Its Saturday again!

So I was a bad girl today. I (unwillingly) woke up at 7:30am, dragged my sorry ass out of bed, and did all the morning routiney stuff. Say bye to bapak who went to kenduri @ somban with the rest of neigbours, and my sista off with her broods to shoppe. Home alone (and hungry)…yay!

Yesterday, the pub throw a surprise bday party to ff. cdot baik hati tulun masakkan mihun and bought the cake. it wuz nice. soo, hepi bday fik! but i'm hoping she still doesnt found this page. Hahah!

Had a regular tete-a-tete with sis last night. Putting her words “ always run from relationships and potential ones! You're.......”. Sheesh! But none of that matters now since I’ve decided that I seriously need to reevaluate my priorities. Plus as far as I’m concerned, all other guys are unavailable until they mention otherwise and I shall (try) keep my eyes off of them lest I get ripped apart for even daring to look at someone else’s bf. My cute backdoor neighbour doesn’t count because probably half the girls in this area been eyeing him up neway. Huhu!

I need to study for the test. At least…I don’t want to send blank answer sheets. But I kept fallin asleep between the lines, 'doh! And my closet need a makeover. And a laundry basket that demands my attention. But I need to feed myself first. Till then…Sugar!