Play Tourist @ KL is Fun - Part 2

The weather dah start rasa scorching hot. By the time we arrived at Urbanscapes House (UH), I was terribly thirsty again. I came to know about this place from their newsletter that they are taking over the OCBC heritage building and turn it into a festival hub. At first blur jugak which building exactly is UH because there is no signage except posters (dah lalu dekat baru nampak). I guess baru sangat they took over kot.

Play Tourist @ KL

Masuk2 jer rasa full blast aircond. Ahhhh definitely the perfect place to be! First thing i did was beli mineral water yang costed me RM5! Aiyooo mahal pon mahal laaa dahaga sangat. Basically the food and drinks sini mmg pricey. The place looked bare (at the moment i guess) which kinda feel like awkward, the promoters were friendly, some tables, stools and beanbags, showcase on local stuff/ handmade and a cafe by Tiffin where they jual food, drinks and ice cream. 

Play Tourist @ KL
Play Tourist @ KL. Play Tourist @ KL

Occupying 4 floors, we went to tingkat atas first. Ada skateboard exhibition with the theme of 'cannot be boarded'.

Play Tourist @ KL

Our first attempt to take a proper group photos pakai camera and timer. Lol! Muka penat and be like 'whatever'. Lepas tuh snap pakai phone balik sbb lagik cepat dan snang kononnyer.

Play Tourist @ KL  Play Tourist @ KL
Play Tourist @ KL

Then turun balik to lower ground to check out 'neon' exhibition.

Play Tourist @ KL

It was like glow in the dark thingy. And yes...dizzy biler lama sangat dalam tuh.

Play Tourist @ KL

Trying hard to make out aper portrait yang dorang display on the wall. Ok i seriously hates neon lighting because even tgk gambar nie while i'm drafting this entry pon bleh rasa pening.

Play Tourist @ KL

This is one of the room that we did not bother to masuk. Dengan lighting malap2 cenggini, with that splat paint all over the wall, rasa cam ala haunted house pulak. But K.Fara said the room is most likely a bilik kebal because ada pintu lock and safe cenggini. Bukan bilik kurungan dalam jail yehhhh hahahaha.

Play Tourist @ KL
Play Tourist @ KL  Play Tourist @ KL
Macam ala2 cover album 70s hehe.
Play Tourist @ KL
KLtourist-1363 (Large)

Exit from the Urbanscapes House, we carik tempat nak solat. Ada uncle taxi driver tunjuk jalan ke Central Market. Dekat rupanya hahaha. Tapik nak berjalan ke situ pon rasa bercinta jugak laaa. Panas, sticky and dehydrated.

KLtourist-1237 (Large)  KLtourist-1238 (Large)

Took some photos while passing through CM nak ke surau yang located at the other end. Kedai2 kat situ di group ikot business category and each section diberikan nama2 jalan. So rasa cam best jer nak masuk setiap lorong tuh.

KLtourist-1244 (Large). KLtourist-1241 (Large)

The surau was located at rooptop area. Pehhh dahler cuaca panas. Memang rasa bahang sesaja. This is the view from surau pompuan...bebetol sblah LRT track. Also can see Dayabumi building.

KLtourist-1250 (Large)  KLtourist-1248 (Large)
Play Tourist @ KL

I love the tiles. Cantek2 plak tuh. These days baru notice and appreciate this kind of patterns. Influenced by instagrammers gituh.

Play Tourist @ KL  Play Tourist @ KL

Tempting jer nampak stall jual coconut drinks. But since nak pegi minom kat Merchant's Lane, tahan je lahhh. Kang sampai sana dah rasa full plak.

Play Tourist @ KL

We were not so sure how close or far the cafe, so we decided to ride a cab. Dah malas nak jalan and to reserve some energy nak drive balik nanti.

KLtourist-1368 (Large)

Last entry will be up soon.


  1. wowww bestnyer entry2 ko Sol!!! pics as usual mmg cun lah kannn... tetiba rasa mcm rindu lak moment tu.. we shld do this again maybe some other venues! FARA KASIK LIMA BINTAAANG!!


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