kena tambah lagik...the logic part and etc.

the deadly part is submit all the shit on 24/7 after sem break. i'm a dead duck!
watch Scooby Doo last nite...bolela! funny but not hilarious :)

sarah michelle gellar's nose is sooo weird.
Why in the world do i have to say that Meg?

always dat lame excuse and why always that stupid excuse? stupid me!

a night of stupidity! :P
Brazil won the World Cup thanx to Ronaldo for slamming the werewolf goalie, Oliver Kahn who went inconsolable after the match!

Plus the honour goes to Lucio for Best Attempt on Putting on a Jersey award! :D

the Turks won at 3rd place vs Korea 3-2! yehaaa....the fastest score recorded in history at 1.13 min. and best of all it was Ilhan Mansiz aka heavy butt.

all my housemates shriek like krayzee! the blushing! :)

Fricken hot sites!

:: Lexus @ minority report

:: Sound Bombing
Force myself to wake up as early as 8.50 on saturday morning! Better than stay unconscious for the next 3 hours...wasted!

Here i the Lab. In fact i'm the first...muahahah!
Does your name begin with: S?

For you, it is pleasure before business. You can be romantically idealistic to a fault and is capable of much sensuality. But you never loose control of your emotions. Once you make the commitment you stick like glue. You could get jealous and possessive. You tend to be very selfish often regarding yourself as the only human being on the lanet. You like being the center of attention. You are very caring, sensitive, private sometimes very passive. Turned on by soft lights, romantic thoughts. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can play any role, or any game, and take your love life very seriously. You don't fool around. You have the patience to wait for the right person to come along. You are very generous giving, often selfless.! You are kind nature sweet, which is found to be attractive ! by

many. You are a good friend.

Perghh puji melambung this thang...
try out Harry Potter character..

in spite of watching 22 player chasing a black and white ball back and forth there's a part that makes football worthwhile watching.

good looking player with nice bod and butt! all my housemate is head over heels with Turk's hearthrob Ilhan Masiz. but i'm batting my lashes for HIDE!

Japan's midfielder : Hidetoshi Nakata
i've tried the insulting name generator...

and the result IS insulting hehehe....

Republican Herpesmonkey....what da ""? monkey? geez...

go insult yourself @
last nite try wat login page for admin. hmmm stuck there. but page lain quite siap...that's just leave retrieving data from database and upload to database and all the linkage stuff.

huarghh petang nie ader kuiz simulasi. kolmogrov smirnov? kai square? run test? erghhh!
my personality for today...based on color:

> 12 hingga 21hb Disember - Maroon

Bagi kamu yang mewakili warna maroon ini, kamu digambarkan seorang yang

bijak dan tahu apa yang terbaik untuk diri kamu. Namun kamu juga suka melakukan

sesuatu itu menurut kehendak dan pendapat kamu sendiri tanpa

pedulikan perasaan atau pendapat orang lain. Itulah yang menjadi


Dari segi percintaan, kamu cukup sabar dan tidak terburu buru untuk

menjalinkan percintaan. Kamu juga terkenal dengan sikap setia kamu dalam


yea rite! hahaha

24 Jun [Monday]

Catch a glance of Big M today. Big smile plastered on my face for a few minutes. :D

Evening tag along rina to fetch Rock kat Senai. She just got back from KLIA, after antar adik dia study at Indonesia. Boarding School...bes giler! High skool dah blajo overseas! Sounds exactly like my storybook PenPal series. Musics, sports, unique sylabus etc..and the spesel part of this skool is they taught you to be a tahfiz. nice huh?
PM is going to retired. Sedey giler...for the past 21 years i have known no other Prime Minister except Dr. Mahathir. so there's major uncertainty in my mind.

IF THERE’S one achievement that Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad can be proud of during the last two decades of leading this nation, it’s the pride he put in us of being Malaysians.

[the star 25 june] : It’s not the Twin Towers, Formula 1, Putrajaya, Multimedia Super Corridor that declare our nationalism – yes, all these make us proud too – but it’s the sense of belonging to this great country that he imparted into us Malaysians that should rightfully mark his tenure. And it’s not just the feeling of being able to walk tall and call oneself Malaysian unashamedly that he should be remembered for; more importantly it’s the interaction and feeling of kinfolk between us – Malays, Chinese, Indians, all the other races who make up this country – that he engendered that has become something we take as a matter of fact and made us the envy of numerous other nations. Racial harmony, national unity, multiculturalism, cultural diversity. Call it what you will. Malaysia has made it a way of life. And Dr Mahathir played no small part in it. For 21 years, he emphasised this and promoted it.

But change must inevitably take place. That it has to happen now or later leaves us no more ready or happy to face the event than at any other time.

thanx A.I, for the otak-otak! memang aku tgh lapo tahap naga that time...
jumpa en.Shafry today...seems like he's not really in good mood. senyum sket maaa...takder la nak pasang wayar notebook pon ketaq. jemput duduk pon tak! aiih kejam.

luckily after 3 interface...the phone rang. gabra carik file which i transfer to other folder last nite. sib baik still under htdocs. phew! he's okay with the interface. next week another appointment.

put the report aside first though it looks pretty bad with all the red marks! gilo ah ding dong punya beso handwriting...saja nak bagik heart attack!
i'm supposed to meet Shafry this morning around 10-12. dia email lambat so how was i to know the appointment is on.

tadik pon sampai lambat...15 minutes to 12.

takder la kat bilik jawabnya....

bis tuh camno!

sok la kot after web...
erm...i had an accident last nite on my way to the lab. naik keta wawa, me at front and yulie kat blakang. we hit a motorbike. actually the bike hit us...but since we're in the car of course la motor terpelanting.

at first i saw flash straight in front of the road. And i was like what in the world? Then it dawns me...hey the biker is on the wrong side! tapi tak bis lagik compute ayat...BANG! wawa swirved to the right and brake, but still kena gak on my side. sempat la gak bayangkan kalo orang nie terbang ke cermin keta pecah musti kena aku takpon ngan moto skali kena.

alhamdullilah sumer dalam keta slamat. terkejut badak jelah. but the biker dah landing kat tgh jalan. tom make the story short...jalan dah jam giler and we havta move dat girl eventhough her leg is broken. time angkat tuh memang nampak sangat 'patah'nya! aiii lemah otot²!

rush to the clinic...only to find out she's not a student! then anto pi Hospital Tun Aminah at JB with ambulan. settle punya settle...balik umah around 12 p.m. assignment ntah kemana...trus mandi smayang tidoq!
Get emo last nite. Feeling low...miss mom!

Some people say don't live by the past. But I am and always will. Cause that's

all I ever had.

Memories of mom...the reason to stay strong. She's my peace of mind in

this crazy world.

Sometimes terkilan gak tak dpt tunaikan her wish when mom sihat dulu. Simple

things like temankan gi beli barang, sit and really 'talk' with her, cook

for her, and lots of other thing. And now...I'm dying to do anything for her.

I think I tried my best to take care of her during the last days. But not best enuf.

Can't save her, Can't take away her pain, don't know how to make her

comfortable. Never felt soo weak and helpless in my entire life. But Bapak

is the most supportive. "Trust in faith", thats what he always said.

installed coldFusion studio and CFServer. but cf server problemo sket...asyik abnormal termination. huarghhh dahler aku tak paham nak configure kat lab nie cemana. kena guna local host ka aper ka? if tak install apache...bis tuh time cfserver mintak route nak bagey ape?

aiiihh shooq! apsal aku call tak dapat! nak mintak tlg configurekan this tthing! whooaa....

by the way admin password is: kpu6psm [all caps]
visit how jedi are you?.. ..

this is me in star wars? hah! peace! :P

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

And when I catch my breath

It's you I breathe

morning...went to jog around poolai with rock, zaza, rina and wawa. breakfast at As. nasik lemak tak sodap, sambal masam and a new emo waiter. time jalan balik ingat nak amik shortcut, but then bumped into this big black dawg! dari mode dia tgh dok lepak, dia bangun abruptly then walk to us. geez muka ganas abis ah!

sumer kalut dah...tukar route lain. masuk jalan tepi...jumpa anjing kecik la plak. nie jenis yang lari laju tak ingat! peh....dia pon dok mundar mandir kat stu takder unsur² nak blah. aku dah naik angin...nak teruskan sah² aku kalah kalo main lumba lari ngan makhluk tuh. tapi dah dekat giler dah ngan umah. nak tanak tukau lagik route.

tapi kluar balik jalan beso, whooaaa big dawg tuh ader kat route tuh. taikk ah! kluar balik ikut umah kedai, terpaksa gak lalu umah DAB. nie memang btol punye eksesais sesak napas!
11 Jun-Send Chapter II

Mornin gi bilik Shafry...tgh discuss ngan Cik Anita. Segan nak interrupt. So kensel...naik balik lab...besides en.Iskandar was just about to leave! this lec is a one dead serious kiut! yewwwwww!

Then lagik bilik dia. knock! knock! tanak bukak la plak. aihhh...aku pon letak jelah kat folder depan pintu. petang pi simulasi [as usual kelas batal tok sekian kalinya], singgah lagik bilik dia. he said continue ngan project. nak tgk interface next week. Phooaaa...lega dia wat muka baik! tapi tak kater aper la plak pasal chap II aku. ntah betol ntah tidak.
Kuar makan ngan Azali last nite. All my housemates was ??! Sblom kuar sume control ayu dok tempat masing2.

kuar jek sumer rush mengendap kat master bedroom nak tgk muka dia. it happens Azali is the

only my skoolmate yang diaorang tak penah tgk lagi. so sumer curious gile. siap buat forum tuh nak figure out saper...

Lawak mengong tol!

the next morning wawa and rina pull the trigger...aler bukannya gi berchenta!
The other part is that i don't want you to slip away from me. I know what it's like to be with you, and i know what it's like to be apart from you. And I would rather be with you. Missing you...
pi pos laju adiah tok bapak...pi pejabat bendahari to check my status. part nie maleh nak pikiaq dolu!

pas tuh pi hep, konon nak mintak borang claim thesis. skali tuh just for penaja JPA ngan MARA jek. cilakak!

nie yang tak bes loan ntahapahapa nie! tak banyak benefit
smalam jumpa en. Shafry kat corridor. nak tanak aku kena tanya gak pasal architecture tuh! hak hak...ngan penuh sabo dia xplain kat aku. tapi muka ader sket tensen la gak! bis tuh nak wat camno dah memang aku blur tahap kuda!

sumer pdf yang aku jumpa kat ieee xplore tak sut! hmmm....petang tuh aku kena tinggal umah sensorang. sumer pi swimming. nak kecebur sama but then translating is way more 'exciting'....
Quiz Simulasi for 30 minutes. And during that half an hour pn. Azura talked non-stop. Real pressue…mental pressure I say. Manyak susah nak take a peek.

By the way…my hommie [this hommie ler] get listed in top 5 planet.time. Editors pick wooo! Hahaha…thumbs up :). But now all pics kena nie nie ah!

Rite now listening to all KRU’s ol’ song. Fizut punyer mp3 list…tumpang dengo jek. Database mp3 dia banyak giler lagu dolu2. Dari Alleycats sampaila ker Bunga Angkasa? Lama tak dengo…biler dengo balik bes la plak.

“ku terpinga tertanya di dalam dilemamu…woohoooo iyeh! Iyeh! Ku di dalam dilemma muuuu ooowoo”


Continue carik research paper. Have no idea nak letak keyword aper. isk! tatau nak wat aper mula la surf benda ngarut like this lor! :P
Then tag along Wawa and Fizut gi hunt krusi impian. Cute one...colourful and very cosy. Memang sesuai tok leypak kat lantai tgk tv ker hapa ker...ahahaha!

Later at night i printed out some of research paper. Update my notes. Dah 2.30 a.m. Tido ah aper lagik!

Time: 2.30 p.m

Venue: Lab GIS

Present to Shafry PSM 1. Luckily just me alone. Hahaha...and luckily dat time aku takder nerves² langsung coz i had severe headache!

-wat pembetulan on Pengenalan, Matlamat and Skop.

-homework on literature. get 10 research paper at IEEE Xplore. then review and summarize.

He is too soft spoken and i was like huh? huh? every second. Ahahahaha...trouble! trouble!

Jumpa en Shafry this morning at 10.30 a.m. He looked at my project briefly. Insist on submitting the project to him then and there. Eishh dahle aku tak bind lagi ngan cover pon takder. And I insist on to submit tomorrow. At least biarle aku pi bind dolu...senonoh ler sket nak antar.

Erm one piece of shocking news. Heheheh...Dia soh present 2moro. Huarghhh tak tidole aku 2nite. Nak wat slide haaiikkk.....

I'm back in KL. Ingatkan tanak balik tapi ader owang soh balik...balikla. Besides nana said ader surat chenta waiting for me.

Naik bas ntah hapa ke jenama...dahle mahal RM25. Lembap plak tuh. Dahle lembap...stop banyak tempat. Bile dah sampai KL tanak berenti kat Puduraya. We havta walk in the rain cam katun! Taik toll....Fizut jalan sampai tercampak sandal dia sebab licin. Muakakaka....sib baik tak ketengah jalan.

Balik Giman anto sampai umah. Heheheh dia dok cakap kat Fizut that he's riding in Transnasional. In the end..he turns up in his own car. Peh bulat-bulat budak tuh kena tipu. Muakakaka.
Keep Bowlin! Bowlin!

Noon: Accompany Wawa, Irma, Zect and Fini [last minute tag] to Scudie Parade. They're dying of boredom and addict to play the bowl. Ekceli plannya i'm playing along...siap bwk socks dah. Tapi lepaih makan KFC, i back out.

Zet play under my name...since she din bring student card. She play well at first...strike sana sini. Bangga gile ah nama aku yang displayed! Tapi ntah cemana kalah at the very last minute. Last skali laks tuh....and nama aku laks tuh! Muakakakaka....

Big Splash!

Evening: Gi swimming kat Larkin with the housemates exclude Wawa and Rina. Kecebur! kecebur! Blajo brenang teknik baru from Irma. Dive...push your legs...pop up [amik napas]...dive again! Heheheh...Kalut ler gak, seems dat my hands and my legs don't coorporate well. Telan banyak air sangat i decide brenang katak lagik baik!

Tak brani brenang dekat2 ngan Lela...Bukan leh caya budak tuh. Ari tuh dia tekannnya aku...tengelam aku beberapa seken! Tapi bes hang around ngan dia, she's a strong swimmer. Budak Pulau la katakan...campak la mana pon!

Atas Pokok?

Zaza introduce tempat makan baru kat JB. Called Anjung Warisan...vewy nice place. She said atas pokok..memula tuh mmg tabley nak imagine how the place looked like. But then biler dah sampai..perghh. Kewl! Siap dok atas lantai ko nak bersila ker bersimpuh ke sukati la...bes gile. Makan besa jek...bolela!

This are my logs for FYP. Outdated i know...but need to refer back to this dates when i havta fill up my log book. Bluaarghhh!

Here goes......before i misplaced these dates

April-Get Information

Jumpa en.Mashar at Seksyen 11, Shah Alam.

April-School Information

Buat appointment with Cikgu Syidah. Get the flow of handling report card

13 Mei-Send fax

Send faxes of questionaire to Headmaster of MRSM, Tuan Hj Mokhti, and Headmaster of TIKL, En.

Kamaruddin Hamzah.

15 Mei-Confirm Fax

Call MRSM and Teknik regarding sent fax. Diaorang dah letak kat tray, but pengetua lom

tengok lagik. Call again tommorow to confirm.

16 Mei-Siap interface

I did 4 interface on the system. it was okay. but then i don't know how will i integrate the interface

item with cfm.

17 Mei - Tuan Hj Mokhti respond

He said he already retired from MRSM for two years! Muakakaka...Shit on me! Siut punya web, it wrote

updated April 2002 maaa...and his name is still there. How was i to know?

Called everyone to say bye bye [Sg. Buluh, makyah, and the rest]

18 Mei - Takin' a Ride

Ride with Wawa and Irma. Arrived in JB around 1.30 p.m. K.Sue called saying that she's going to JB 2moro to send her sista enrollment.

19 Mei-Take a Look Around

kak Sue arrived at my house with her sista and her mom. Bawak diaorang gi Taman U. Carik kedai jual unipom for MHS. Then gi BJ. Then they bought lunch and then end...

20 Mei - Report

Betulkan format report and find all the meanings for bold words. Dictionary bergerak lorr!

21 Mei - Printed!

Buat Abstrak. English punya tak siap lagik.

Buat DFD. Stuck! and can't find Visio.

Print Chap 1 till 5 plus add page numbers.

Print borang PSM [Penyerahan laporan, cadangan tajuk, persetujuan penyelia]

going back to JB tomorrow [18 Mei]. Uhuk! uhuk! time to face my fyp! can i handle it? noooooooo...and that's what i'm scared of.

Amik slip of Pensijilan Terbuka from Fendi at his house. Bloodshot eyes..ish! ish! But thanx Fendi. This slip helps a lot.
this thing is still not workin! i should ask someone who has blog in their own hommie...
ney...nothin' came out! Shoot this thing...i don't have time but i still want to finish it. Why aaah?

11 Mei - Pack things

Send all my stuff back to JB with Bapak. Balik ari! The weather is so unbearable. Feels like deep fried in the car.....
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