Baby Noah, Wondermilk and a Birthday

Last Friday time lunch hour i went straight to DU to visit Zect and her new bundle of joy, Noah. He is shooo cute and cuddly! Suara boleh tahan kuat si kecik nie biler nanges hahaha. Glad to see Zect fit and healthy. 


Selfie ngan auntie satu!

Visit Baby Noah

Lepas borak2 kejap i made a move. Baru tingat that i need to get a cake for RR's birthday. So singgah Wondermilk the only kedai i'm familiar area situ yang confirm ada cupcakes. Since i got a quite good parking, i had lunch kat situ terus. Sorang2 pon jadik sbb dah lapor and malas nak singgah mana2 tempat lagik dah. Lama tak gi sini...some of the sections dah berubah rupa. 

Lunch @ Wondermilk, DU
Lunch @ Wondermilk, DU  Lunch @ Wondermilk, DU

It was like an amazing race. Proud of myself because i managed to reach the office 15mins early and no need to stress out carik parking...yeehaw! Petang tuh we celebrated birthday Kak Ita at her workstation. 

Birthday RR 2016

Birthday RR 2016  Birthday RR 2016

Simple but it's the thought that counts riteee :) But jenuh jugak laaa 5 bijik cupcakes nak share ngan sumer orang hahaha. Nak beli banyak2 kang tak cukup korum and it was a last minute plan so ini jer yang termampu share bedua ngan lyn. 

Birthday RR 2016


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