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Hepi new year 2006

bye 2005
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Its 2006! Hope i can improve and gain somethin of this and that. And wat's in the stars for me...

Sagittarius: You're ready to reevaluate your priorities during the first half of 2006. Might this pave the way for serious romantic commitment?

Huahuaha hope so. Happy New Year everyone
Among ppl in the bustling OU yesterday wif akmal and jaa. Managed to get Baik Punya Cilok tix @ gsc then lunch @ BK sambel tunggu zet and sam (umah dekat tapik dowang lah park paling jauh haha). The movie was a gud one, i had a gud laugh especially the kelate english. way to go, afdlin! Baliks they dropped me off, nak tumpang solat and I offered em drinks, make dat 2 types of drinks because the 1st one was tasteless haha shetlah. wat instant coffee pon failed! it's spose to be in a cup not a mug! my bad...i didnt bother the measurement coz i dont drink coffee (pthhhh!!)

Today gi midV, again move in the throngs of people. Sampai² tgk queue gsc panjang giler babas sampai depan mekdi. perghh down giler! nak tgk king kong! i want! i want! even i get the tix...yang lagik sorang x dapat parking huaaa. so blah from midv, singgah Bangsar V*llage. Then gi Times Sq...kotler ader chances for King Kong skali lagik hampeh, 4.30nyer show sold out trus. Wuz thinkin nak tgk the promise but luckily we didnt coz i jes found out its in mandarin (somehow i kenot handle mandarin, ala macam layan hindi tapik tamil tabley). So went to Tarbush near lot 10 for lunch, ordered grilled spring chicken and grilled arayes. not bad at all, ayam marinade dia sedap siot. Round sg wang, sambung round BTS. fuh 4 shopping centre in 1 day and now...sore feet.

Pucker up my lips under mistletoe. Merry xmas everyone :D

cis cake

cis cake
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dearest opismates bought me a cake and banjer makan :D

sol o mine

sol o mine
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sooo i em 25 now wohoo (isk!). extremely touched by ppl who remembered and wished me hepi birthday :) most importantly, thanks to those who presence today's dinner and for the wonderful cake. frens make my day!

wish list:
PowerShot S2 IS
vibrator (on da way...rite-o bem?)
new handphone
room makeover
6 more hours to my burfday! feeling kinda scared...wud someone pls hold me and tell me everything will be alright? hahahaha
last friday accompany my fren to scuba diving meetin @ btr pool. makan free, met new interesting ppl. dengar briefing tu i was like 'hey, i want! i want. oh wait...i can't!' permission from my dad is the whole problem, but kumpul duit for diving license is oso a big problem. balik drop by umah wawa pass wedding gift for fadh since i kenot make it to her kenduri :( i feel bad for not attending.

Slamat Pengantin Baru Fadh & Nash.

saturday gi opis. surprisingly i finished one whole chapter by evenin kalo nak ikut my lalala mood its impossible. malam attend kenduri azali, wif bapak @ IYC since my dad is an ol fren to his dad (and we just discover bout it)...who wouldve tot! bapak gi lepak ngan orang² penang, me wif my 2 gurlfrens, norai & fara. so the whole night was like amik gambar², catch up wif ol frens from civil 1, and a few weird scenes huhuh! my dad went home without me and i went to hang out @ fara's place which is depan IYC. dolu² she oways forced me jalan kaki balik from skool. siot tol...dekat mmg ar dekat, but umah dia sampai dolu. and i had to continue jalan sorang² another 6 blocks haha. but i still preferred naik bus cos i got to bumped into my acquainted from other skools.

on sunday...practically i do nothin ;) dunno why i'm even bothered to write this down??

Batik shopping

batik shopping
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Oso went for batik frenzy @ kompleks kr*ftangan. Lawa siottt....and i'm drooling for batik on households.

watched narnia today @ leisure mall. few anti climax scene and i dont really adore the 4 Pevensie childrens huhuh! but the visual effect was great but kenot beat lotr. piece of gud news...i finally received an email from air asia confirming our seats to Langkawi after 2 days booking. hope to receive another confirmation soon for Sabah. I hate to call them when they put me on hold forever yet no one pick up the call.

batik cushion
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Sarawakian b/pepper

Sarawakian b/pepper
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Menu: Sarawakian black pepper steak
Price: RM 38
Place: Top H*t Restaurant, Jln Kia Peng

Not really worth to pay wif this portion and their slow service. But a different place & meals to try. I just like the spot because its in one of the many renovated old colonial houses behind KLCC.


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A fun and creative presentation for a client on how a website gets built using Kubrick figures. Cute eh!

Read details: Pingmag
Gi makan sate samuri @ uptown yesterday. 11 ppl + 100 sate. i only had 10 bucks dalam wallet dat time tapik makan luper diri siap order nasi goreng kg. turns out zet banjer everyone. huhuhu thanx for the treat!

Congratulations to Irma & Hogan

Attend their military wedding @ Klang. Only once in a blue moon u get to see ur fren married to a military and surrounded by honor guards wif swords haha. Too bad we missed the archway which symbolizes safe passage into married life.

Then headed to Siongs @ KJ for makan² invitation. Thanx for the wonderful meals...tuan umah sendiri masak lak tuh. wohooo!
Sometimes i wish i would just disappear and become nonexistent. So far i'm doing a pretty suck job in everything. How nice.
Attend watie's wedding at ttdi. reached there almost 3. luckily ramai turn up around dat hour. Malam lak join lorong nyer open house. not bad gak for this year punye dishes + food presentation...nasi ayam, mee kari, mihun, mee, bubur sampai 3 jenis, fries, ice cream, dadih, cakes, fruits. then dorang wat karaoke session...sakan!

Hepi Birthday to Walad
May all ur dreams come true
Saturday went for open house @ umah inot. Cikgu Syida oso came, she is one helluva kool teacher! The sad part was SMPB might shift coz dat place is goin to be develop into commercial area. Sah²ler skolah tu pon blakang Times Sq :( and oso kene pulas tinger ngan bapak inot twice for not visitin quite some time. hahaha series rasa cam budak kecik wat salah.

Sunday attend Med's wedding @ Shah alam. Then family dinner @ Juara T*myam to celebrate Bapak's Burfday!

Hepi Birthday to my dad
Smoga panjang umur & sihat walafiat
Me with opismates went to Loreal + Maybelline stock clearance @ Park R*yal yesterday. Promised myself NOT to buy anything OR maybe just a lipstick. But its not just lipstick i bought! Demmm who can't resist when its sooo cheap? I spent RM45 for 5 items + 1 free glitter mascara.

I broke my promise and poorer.

4 went back to opis, 3 went for a movie. Watched Harry Potter and i like itttttttt! This is the 2nd Friday i watched movies wif 'em. Last week was Exorcism of Emily Rose. Huhu! (Note: i made it LEGAL this time)

Cdot's bday

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Hepi burfday to cdot!!! We celebrated it yesterday, ordered koay tiaw from mz, wat cocktail, bought cookies and cakes, tembikai, and agar². Burppp ;)

Hampers frenzy attack @ lobby this mornin since prof cudnt care less bout the hampers. i grab sparkling juice and lotsa chocs. since the sparkling juice bottle looks like wine, i got enormous of 'drunk' jokes. and there's ekceli one person asked me seriesly 'r u rili goin to drink dat?' awww c'mon.

not too mention i cudnt get thru mcDonalds's delivery number. its either engage or no answer. "Call 1300-13-1300 for mcDelivery anytime between 8.30am-11pm. Its simply no hassle! We're just a dial away with the new nationwide and easy to remember number!" crappp!!

so we went to kiamb*ng for lunch but they misplaced my order lah pulok, lagik 15 minutes dah nak bis lunch break baru ader orang nak tanya balik wat i ordered. wadahell...orang len sumer dah bis makan. time tanya tada pon dorang nak check. so i just blah from there not even bother to pay my drink and went to mamak to tapau somethin. geramnyeehhhh!!

Raya @ Pubz

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Makan lagikkkk...pubz organize jamuan raya and potluck on monday. Not bad after all as i came fully unprepared, just a pack of kerepek.

Celebrate bday kak chik and kak suzi's farewell as well.

Raya @ wawa

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Potluck @ umah wawa on Sunday. ada mihun, spaghetti, pizzaz, fries, cocktail, cakes, cikedes etc. Had a great time there.

Malam gi umah aunt nora lak. Fuh stuff my stomach again. lauk mmg bes giler but i can only have small portion. sigh.

Raya @ Wan

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Open house @ umah wan on saturday. Had mee rebus, nasi impit + kuah kacang + masaklodeh. Makan, burak sket, balik...bit blur coz bangun² tido trus gi umah wan.

Concert M.Nasir @ JB

The other day wawa posted some ol' pix in her entry. So this is mine to share. The pix was taken backstage after mnasir's concert @ JB. I'm not a die hard fan, tapik sibuk nak tag along. Yang truly die hard fan tuh...wawa ngan zet hahaha. Thanx to Erhan who managed to deal a backstage visit.

mnasir @ jb
This song makes me happey for no reason. I like the beat :D

Mc Syze-Dancin'

I'm in the mood for dancing, romancin'
Ooh, I'm givin' it all tonight,
I'm in the mood for chancin'
I feel like dancin'
Ooh so come on and hold me tight.
Dancin', I'm in the mood babe,
So let the music play,
Ooh, I'm dancin', I'm in the groove babe,
So get on up and let your body sway.
I'm in the mood for dancin', romancin'
You know I shan't ever stop tonight,
I'm in the mood for chancin'
I feel like dancin'
Ooh from head to my toe,
Take me again,
And heaven who knows,
Just where it will end,
So dance, yeah lets dance,
come on and dance,
Dance, yeah lets dance, come on and dance
Ooh so come on and hold me tight.
Dancin' just feel the beat babe,
That's all you've gotta do,
I can't stop dancin',
So move your feet babe,
'cause honey when I get up close to you
I'm in the mood for dancin', romancin',
You know I shan't ever stop tonight,
I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood,
I'm in the mood to dance,
Yeah lets dance, come on and dance,
Can't you hear the music baby dance

Selamat Hari Raya

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Ramadhan has come to an end. Sad and happy. Sigh. I dunno. Celebratin raya without mom again.

Wishin all of u Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin


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One last time buka posa wif frens @ Marche, the Curve last Tuesday.
yesterday went CD w/house sale @ c*ronade hotel. i bought 2 items, lipstick and Dior powder. i dun use compact powder before, but gatey nak beli. and wif all trouble to get rid dior-me,dior-me-not eye shadow casing (note: not the eye shadow i'm after haha). then pusing² sg wang, stuck in da jam, amik tv, antar tv, dapat duit raya :D, wawa dropped by antar kad med, sorang gik dropped by antar cds. huhuh stok sminggu...lom tentu abis layan. and today...get a hair cut. huhu, x tahan lagi!

why izit dat every year biler dekat raya my sis will make fuss to clean every inch of the house. i really mean it...every inch! musbi she inherited from mom. sometimes we end up yelling at each other because i can't keep up wif her hyperness. maybe dats 'raya mood' for my family. haha!

Nandos treat

Nandos treat
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Buka posa wif my gurlfrens @ nandos near puduraya since bb nak catch bus to JB at 8.30pm. we talked, cried and laff...wish inot, pjot wuz there. and without fail this year, i accidentally drank in public during ramadhan (i'm 'cuti' neway), dok stir ice lemon tea trus sedut huhu. the weird thing is, it only happened when bb is around. last year was roti boy incident while waiting for lrt wif siot jer blur time tuh.

then we went for caffeine dosage @ starbucks. say gudbyes to bb...then me and susu ronda pi mydin carik baju melayu for my dad. pi s&m...giler tgk vids. among places to be after skool dolu. huhu!

and the most teruja part...chi chong street/kai. i never been to petaling street since dat place covered wif roof...lama tuh. from end to end jalan cam ciara-1,2 step, packed and heat but i was soo hepi browsing.

thanx susu for the treat!

Buka Puasa @ Bukit Jalil

Buka Puasa @ Bukit Jalil
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Buka posa wif utms yesterday @ Bkt Jalil Golf & Country Resort. Not as many as last year but we managed to pull it off :D

Swayyyy my wayyyyyy-Bic Runga

Buka Puasa @ Boulevard Hotel

Buka Puasa @ Boulevard Hotel
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Had a great time buka posa at Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulev*rd Hotel Midv*lley wif opismate. Huge selection of food and it was fabulous, tried almost (pretty much) every dishes from prawns, beef, chicken, rojak, ulam, sushi + very little wasabi (never fail to hate sushi), soup, sate, cakes, assorted mini pastries, etc etc, even lemon grass tea (teh serai..eww!) until can't take it nemore.

Plus it's JJ's bday the next day, and FF bought a cake for him for pre-celebration among frens. So...Happy Burfday dude!
Note: My deepest symphathy and heartfelt condolences to PM over the lost of datin seri Endon. first, the death of his mother, and now his beloved wife. I know how it feels like to lose someone...who suffered from cancer. may she be placed among the blessed, al-Fatihah.

The opis is half empty today. all the upper management attend meeting somewhere in kl leaving us bored to death. hoho yea rite...i'm jumpin wif joy. i didn't open a single adobe application since mornin. everyone is looking forward for Iftar gathering this evening @ Boulev*rd Hotel. umi dok pasang lagu raya, festive mood giler. sok cuti nuzul Quran...might do some shopping.

me vectorized

me vectorized

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huhu it really looks like me doesn't it? thanx jeebun for spendin ur time on this. now...prepare to run! *hugs*
i've been corresponding thru emails with couple of strangers from hi5 recently. they sent me msgs so i just reply. some really crack me up

//how many brothers and sisters do u hve? what does ur dad do?
lemme work on my family tree...and i'll get back to u

//kasi no tel leh?....manalah tau leh jumpa sabtu ni?
as if!!

//i work in central bank. tau ke?? name lain bagi Bank Negara Malaysia, tau ke?
ok, dat 'tau ke' is gettin annoyin

Mr. Phone-y from sun2surf
A truly Malaysian phenomenon. He hides behind his miscalls and cutesy forwarded friendship text messages in hope for some form of response. This is one coward who is afraid of a normal face-to-face interaction with ladies. Unknown to this chicken-flirt, girls know what he's up to - but they view it as somewhat sad and pathetic. As it is a relatively cheap way to flirt with the masses (heck, SMSes can be as cheap as 1 cent nowadays), almost any girl is deemed worthy of spending his phone credit on. It's hard to guess the usual whereabouts of this flirt but with one miscall or forward message, you can sense his irritating presence in your mind. His pickup line? - "Hey can I have your phone number?"


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Buka posa mcD buffet @ awan beso last friday wif the bunch
Wishing all of you a Ramadhan Mubarak

I just sent my fabric to one of the tailor here. since my regular tailor has closed for tempahan (i shudve send it eons ago). dahler 1st time hantar kedai baru...and i've to trust her to do my baju raya. i hope i didn't pay rm100+ for nuthin. not that i'm sayin the chinese tailor dont have a clue how to make baju kurung coz there were tons in her shop, but i hope she gets the idea wut i want coz her sketch is a doubtful one :( oh well...get over it!

Again...selamat berpuasa pada sumer. mohon maaf atas segala kesalahan dan dosa agar dapat melangkah ke Ramadhan dengan keampunan-Nya.
Happy B'day to my one and onleh sis, nana.

Watched Skeleton Key today @ KLCC. See hodoo rating...PG-13 for violence, disturbing images, some partial nudity and thematic material. hak hak!

Reached home trus get ready dinner with bapak @ Tupai². then akmal came ovah to check his modem skali ngan wan. exchanged i'm using his brand new one huhuh. rite now i'm one heluva sleepyhead wif a full stomach.
The last day for bem6* and wce2hundred has come to an end which is so utterly upsetting... I'm gonna miss em, their friggin annoying jokes, the lunch time, the after hour break, the borg, netsend, and poking around :( surely they miss their cig break. Dang, no one to salut and keep me awake nemore and dat is why his absence wud deeply felt and so much much more. Sigh.

//Lately i’ve been jaded life got so complicated
On Friday, the pubz celebrate bday for 2 of the team. Then off to Mines during lunch. We rode a boat coz they were having a free ride promotion. The so called 'jetty' is just one block away from the office and sumer naik bot muka teruja abis. It was fun cruising the Venice walk...instead of walkin and crossing dat darn bz road. Trip to Mines wud never be the same again hahaha. Then headed to Sate Kajang for dinner with the bunch.

On Saturday, mmsc held a bowling tournament @ Mines (where else). I didnt took part and so was the other Fab 3. So we sneaked out during the bowling match to watch Land of the Dead. Huhu! And just in time get back in to hurrah & hurray the winners. Then had our sponsored lunch at Kenny Rogers.

I tried to write something for the past few days, end up deleting everything. Sigh
Its a thrill and pleasure dat both of us safely made the trip to Sabah. The trip was a smooth one and we had a gud time laughin our es off as our imagination runnin high. Krazee and determined...glad we did it!

Pix @ cakcibur & galeria
Packed to Sabah :D
way past midnite on monday and still in the opis. i hardly prepare for upcomin trip! and why izit theres oways an urge to buy somethin new whenever i make a list on things to pack on every trip?

had to stop while blogging this because of the stupid printer need to replace a drum kit. why lar at this hour? but luck still on our side tho huhuh, there's an extra drum kit. expertise long gone so there goes our precious 30 minutes to read the manual for dummies and perform the operation. sigh.
Wiken slave @ mmsc. almost done but havta bear mesin basuh slomo.

Last saturday marked my dad's lost his 2 years ikan kelisa when didi slammed the new aquarium. saw the water wooshed down the porch and dd was soakin wet and stunned. luckily the glass pieces tak kene dia since its quite amount of water pressure. cut the long stori short...there's one big hole and one dead fish. the 3rd fish dd "killed" this year neway. hak hak.
Happy 48th Merdeka Day, Malaysia

Satu petang @ mamak the day before...

Wat the heck is wrong with my host, Plenet. Seems...vanished.

Update: Looks like they only fix it during workin days. Haiya.

Lissa's wedding

Lissa's wedding
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Selamat Pengantin Baru to Lissa and husband. The reception took place @ KGPA, Mount Kiara. [View more pix]

Aishah & Kril

Aishah & Kril
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Congrats to Aishah & Kril. Selamat Pengantin Baru.

Tingat masa 1st year kenal aishah. lembut jek orang nyer, pandai lak tuh. biler mintak tulun dia ajar, any time...ajar sampai paham. tuh kelebihan dia, very patience.

Fadh oso took the opportunity to break her news. she got engaged last 2 weeks (senyap²). dengan bes beat irma who planned next week. huhuhu i'm way out of track.

I just havta say Equilibrium kick ass. And there's Christian Bale with amazing choreographed battles of Gun Kata. wohooo!!

Neway, i think max*s 3G tv commercial series is pretty stupid with CT Nurhaliza kept on smiling throughout the ads. main game senyum, nampak paparazzi senyum, tgh lari² pon nak senyum, no other expressions at fake and annoying. giler punya control cun. and i cudn't help but flinched everytime. *yawn*
Furfle Violet
Luv the cinematography. The ending wasn't so predictable as expected. Heck i like the oredi fames theme song so much. Gives u goose bumps.

Moral of the story: If you plan to chase someone, make sure u're not holding anything fragile like a glass.
7.55a.m...the rain stops :(
7.37 on wednesday morrninnn....and its raining! Yipieee!
My next door neighbour tgh wat renovation nak jadikan 2 tingkat. but its a weekend for god sake, and i have to bear the drilling sound! tension gilak. and the tension rise when the contractor ripped off suku of our bumbung today. yoshh! leh nampak langit gitu from the ceiling lights. horror! the ok part is...yang kena ripped off blah hall not bedrooms (compared to the other side neighbour yang kena bedrooms side) but which oso means blah toilet affected. not too mention berpasir kat porch. now nak mendobi pon kena wat blah malam. sigh.

muka bapak tension jer...but he didnt make a fuss bout it. tho he oredi remind em, kalo our house crack and bocor jangan wat tak reti plak. for now sabaq jelah, who knows when its our turn to renovate, kalo dia banyak complaint mmg kena cepuk.

Patch CD

Patch CD
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No wonder all this while my cdrom @ opis bunyik cam lawn mower and calarkan cd. rupenyer ader label stucked in it. tot it wuz mine...skali korek kuar, msys punya daaa! sound pollution no more.
The plan was to eat-all-i-can at fruits galore, pjaya. But the crowd + heat was major turn off. With the limited space, i couldn't even see where the fruits served. Yang nampak ramai bersila makan durian. Sigh.

So we headed Alamanda. Had lunch there. Then rushed back to GSC for The Island. Bes wooo! Cloning is plain, but the action pack...great.
Hepi 7th Burfday to dearest Adly. Still long way to go :D

Note: Bewitched is a huge disappointment. sigh.

With nuthin to cheer me up so I made my bed @ 12.12 a.m. Change the bed sheet to bright yellow to go against blue wall. Dunno why i even bother to tuck the comforter neatly and lined the pillows when i'm about to jump into bed in few minutes.

I like it. Yellow vs Mandom.

An entry bout changin my bed sheet! hmmm oh wat the fug!

p/s: failed my PTD test. huhu!
There's goin to be some changes in the dept. Dunno how far its gonna be, nuthin is final yet, wether i get the chance to involve in web, which is interesting back in line or stay as i am rite now. Either way...i think i'm okay.

Chris held a farewell party today. Makan² @ CMU. Then got to see this beautiful and unique rainbow. Too bad tak sempat capture. Hahah...poor bem and eija, i gave em opposite direction of where the rainbow is (i got mixed-up, heh), siap susah payah turun 1st floor. Eventually,rainbow tuh dah ilang, they tot its a prank...berbakul kena sumpah. hahaha...if looks cud kill, i surely die on da spot!


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It was brainstormin session for Pubz @ Bkt Jalil Golf Club. Had another session goin at the same time...chatting. Hahah
Durian Crave...

1. The craver...tukang bukak durian. 2. Tukang tgk. 3&4. Tukang makan.
It's movie marathon again yesterday. Hihi...wif my so-called ally. Watched WOTW and Batman Begins. Looks like bat-buff doesn't holds bat-grudges nemore. Miahahaha!

Got 5 free tix to Starlight Cinema. Anyone?!

And yesterday marked Big Mug 1st annivesary @ Villa. Yippie!
Attend tender briefing @ Holid*y Villa, Subang this mornin. Me and um* masuk IV3 for subject addscience. ngantuk giler dengar orang bg talk pasal syllabus. there's only 5 ppl in da room, so our escapade plan is a disastrous. but we enjoyed our quick meal during the break, um* even had her fishball rolling onto the floor and chased it. and one snapshot from low angle with a flash off, makes me look like a belon.
Piece of news when i called my sis...

me: hulo
her: sampai dah? (LRT)
me: haah
her: weih tak larat ar ari nih....i'm pregnant
me: huh? whutttt??? ekekekekeke

at least tunggu lar aku sampai umah dolu and break the news. oo maii! one more nephew/niece? aar penin! penin! hahaha! But it wuz a gud news indeed.

Had durian and manggis for dinner. Wohoo...puas! :D
Shabox shucks. This kind of promo is ridiculous:

Subsciption fee is RM5 per month (17 sen a day!). New user will automatically be subscribed as Jumbo Plan member upon downloading.

Hare tol! It did automatically deduct my credit! What if i dun want to subscribed the Jumbo promo, it didn't give me any choice! I'm not aware of this when i donlod their ringtone ONCE which seems like ages ago, its not even mention in the FAQ. When i tried to unsuscribed, i got this stoopid reply "Sorry u'r not able to unsuscribed from Jumbo yet. The minimum subscription period is 2 months" Siot ah...more like Juboq promo!
Watched Constantine @ Starlite Cinema. Got a spot by the projector, bleh gak leaned against. Being a first-timer i think the environment is great. and tang duduk tuh tadalah rasa biler sorang goyang kaki 1 row gegar. But ensure tada ubat nyamuk berdekatan. As much as i like the smell of ubat nyamuk sbb rasa cam duduk kat kg, but biler dah inhale banyak sangat phbbbtt!

Then off to 'Venice' @ KJ for dinner with the bunch, tmpt yang introduced by siong. 12 of us and cheese. Tak sempat nak tanya nih aper ke nama pasta, sampai² trus makan. and everything in large portion, even the beverages! fuh mengah jugak ar makan which costs us RM177.

with Bapak

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Hepi Father's Day to dearest pak! No present this year, just dinner. Hahah! Sampai berpeluh makan daging salai masak lomak cili api!

Coconut Grove

Coconute Grove
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Dinner @ Coconut Grove, lepak borak??. too bad tak de angin sangat malam tuh panas ler jugak sampai berpeluh?? makan. and then singgah pasar malam beli kebab, apam balik, and durian. huhu lagik ar panas.

The next morning bfast @ Teluk kemang, tengok?? beach (take note...tgk jer, basah sket pon tak). Hopeless nyer anak buah, ajak swimming takmo coz they're more interested to build sand castle. haiyaa!
The plan to PD is on. Yay! We're celebratin Father's day there. Till then, daaa!


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Happy Faked Family. A 60 page photo shoot of the couple playing house. Cun ah! Click here to view more.
Cerita lama pon mau bukak balik. Move on! But if i find someone twist the story i most likely feels to chop off dat person's head. Wachaaa!
What is wrong with me?! I won 2 freebies, and i dont even notice? stupido coz i never bothered to check my timenet account which oredi exceed limits. surely the notification email bounced.

I want this Stila perfume so much..... huk huk! I didnt bite my nails for not noticing the 2nd contest but on second tot, hey, party in a pool! its 17teen summer splash...dang! and oh how cud i forget, i dun even pick up the Bolton cd!! hahhaa. so i'm always like this...unless the prize was sent directly to my home. fucked up!
mr and mrs sm*th is great. luv it, ohoo brad! brad!...brad! brad! had early dinner at secret recipe. the first time i'm havin problem to finish one slice of cheese cake. iced choc cream and cheese cake is terrible combination. almost throw up! i hate choc beverage...tah naper gatai lak nak try. because it looks tempting? mmph!
Attend K.Lala and Ramdan's wedding @ Sg Buloh. Traffic + heat = headache.
Yay! Thru with all the exams. Selasa sempat jumpa Rush during lunch. Zet and Med pon turun Stapak Indah. Hehehe. Made friends with Maria and Nadima. Rabu gi jalan kat Alamanda. Singgah Souq or more like parked and look tapik tak jadik masuk sbb jauh. Balik had dinner @ taman ten. and the others sambung lagik remaining hours kat cinema while I called the night off.

Simon came over and install Stimix. Tadaaa....
Its Saturday again!

So I was a bad girl today. I (unwillingly) woke up at 7:30am, dragged my sorry ass out of bed, and did all the morning routiney stuff. Say bye to bapak who went to kenduri @ somban with the rest of neigbours, and my sista off with her broods to shoppe. Home alone (and hungry)…yay!

Yesterday, the pub throw a surprise bday party to ff. cdot baik hati tulun masakkan mihun and bought the cake. it wuz nice. soo, hepi bday fik! but i'm hoping she still doesnt found this page. Hahah!

Had a regular tete-a-tete with sis last night. Putting her words “ always run from relationships and potential ones! You're.......”. Sheesh! But none of that matters now since I’ve decided that I seriously need to reevaluate my priorities. Plus as far as I’m concerned, all other guys are unavailable until they mention otherwise and I shall (try) keep my eyes off of them lest I get ripped apart for even daring to look at someone else’s bf. My cute backdoor neighbour doesn’t count because probably half the girls in this area been eyeing him up neway. Huhu!

I need to study for the test. At least…I don’t want to send blank answer sheets. But I kept fallin asleep between the lines, 'doh! And my closet need a makeover. And a laundry basket that demands my attention. But I need to feed myself first. Till then…Sugar!
Got my book today @ Borders, after 3 hours browsing. Lunch @ KR. Sumernya with discount...hehe thanx wa! Then watched Star Wars @ GSC where everything falls into places, how Leia and Luke separated, why Anakin/Vader turns ugly bla bla bla...end of saga. Its my first movie at Times sq, and i think the cinema is quite awesome.

Guess had too much carbonated drink this couple of days. Perut cam vibrate jer nak tidoq pon susah. Aper pon, malam nih nak layan Summerland. huhu!
Planned to MidV today wit um*. but ff tetiba tunjuk ader perfume sale @ Menara TNT. So we all went for parfum craze!! Reached there around 11.30, but the queue humang aih, dah panjang tak hengat. memula cam nak give-up, seems impossible jer nak masuk, the crowd tak move langsung. but since j dah blah from there with da car, tunggu jelah. 12.15 baru dapat masuk. eksaited siot...haha! in spite of limited space and the aircond cam pasang tak pasang jer. but mac mmg best selling, by the time dapat masuk, tinggal eye shadow jek.

sumer jonah giler. tuh nak nih nak. except k.rin. dia dah pening sbb ramai sangat. ahaha! ff ngan um* ar borong sakan. peh tuh j pick us up, drop kat klcc, gi makan dolu. dah ketaq lutut tahan lapar. so much for book survey! Kinokuniya ke mana, Mph lagik tah kemana². Ekekeke.

Skang baru rasa pening, spray perfume kiri kanan! erghhhh!
It wuz a great friday. During lunch break, dapat kumpul with bunch of gurls @ kiambang and yeah...gossips. Jarang dapat kumpul camtuh everyday coz ader yang bz, skip lunch or just tapau. Guess smalam sumer lapar giler kot. After lunch, folo cdot and ija...and guess wat, dak cdot nih main gitar karan! huhuuh! layan siot! tak pat tgk ariel nyanyi live, dengar dia main semua tentang kita unplugged pon jadik lah.

Later dat night, gi tgk theatre Jula Juli Seven Star @ Panggung B*ndaraya. Thanx to Gman mikkan tiket, peh tuh sediakan parking lak. hahaha. The play was quite hilarious, i had a gud laugh. Not too mention the lead actor ensemmm, wpon pakai baju pagoda jek. During interlude, biler kuar jer penari gelek sumer dak² nih trus dok tegak. Siap record! Niza wuz there too, altho she's a bit late. Sibler dia leh masuk without tickets, aku maleh nak bergesel bontot lagik ngan audience kat stu...sempit.

Dat wud be all. Daaa!
I'ma fa shizzile dizzile ma nizzle fizzle bizzle
These past one whole week have been... indescribable and totally a rollercoaster mood. Have plenty to say, but as usual the words elude me. Unable to express my thoughts/ feelings into words can be quite frustrating. naaah, make dat very frustrating. especially in conversation! *sigh* guess my brains works too fast to put words in order. i end up...silence.
Hepi chillin bday to Bem69! An annoyer who mocks and ridicule everyday. Hou sai lei!

Sham and Yulie

Sham and Yulie
Originally uploaded by soulie.

Attend Sham & Yulie's wedding @ Melaka pulok on Saturday. Sumer excellence driver sampai de yang tertinggal, terlepas simpang. Yulie looked very luvly. This time i think ramai yang make it. Even abg dollah wuz there. Then balik singgah Bandar Melaka, and stopped at Bagan Lalang for dinner. Kenyang yaamatz!

The rest of the pix is here:
Umah Yulie
Umah Sham
Some trivial facts on, How to murder a mosquito in 5 ways - from least to most brutal in order.

Spray - is what most people did when Baygon and Ridsect were popular back in the 90s. And the good thing is, you get to murder a whole host of other 6-legged critters at the same time. Quite efficient too - you spray, mozzies inhale, mozzies get dizzy, and mozzies go kaput with wings and legs still intact. Clean job, eh...
Zap - is when you kill the mosquitos with the zapper aka badminton racket. A genius rip off design of the electric chair that works on 2 AA batteries. It emits tiny amounts of electricity enough to bring down a cow (ok, kidding). So, you prey on unsuspecting mozzies, press the button, zap mozzie with zapper, get ready for some fireworks display, hold button down until you see whiffs of smoke and ta daa! barbecued mozzies. Then feed it to the dustbin.
Crush - is when the mosquito is crushed between two surfaces e.g., palm-to-palm, palm-to-wall, foot-to-floor etc. Eye mozzie carefully and with a quick kung fu move, crush the mozzie in any of the methods mentioned above. If the mozzie has just had it's fill of blood, don't forget to be artistic as well. Try crushing the mozzies with different pressures and see the blood splatter into a work of art. heehee...
Whack - is when you whack the mozzie which is flying in the air with your palm. This sudden move will leave the unsuspecting mozzie dazed but still alive. If you whack it hard enough, mozzie will spiral down to the floor and blood will start to trickle out slowly. You can choose to stomp it to end its misery or let it fly away. Brutal eh? Wait till you read about the last method...
Explode - is the most brutal way to murder a mosquito. You allow target to sip blood from you while you watch. And when the blood transfusion is almost done, you squeeze the particular area with enough pressure so that the blood will shoot up and into the mozzie causing it to explode to smithereens. Yuck...

UTM hangar?

UTM hangar?
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I had so many mixed-feelings on this trip i dunno how to describe it. JB is great. Taman U had quite major changes. So lil time so much places to go. Dinner @ Stulang, strolled Dataran JB and Danga Bay. Oso went to UTM, tapik faculty sendiri takleh nak masuk. Hahaha...nak naik jalan kaki is NOT an option, time consuming! So pusingĂ‚² bawak keta cam loklaq. Sempat jumpa BB even only for few minutes. Heheh...thanx for chasing. Lunch at Jeps house then hit the road again.

Balik jam tak hengat. and starving. Took a bite @ mcD. Balik wawa dropped me off. Almost 1a.m nana slipped into my room and burak. huarghhh!!! aku nak tidoo, but as always i'm smilin like a lil girl when she left the room. But it hit my head tho, when was the last time i had a really gud conversation wit bapak. Last 4 days kot....aihhh!

Pak Ali

Pak Ali
Originally uploaded by soulie.
The same smiley Pak Ali standing by the counter, same menu, same low price but different location. And no cendawan goreng tho! haiyaaa!

The gurls, the coursemate and half housemate

The gurls
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Newly wed couple

Newly wed couple
Originally uploaded by soulie.
Attend Yuli's wedding at Muar then pop-in to JB on sunday-monday
Congratulations to the newly wed Sham and Yulie, two heart and soul finally ties together. Selamat Pengantin Baru! May two of u remain together forever and ever.
How do u feel when u received a smile from person yang mmg well known susah giler nak senyum and expressionless. I'm amazed! Its like when dat person smile, it lightens up the whole thing, the conversation, the face, and everytime it never fails to hit me this person ekceli know how to smile!

I've known a few this kind of ppl. Rasa cam pleased jer biler dorang senyum, coz u got positive reaction from em instead of blank face. But laughin, i think mmg susah nak dengar. the longest i heard is ha-ha-ha and halt. tader sequel langsung. where's the pleasure in laughin? thehehe!

Originally uploaded by soulie.
Aar its lovely...fresh flowers are always lovely. Mind the blue wall :P

A day @ KLIB

A day @ KLIB
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We did achieved our sales target, hahah which somethin i didn't expect. But it was quite fun. Sehari bulih lar, kalo tetiap ari no way. Lemau!


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It's dd's 4th bday!
went to watched The Jacket yesterday @ KLCC. and my pc lak trus admitted masuk ICU, adeh wish nana stop bugging me, i dunno wut the heck is wrong bout the darn pc. today i just got the chance to ask my frens yang mik vit C ari tuh after kecoh kat hmetro. ader yang klinik dorang pegi dah tak provide injection tuh. ader yang tinggal lagik 2 japs jer. huhuh! i dun see any difference to their face anyway.

This is brilliant shot, really! By Shaliza upon their trip to Venice.

Originally uploaded by soulie.
Preparin KLIB display
I really did it again, ter* kat tangga! shit lar! my fav baju tkoyak sket, broke my heels, my knees bled, i even sprained my ankles. bes giler! sbb de mamat bangla kenyit mata kat aku tu yang takleh handle tuh. huhuh! luckily fif wuz there. siap tulun balut camlar kaki aku patah. ekekeke...and then cdot tulun urut. sakit shiottt!

Attend aromatheraphy crash course?! ekekekeke. giler lah, len yang kitaorang expect len yang dapat...tapik blasahlar. dahler time tuh tgh lapar giler, and they only serve lemonade and cookies. abis 2 jam camtuh jek :P

Been in the opis for more than 24 hours, what else cud be more interesting? pc kat umah is getting worse. bukan takat RAM dah...tahpape error. and i had to use adly's, selo pon selo lah. which i'm sure dia hangin coz biler dia nak main game at my pc macam² excuse aku bagi. but in this case he can't say anything. huhuhu!

Today cuti. tido, mandi, tido, makan, tido, tido and tido, tgk tv, tido. eventually, my sista drag me outta the house. had dinner @ peel road. bes char koay tiaw ever! and skang takleh tido :D

Finally got my Beetle. Thanx bem, 'curik' yeah!
Jejak kaki kat Panason*c Trading. hahaha opis zet ar tuh. De pocket pc 'demo'...hahah, macam wat marketing jer time tuh. Then four of us gi dinner @ Vicchuda. Balik singgah opis lagik sorang mik pamphlet + notebook skali, around 10 reached home. Awal! Phew!
Finally submit dah addm3. Phew!...can't describe how hectic it was dat morning. printing, collating, binding, packing. everybody wuz like go! go! go! since all the packages havta reached pjaya before 12 noon. no more panda mode i hope dalam masa terdekat nih. but neway i just experienced buat tender. lost (definitely) len citer haha!:P

Friday, went out for dinner at Calypso. There's a live band performing. Not bad.
Saturday, wawa moved officially to bdr sri permaisuri. Zet get her car tint, and me...'deliberately' missed the chance to watched peterpan @ klcc. because i dun have the cam wit me. cam rugi but at dat time rasa baik tak gi dari cudn't capture the scene. mmm... dunno what i'm thinkin.
Fatha matha punya error!!!! buduhs! pagemaker schucckkss!
what makes my day...monday lak tuh. huhuh! my gmail is back in business! plus thanx to mon for switchin my trillian to Pro.
Injection of Beauty

This is the first time i heard of vitamin C injection to gain beautiful skin, when friend of mine showed me a box of Redoxon (German product) which contains 6 ampoules of 1g/5ml vitamin C. It costs around RM180+. According to her normal clinics and beauty centres do offer this kind of injection. So all she havta to do is bring the ampoules to a clinic and ask the doctor to do the injection. I hate anything to do with needles on my skin so listenin to this kind of treatment jer dah sounds horror although its only vit-C. So tgk ler nanti the result wether its really workin onot. Huhuh!

The advantages of taking vitamin C injection are:
1) Aims in producing Collagen, which is connective tissue of our skin, bone, ligament, tendons, joints and organ support.
2) Suppresses formation of 'Melanin' contributing to dark spot after long exposure to UVA/UVB.
3) Reduces our facial and skin fine lines or wrinkles. This is because it aims in producing the collagen, which is important to make our skin firm and provides elasticity.
4) Reduces the appearance of pimples/acne/blemishes and minimized pores. Improves the skin smooth texture.
5) Prevents scurvy, which is a kind of vitamin c-deficiency.
6) Increase body immune system. At a higher dose is believed to have the property of antihistamine.
Miguel de Unamano

From loving little trifling material things we come to love the more lasting things the things which our hands cannot grasp From loving goods we cometo love the good From loving beautiful things we come to love beauty From loving the true we come to love truth From loving pleasures we come to love happiness and last of all we come to love Love
Hepi Burfday to TOAD! May the bottle of crime remain the same amount. hehehe!
Malaysian GP @ Sepang

5.34 p.m! back sore. my ear is aching. darn the headfon! this things is endless...
yesterday morning all authors(teachers) for addm3 pepagi lagik dah arrived and their copy of pg proof sumer x siap lagik huhuh! jj lak still in lrt, and i dunno the status. shoot ar! i shudve come on sunday. slamber badak aku guna xerox machine GM nak cpat punya pasal. phew...everything turns ok. layout pon xde kena condemn but the content, major ammendments. and the teachers wud be here for the next 4 days.

malam leypak @ mcD. discussing bout upcoming trip, as if i'm going! and at onepoint 10 eyes saw me erm...*tut* when wan pulled my chair. siottt tol! sampai ke balik buat suara guilty tapik muka gelakkan aku. hampeh sungguh!
anugerah sri angkaser is soo rtm-oriented! busan giler. hos dia pon aler x bernafsu aku tgk. very very dull!
ada apa dengan damien marley aka jr gong?
new colleague on his nick and masterpiece.

me: err found something. bem** in deviant***.com?
bem**: oh dear...kantoi
me: huhuh!
bem**: but that's not bro
me: heh yeker? same name?
bem**: err twin bro
me (terrible liar!)
me: kih kih...but its awesome
bem**: tuh lar asik lukis pempuan je ahahaha...camne jumpa?
me (tau pon...lukis sexy nak mampoih)
me: hmpphh snang jek
bem**: MasyaAllah... FIRST ENTRY ON GOOGLE siot nye google
me: ekekekeke
bem: haha my subjects are questionable. anyway tu la my hobby, digitalart, tu pasal suck with interface

ramai plak terel lukis dalam opis nih...bes giler de drawing skill!
dinner wit frenz @ KJ last nite. in between, sempat jumpa wani+koji and burak² kat parking lot. sooo many things to talk about. but then time tuh dah kol 11+. sampai umah, waayy past midnite...broke my curfew. heh ;)

Wiken @ jandabaik wuz great. Jungle treking, bbq, swimming, dancing...compulsory song menuju puncak tuh yang x tahan tuh, ekekeke. and my team mate mmg bes giler. lawak nak mampoih. soo its kinda a perfect wiken.
I'm off to Janda Baeekk for 3 days. Daaaa!
biler ajar adly wat kejer skolah, kalo tak banyak...sket pon musti aku naik hangin, sbb dia cepat sebal. hahah time camnih lar aku kagum ngan cikgu skolah. besides today and tomoro mysis out of state, so pening jugaklar nak susun buku skolah adly ikut timetable. bapak banyak buku...ingat kurang dah :P ngan to-do-list panjang giler, siapkan bekal air lar, jgn luper bagi duit banjerlah kang x makan lak anak dia, bukak buku satu² tgk de homework tak, and the uniforms, so dat the next morning my dad can just grab and go. hmpphh :P

the past three days i've started workin on addm3 and sampai la nih 1 chap pon x siap lagik. for me sungguh lar x produktif. because of the workflow, i find it very suffocating! in technically....eps tak support, kena cut + paste text, tunggu jj siapkan icon, tabley link to server directly, etc etc. hampeh² co. lama pon kejer lagik smooth. they said dolu team yang handle tender nih banyak met an coincidence lar. sorang editor dolu putus urat sarap kepala, ader yang terpeleot time turun tangga, ader yang jatuh sakit kronik x ingat lak sakit per. heee mintak simpang. neway my first task time memula masuk dah siap jadik product, 4 storybooks. hahah! siap de nama lagik, tapik cam klako jek, as typesetter. blasahlar.
pact a deal, bargain punya bargain...end up losing, x pat per menyusahkan badan ader lar! waaaaaaaaaaa! nih yang rasa heavy heart jer nih!
I tot i was getting better/improve when telling the story without shed a tear. But couple of days ago shows i'm dead wrong. maybe its their nature dat they like to ask in details, but the thing is i'm not comfortable telling it to ppl i barely knew. Or maybe i was just being emo or touchy dat particular day. i dunno how differ/disturbing i looked when i got back, when my sis asked what's wrong? had a fight? pms? kena marah ngan bos? not a word i say, she just asked again...u missed mom eh? haik pandainye guessin. yeah, it's still the biggest loss i couldn't bear.

one project done. weeehew! tadik dah setel antar output film. pas nih kena assign tulun jj wat addmath :P
BBQ @ Big mug
Got back from melaka yesterday. celebrate cny kat sana for 2 days. hehe. rite from my house to hiway to century hotel --> Restoran Lot 85 Durian Daun --> Pantai Klebang --> Mahkota parade --> Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu-Umbai --> Restoran Nasi Kandar Jln Hang Tuah --> Dataran Pahlawan Bandar Hilir --> A Famosa, Bangunan Stadhuys , Muzium Samudera --> Jonker Walk --> sampailer ker depan bangunan minlon then back to my house. hepi tots and moments. Thanx to sham and yulie for their hospitality :)
Setop lagik chanel nih. huhuh sian aku tgk!

Untuk makluman penonton yang dihormati, bermula dari 1 Feb 05, Ch9 akan menamatkan siaran buat sementara waktu. Ribuan penghargaan dan Terima Kasih di atas sokongan anda.
/It has been a wonderful & meaningful 16 months journey for us in Ch9. We would like to thank all of you for the support. Ch9 takes a break starting 1 Feb 05. Thank You once again.


10a.m: opis

2.30: lunch ngan wld

4.30: kuar opis heading midv

5.00: movie with wawa, din, akmal, mad

8.00: jumpa sumai (weee!), dinner @ nandos

9.30: jumpa farhan & wife, liza, plus syude

10.00: supper @ taman ten

whatta lame updet. yadda! yadaaa! it was nice tho to see ol faces yang dah lama tak jumpa.


10.30: opis lagik (^-^)

Neway, selamat pengantin baru to Mie and Baya.

10p.m reached home. sooo freakin blank and all the f-word hehe. smalam kena heret ngan J gi jumpa programmer dia, SN, psl freelance, almooosttt say i'll do it, coz he made things clearer on what he wants than J. its all about the $$ anyway. huhuh...but biler masa nak wat since timing clash wit my own project. urghh! :(

Salam Ghaye Aidiladha

cobaan tok wat rendang kol 3 pagi smalam kurang berjaya. baru 2 kali tekan blender, bapak aku tbangun. ekekeke...terpaksaler gi tido sblom aku kejutkan satu neighbourhood. payah naw nak tido smalam.

nana went back to PD. bapak lak gi tentolon kat surau. huhuh very relaxing skali skala dapat the whole house by myself.

Happy Birthday to IRMA JASMIN :D Smoga panjang umur murah rezki.

08 Jan-Genting Trip. Ceritera @ Zect's

14 Jan-Pulau Indah

Today marked 3 hours power trip in Klang Valley and few other states as well :P

Monday assembly shucckkss! Sib tader mornin exercise ngan nyanyi lagu negaraku


Hepi Nu Year everyone!

First day at new opis....huhuh! Brrrr...