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Zafeer @ 1yo 9 months

Zafeer now lari dah more balanced takde terhuyung hayang cam nak jatuh. But he still likes to tip toe. He loves to eat by himself but have to bear the mess! Suka air kosong and milk. Penah tried bagi vitagen but he threw up after that.

Whatever Qeeb does, he'll copy. Termasuklah bab main car. The extra thing is Zafeer will throw everything after he gets bored. So wheels flying around! Horror tgk dent and scratches here and there! He don't mind hugging and kissing at this age. He just go salammm random people in the lift, hospital and cafes. Even laundry guy yang datang collect baju pon dia greet with warm welcome.

Checkup at HTAR all good, alhamdulillah. His weight and height sumer ok. We still have to continue regular checkup till he's 3 years old at least if im not mistaken. They want to monitor his progress like speech, motorskill etc. Doakan yang baik2, insya Allah.

Random F&B

Salted caramel by San Francisco Coffee

Nasi lemak berlauk Kak Chik. The seller jual from his car boot. Cost at RM5

Tedboy August breakfast promo. Buy coffee or tea, get nasi lemak for free.

One of the kuih at MIL's house. Don't you think it looks like monster's fingernails??? hahahaha! every time i looked at this jar i kept having the same thought

Lunch at Kopimeo and topped with hot capp.

PayN** Open House @ Grand Hyatt

Some photos taken during PayN**open house with colleagues, soon to be colleagues, ex-colleagues and co-workers from the industry. Everybody in a cheerful mood to makan2 and mingle around.

Since there were too many pictures of me *cough* so i made it smaller and squeezed 3 pics in a row. Macam2 jenis phone, filter and angles to take these photos. 

More group photos - some with MEPS, one with MD, few with bankers

One of department yang akan merge jadik bigger team.

Lunch @ Fei & Ali, SA

Since Zafeer is on board, we need to find a new strategy during eat out. But laaa nie nak order pon kalut. Bag of tricks and sketch book worked with Qeeb back then but not with Zafeer. I'm worried he will throw everything and landed in somebody's plate. Even ajak tengok video together pon he won't be glued for few minutes because he's more interested to press the 'home' button and all other icons.

Left pic - Sleepy baby on high chair. Right pic - after struggled to get out and free from high chair.

Food and drinks

My shayams took own selfie when 'playing' around with my phone. I love the angle. 

RHB Open House @ The Majestic

Went there with Lan and Kak Ija. Susah gak parking but we managed to find a spot. Dah masuk dalam dewan pon penoh...but jumpe lah jugak meja yang ada 3 seats for us.

Dapat duduk semeja ngan our national swimmer, Jeffrey Ong. He doesn't look like someone aged 45 kan? And also kebetulan kakak to Dada also sat on the same table...small world kan!

On the way back to our car

Dida Lipstick

Bought this lipstick brand called Dida (cosmetic company by TCJ and DN) time FV sale. Tatau nak beli aper tapik nak jugak beli something yang affordable. I like the texture and the color when i first tried it.

But unfortunately after 3x pakai dah jadik cemnie. I was pulling out the cover and the stick tercampak! gigih pasang balik sbb baru lagik kan. But biler jadik lagik, despedida lahhh jawabnyer. Sigh.