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Didi's 8yo Birthday!

I was looking forward for Didi's birthday celebration the other day. Eventhough it was thursday nite (working days) with limited time, but my sis made a cool preparation for Dd's birthday party. It was a small gathering but it was awesome! I only managed to give Didi a set of crayon and a DIY robot. "Sorry Dd, mama tak bagi achu beli hamster dan yang sebulu dengannyer"

Birthday decor with a lil bit of dinosaur touch. No one in that house can draw dinosaurs except for Dd....he's a dinosaur freak and artistic too hehe!

The birthday cupcakes are self-made by his mom (my sis lah heheh). They must've had a good time decorating the cuppies. Besnyer! Next time achu nak join blajar *kof! kof!*

Another cake for cutting purpose with cute candles.

Gambar achu mustilah ada wat kenang-kenangan huhu, uncle Cheep time tuh tgh photographer mode sampai terlupa nak amik gambar dah lepas tuh. Lily seemed to enjoy herself menempel ngan Dd and became part of camera attention. Dd plak…

Black and white tag

I got tag again by dearest Cheepster. This time it's a black and white theme. So, i'm posting another gambar gedix at Capsquare. The stripes tshirt makes a good black and white photo i guess :P

} Start Copy

"A good Snapshot stops a moment from running away."

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! ~Ted Grant} End of Copy

Copy the quotes above from start copy to end Copy.
Replace the Photograph with your own or your loves ones’ Black and White captured moments that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

And the tagging cycles begin: Diana, K.Fara, Sharax, Mas, K.Moji, Zaza, Wani and Inot

Reminisce On Memories

I wish i could rewind. I missed my arwah Bapak. 16th April is the date when my life turned upside down. Macam orang hilang arah, tinggal lah aku dua bradik dalam dunia nie struggle mentally and emotionally. Life goes on but memories never fade. Baca balik entry lama nie pon dah cukup buat aku nanges meleleh2. Sbb tuh kot aku cepat nanges since then, tough but fragile.

I miss Mom and Bapak, both so dearly. Sedehnyer.

Grow wiser, not older

Hardwork : All hard work brings profit; but mere talk leads only to poverty.
Laziness : A sleeping lobster is carried away by the water current.
Earnings : Never depend on a single source of income.
Spending : If you buy things you don't need, you'll soon sell things you need.
Savings : Don't save what is left after spending; Spend what is left after saving.
Accounting : It's no use carrying an umbrella, if your shoes are leaking.
Auditing : Beware of little expenses; a small leak can sink a large ship.
Risk-taking : Never test the depth of the river with both feet.Thanks to Shara for forwarding this.

Weekend @ Capsquare

We went to Capsquare on Sunday. It was quite empty. We noticed there's a lot of colorful placeholder graphic. So we took few snapshots.

Nothing much to browse here because most of the shops were closed and there were only 5 cafes open including starbucks and coffee bean. Even the flea market looks dull due to lack of crowd.

We then settled at Tappers Cafe for lunch. It was a cafe with classic colonial interior...quite cozy. I had fish & chips and chicken chop for Cheepster. The food was a-ok.

We then watch Fast & Furious @ TGV. No queues at all when we bought the tickets and popcorns. Even the cinema was more than half empty hoho! I like the ambience here...a nice place to walk about. Hopefuli there will be a lot more shops opening soon. More placeholder graphic snaps before we went home heheh ;)

There goes my weekend. And tomoro is Monday again.


Cheepster's Show Your Picture Tag

1. "tampal gambar korang" (post your picture)

2. "explain kenapa korang pakai baju dalam gambar tersebut" (explain why you are wearing the clothes in the picture..)

I was in Genting and i brought this sweater to keep me warm but i only wore it for less an hour (i think) because Genting was quite warm at that time. This is the only sweater i have in bright color and i like the camouflage print.

The 4 Things

I was tagged by Kojiwami :)

4 names that friends call u
1. Soul
2. Liza
3. Lijot
4. Soulie

4 most important dates in ur life
1. 21st Dec (my birthday)
2. 9th May (cheepster's birthday)
3. 10th Jan (solemnisation)
4. 11th Oct (declaration of love hahaha)

4 things u've done in the last 30minutes
1. Ate Dominos Pizza
2. Cards dropping
3. Flickr-ing
4. Blogging

4 ways to be happy
1. Feed the stomach
2. Site hopping
3. When it's salary day (cha ching!)
4. Vacation

4 gifts u would like to receive
1. RM5000 shopping voucher at Isetan
2. Vacation package 6D5N to anywhere
3. Bear hug, cuddle and smoochies from Cheepster everyday
4. A house at Ampang Hilir area would be awesome

4 of ur fav. hobbies
1. Surfing
2. Photography
3. Sleeping
4. Movies

4 places u want to go for vacation
1. Maldives
2. Bora Bora Island
3. Boracay Island
4. Seychelles

4 things always found in ur bag
1. Makeup mesh bag
2. Pen
3. Purse
4. Tickets/Bills

4 u love so much
1. Family (My sis and the rugrats)
2. Che…

Backyard Monsters & Dinosaurs

Something to look forward at the mall other than window shopping....Monsters and Dinosaurs exhibition!

Both exhibitions, the Backyard Monsters and the Dinosaurs Are Back are dedicated for the general public particularly, school children. The exhibitions have travelled around the world and attracted overwhelming response from the public. The exhibitions have also been highly recommended by the Zoological Museum of the University of Copenhagen to be a showcase that gives the public a unique experience in discovering the habitats in our own backyard. It also helps the public to understand the immensity of the pre-historic beings that were once on the face of the earth.The exhibitions are part of new science and technology in the creation and invention of animatronics. Most of the exhibits which are robotic reveal the mannerisms and habits of the creatures from a macroscopic point of view. Both exhibitions will be a great platform for the young generation in Malaysia to get a closer look …

Dim Sum for Lunch

Time to post something more delicious instead, a food entry! :) Tuesday afternoon, i had lunch at Minmax Darby Park, a halal chinese restaurant which served awesome dim sum. We ordered 5 types of dim sum and 3 other dishes which is fried radish cake, pan fried rice noodle with shrimps and fried rice with salted fish.

Steamed Har Kau

Steamed Shark's fin dumplings

Steamed siew mai with crab roe

Steamed stuffed scallops dumpling

Deep fried wafer prawns roll with cheese

Last but not least, Fried Radish Cake

There were other dishes that i didn't took photo, tak sempat lah because i want to makan hehe. The total bill was RM63. Not bad eh for 3 pax? Of course lah not bad because i only have to pay RM10, because someone insisted so :D

And oh, i drove home early that evening to celebrate my father in law's birthday. But lagik lambat sampai adalah because of the accident heheh. End up my FIL together with Cheepster accompanied me to lodge police report. Balik tuh instead of went out for din…

Car accident

I met an accident for the first time and it was quite bad...bumper to bumper, sigh. Alhamdulillah i'm ok just having a chest pain because i was slammed to the steering. I just took an exit from NPE and entered the Fed Hiway. It was peak hour by the way, so i'm sure most of you know how bad the traffic crawls. I noticed a Naza Ria car which is few metres in front of me, tried to change lane without giving any signal and forcing the car next to him make way so that he can nyelit masuk. Moving forward, i found myself at the back of his car when few cars changed lane. Suddenly the Naza Ria brake mengejut so aku pon dengan terkejutnya tekan brake pedal giler2 and i know i didn't crash his car wpon tinggal lagik baper cm gap because aku sempat terdetik 'Alhamdulillah tak kene!!' but in a split second my car brutally jerk to the front because a Wira behind me tak sempat nak brake. Demmm!

I can't believe my car kene sandwich! :( Saket wooo chest kene steering! I had to …

Cuppacakes Weekend

11.30am had an appointment at Per*dua Service Centre, Glenmarie. I was told that the car will be ready at 3pm. Alahaii had to cancel our earlier plan to watch movie at The Curve but lucky we came with 2 cars so we have a transport to go somewhere else. We had lunch at Burger King before went back home. Can't stand to stay outdoor any longer because the weather was unbearably hot!

4.30pm: Collect car at the Service Centre. I was RM205 poorer because had to change disc brake and aper2 tah. But the good thing is now whenever i push brake pedal there's no 'nyit nyit' sound anymore. Stopped by at Mamak and drank 2 glass of teh o ais and 3 pieces of otak2. Cuaca panas lah katakan.

5.30pm: Heading the Curve when we were in front of the Uptown junction, i spontaneously asked Cheepster dengan sora yang agak kecik ala2 segan "Can we check out that Wondermilk cafe.....again?". Phew, Cheepster dengan baik atinyer trus masuk Uptown tapik dengan muka agak ketat because this …

4 ways to keep your job

1. DO log face-time. How will the higher-ups know you’re useful to the company if they never see you? Does the top brass make more noise in the morning? Show up a little earlier than usual, even if it’s just to get in a “hi.” Keep a corporate convo topic in your back pocket in case you get a face-to-face in the elevator.
DON’Tlog Facebook time. Yeah, it’s a networking site, but posting won’t convince your boss that you’ve got your eyes on the prize. If your boss is also a “friend,” she can see that you posted at 11:04, 1:15, and 3:35, and that you wrote “When will it be Friday?!” right after your staff meeting. Can’t resist logging on? Change your privacy settings so your boss can't see your status updates like your friends do.

2. DO become more vocal. Don’t give anyone a reason to eliminate you from the payroll. If you’re quiet and hardworking, make some noise by bubbling up constructive info about your team’s latest projects in your next meeting. Putting in a few extr…