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Play Tourist @ KL is Fun - Part 2

The weather dah start rasa scorching hot. By the time we arrived at Urbanscapes House (UH), I was terribly thirsty again. I came to know about this place from their newsletter that they are taking over the OCBC heritage building and turn it into a festival hub. At first blur jugak which building exactly is UH because there is no signage except posters (dah lalu dekat baru nampak). I guess baru sangat they took over kot.

Masuk2 jer rasa full blast aircond. Ahhhh definitely the perfect place to be! First thing i did was beli mineral water yang costed me RM5! Aiyooo mahal pon mahal laaa dahaga sangat. Basically the food and drinks sini mmg pricey. The place looked bare (at the moment i guess) which kinda feel like awkward, the promoters were friendly, some tables, stools and beanbags, showcase on local stuff/ handmade and a cafe by Tiffin where they jual food, drinks and ice cream. 
Occupying 4 floors, we went to tingkat atas first. Ada skateboard exhibition with the theme of 'can…

Play Tourist @ KL is Fun - Part 1

It all started with a plan to hang out. Since zafeer's appointment with paed got cancelled, i decided to proceed with the cuti. So after a not-so-lengthy discussion, K.Fara, D and myself planned to buat something different. Instead of hitting the malls, we wanted to jalan2 like a tourist, no shopping (tapik ada yang membeli jugak, cough), take lots of photos, cafe hopping and eat! So we chose PS street area. I love all the photos we took! Bepeloh2 pon takpelah because it's totally worth it. But biasalah biler dah peram gambar mula lah forgot some of the details and kurang the excitement nak berciter. So expect an entries yang banyak gambar than cerita. First stop was breakfast at Ali, Muthu, Ah Hock Kopitiam. We parked kat the nearest open car park area polis stesen at Jln H.S Lee.

I find the branding of this kopitiam sangat kiut and very malaysian. The character design of 3 races pakai gambar roti jer hahaha. We had breakfast i.e nasi lemak, half boiled egg, roti bakar etc. …