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On 28th Dec, the company held annual dinner @ PWTC. Me had a little makeover heheh (if this looks like little lah). Time nih lar nak tgk if makeup sesuai with my face, can besarkan my sepetness, can hide my panda-ness and make me look flawless wahaha.

The theme for dat nite was Fiori or in english Floral.

After the dinner is over, we kutip the fresh flowers when the organizer started to dismantle. Hehe syiokkkk! Roses, lilies, daisies and everything...

And for the first time in my entire life i won something in lucky draw! A mini DVD player...not bad eh! ehehehe

Have a merry xmas and happy holiday!

Concert Dewa at Stadium Negara

D called me up if i want free tix to Dewa 19's concert @ Stadium N*gara few hours before the show. Hahaha of course i want! We arrived just in time when the crowd starts to enter the stadium and it wasn't even a long queue (for celcom x). we got great seats in front of the stage and dewa19's performance was a blast!

The guest artist were Sheila Majid, Rabbani and Mulan. I especially love the old song Arjuna!!! Bes giler!

Thanks to bem for the treat and present! Thanks to sumer yang wish thru sms, emails and YM. Muaahhh!!! Also Happy Birthday to wawa!!
Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha!
KL Xmas Decor 2007
One Utama, Damansara

One Utama xmas booth

Pavillion, KL

Pavillion xmas booth

Power Ikano, Damansara

Sg Wang, KL

The Curve, Damansara

Why i posted all this pixies? Heheh i just love christmas decor. Beautiful ornaments, refreshing colors and glitters...feels like a festive mood!
My first attempt to remote access the pc in the office from home. Huhu! Its like watching your own desktop in the office without wallpaper tho. I can access any folder i want! I'm still trying to figure out how to copy files from there. Check out this site LogMeIn and try it for yourself :)
Went for a one day trip to Genting with Bem last monday. Since its a peak season, we purposely apply for leave to avoid crowds. One of the best part was, we got free tix for indoor and outdoor theme park. wohooo!!! And i oso learned that parking at p5 is free. Jimat jimat! As for the weather, it was ok kejap panas kejap sejuk.

I still have giddiness everytime naik roller coaster or wateva rides yang pusing2 :( But this time dapat naik few games i didn't have the chance to play last time wif colleagues. Finally around 8.30pm betolak balik KL.
Di tatkala orang tgh syiok2 attend open house, i had to attend team building at Broga. Jalan masuk Exc*el Training nih syiok gak sbb kene lalu ladang getah and kebun sayur. Hijauuuunyer refreshing! However, x banyak yang sebaya in this batch so it wasn't that thrill. Luckily Jue and D ada skali so tada lah busan sangat. During DAY 1, we had to panjat turun naik, begayut and terbang all the Obstacles. And then ada lah some indoor activities.

On DAY 2, we had soaked into the water activities. Build a raft and race! Dahler before masuk tasik tuh, the trainers feed the fishes. I guess they want to make sure all the ikan dah kenyang kot so it wont get 'excited' when we get into the water? But think what kind of fish ada dalam tuh?! Anyhoo, my team won hehe. Later petang tuh ada sportscar race plak. This one my team kalah teruk tak sampai satu lap, handle dah tercabut hahaha. But we won for the new best design and low cost categories.

DAY 3 lak, had a chance to blajar pocho pocho…
This is me everyday starting from 5.30pm. The office hour ended, and the smoking parteh begin. The smokers ken smoke freely at their workstation. Sigh...yang suffernya aku. My air freshener oso kenot help. The other gurls seems relax jer, or am i the only one with oversensitip nose?
31st Oct watched P.Ramlee The Musical @ Istana Budaya. Bought tix few weeks day before sold out. Time tuh tak sempat nak tanya yang lain, just beli to those yang respond cepat jer. Basically, i'm impressed with their props, but quite disappointed with songs selection, ada yang scenes drag giler rasa nak mengamok. As for Dato SN, she's not meant for theatre bcause her posture and voice tone kinda awkward...except singing part tuh mmg dia undoubtedly hebat. I like Melisa Saila's character instead and oh yea also sean ghazi...he looked so graceful. Overall it was a nice performance :)
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Last year tak dapat amik gambar one whole family because my sis on first day raya kat umah in laws. This year pon tak dapat wpon dia raya kl dolu because one more family member dah tak ada...bapak. Which is sad. But of course we still take photos...we never know what will happen next raya.

Menu pagi raya pon simple jer...nasi impit, rendang and kuah kacang. Pehtu gi ziarah kubur. And then betolak pegi PD to my sis punyer in law's house. Stayed in PD for 3 days. Banyak gak tag along gi braya umah aunty Z's frens...and the food they served sumer sedap2 giler, maka makan pon cam orang giler, pastuh nyesal giler :P

Anyways...i haven't got the chance to wish all of u a proper Selamat Hari Raya. Mintak ampun dan maap if ada terkasar bahasa, terbuat lawak tahapa2, terkecikkan ati or wateva crap i did in the past...maap kan lah yer :)
The last day of Ramadhan. I went to ziarah kubur petang tadik sensorang after ujan benti. Ramai gak orang time tuh datang ziarah. The gloomy weather buat lagik rasa sedey. I feel nothing but lonely...and the awful feeling when i have to walk from Bapak's kubur to Mom's.

The fact that this year...i dont have to prepare baju raya for Bapak. And for the first time tak buat takbir raya kat umah. I really missed those years biler pagi raya dapat salam tangan bapak and mom, mintak ampun dan maap. Sigh.

Setinggi mana kasih sayangku, Allah lebih berhak menyayangimu
Damai la engkau disana di bawah rahmat dan kasih sayang-Nya,
Sesungguhnya aku akan menyusulmu di kemudian hari...Al-Fatihah.
On Wednesday 10th, went for buka posa wif susu kat nandos, klcc. My colleagues was there too but we sat on different tables. Since dorang dapat booked satu meja so i slipped in, potong queue lah kiranya and found a table. Kalo tak tepaksa lah berimpit kot ngan dorang since tempat len kat dalam klcc tuh sumer full house.
Buka posa @ Planet Holiwud again hehe! with Bem this time sbb dia nak blanjer :D We arrived kinda late due to slow moving traffic. luckily they still reserved a place for us. so eat eat and burped. Later jenjalan masuk of the new shopping mall in town. ermmm...kinda huge jugak and exquisite.

Wif opismates buka posa kat JWMarriott. Supposedly kat Shangrila tapik tah caner the organizer messed up with the dates, dorang tukar tempat len to JWM yang luckily ada banyak tempat kosong lagik. Tapik tak tercapai lah citer2 nak berbuka kat Shangrila tih tih.
Buka posa wif the family. My first treat sbb dapat tukar kejer baru since bulan 6 ari tuh skang baru dapat chance nak banjer. Plus it was my sis's bday dat week. sakan gila the rugrats order nak makan macam2, nak cake, nak eskrem, sib lah leh afford lagik wpon dah tetengah bolan.
This one is buka posa @ Rendang opah, Jusc* Cheras Slatan with ex colleagues from mmsc. Lama tak jumpe it was fun 10 of us having dinner together. But the service was sucks. huhuh.
Tried buka posa @ Tarbush's Buffet Ramadhan, which cost us RM50nett. The food was great, banyak lauk dageng kamben and lembu. Makan sket jer rasanya on dat day but dah cepat kenyang.
Buka posa wif utm bunch (20 pax) @ Eden KL. Nice view, bit warm tak rasa ekon, somehow the food is below expectation...i like the dim sum tho. too bad dorang tak refill lagik, sket sangat.
This one is during buka posa @ R*dius Hotel. Rubern's treat...because its his last day. Spose dia lah yang patut di belanja, tapik dia insist takkan nak tolak kan huhu. All i ken remember yang special menu dia is kerang bakar. Tak banyak hotel wat kerang bakar kot noo? But its such a pain makan kat sini sbb 5min ada lampu 10min blekout again and again.
This is me buka posa @ Sari Ratu where they served nasik padang. Mmg banyak giler lauk and sedap2 sampai julen mata as u ken see from the pic. I really enjoyed the food until i found lalat masak gulai ketam. demmmm terbantut selera. Ada satu jajan kat sari ratu nih i realllyyy like...kentang kering pedas and taste lil bit salty. bermangkuk2 aku makan :P
Buka posa @ Planet Holiwud for RM37.95. Huhu...the place was packed! There's pasta corner where they prepare then and there. And oh...i like the dessert!

On 13th of Sept...umat Islam kat mesia sambut bulan Ramadhan. I really hope tahun nie lebey banyak pengisian. tapik nampak gaya cam abes masa tak terisi kat opis. sigh.

On 21/9, me had the first majlis buka posa and also a farewell party for k.wan @ H*liday Villa, Amp*ng. The food was so-so, tak banyak choice. Even the environment also so-so.

On 2nd Sept, went to watch Fireworks Final Competition. I ekceli got the ticket to enter the PICC instead of duduk luar!! hehe. Since its a musical firework, its a bonus jugak dapat dengar music they played during the performance.

On 1st and 2nd Sept me went to Genting Highland. Stayed at Th*me Park Hotel, one day outdoor pass and catched a movie wif Osim seats. Haha more like enjoying the massage than the movie.

And then try lah naik Space Shots. Gilos that'll be the first and last naik kot. But the most enjoyable ride was Flying Coaster. Naik 2 kali tuhhh wpon dah mabuk...tih tih.

Celebrating our 50th year of independence

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia

SkyTrex Adventure at Bukit Cerakah

Challenged myself for height fear @ Skytrex Adventure, Bkt Cerakah. Heheh, it was awesome, altho i had to skip few checkpoints due to shaky hands because i can't hardly grip anything. Well, i'm not that fit for this activity but heck, anyone shud give it a try! It cost only rm28 for merdeka promotion.

I hate this spiderweb btw. The strategy was kene panjat cepat sampai atas or else you don't have the energy dah to panjat the platform.

Banyak gak yang tempat2 gayat. Time tuh lar nyesal apsal lah join mendalah nie.

After couple of flying fox, spider web, panjat naik turun pokok and balancing act, here's the result :P bruises and cuts hahaha. oh ya, better wear gloves next time!

Fireworks Competition at PICC

wahh so long no updet. hak hak. since last post, yeah i did went to fireworks competition :) the first attempt was to watch M'sia team, but no luck coz i was stuck in the jam pegi and balik. then seken attempt to watch Ostolia team...berjaya juger amik gambar berbekgroundkan fireworks!

I'm looking forward for Fireworks Competition event this month @ Pjaya. Especially Malaysia and Japan team. Will try to capture fireworks with my only-point-and-shoot camera :P Now...where did i campak my mini tripod?
On 18th me went to watch movie The Messenger @ starlite cinema. They changed venue from KLpac to KBU this year. Unfortunately it drizzled halfway the show but that didn't stop us from watching and berpayung dalam ujan. And then me went again on the 20th to watch My super x-gf and more prepared with mats, pillows and foodie :)

Compared to last year, there was food stall, twisties booth, back to back movie show like fast & furious which is for me far more interesting. While this year, i think they kinda have poor selection of movies and less appealing booths. But i still enjoyed it!
A random emotional breakdown. I miss my parents soooooo badly. I miss to play the role as a daughter. I miss everything. Some people who talk to me act as if I should be over it already. I don't think i can get over it. Ever.

It's always too soon for them to leave me. Why does it have to be both? :(

Al Fatihah.
The induction/orientation week @ the new co. is ovah (hopefully)! The first few days was sesi kenal2 teammates. And then i had to read a lot of their documentations, prospectus, bla bla, received tasks and assignment. On Friday, i joined em for karaoke session @ RedBox, S*go. They booked a room which can fit in around 20 peeps.

Tried so hard avoiding any form of microphones, but end up kene jugak. Demmit. But luckily tak kene solo. Hahaha.