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Camwhore session @ Delici*us again. But this time with full loaded batteries and no mawi. The UAT started signed off so that's the main reason zz called for lunch treat.

Lunch @ Delicious

Eheks poyo baca menu...searching for a meal without worrying the cost heheh. But i just chose Fish and Chips...sian plak zz kalo sumer pakat order RM40+ per meal.

Lunch @ Delicious

Makanan sampai sudaaa....*urghh! my panda eyes*

Lunch @ Delicious

Time balik posing dolu for group photo because we want to post it in FDS Moments cengkononnyer. But half of the team dah amik jelah aper yang ada.

Lunch @ Delicious
Received an amusing email from dumbasses bitching bout my company and practically me as well. Nak kutuk dalam tuh...nak send attachment kat aku pon pakai email tuh jugak. Well done! Dahler tetiba aku terinvolve dalam job scope baru nie which i don't have a clue about kene plak trashed by customer (kalo paid high enuff to be trashed takpelah jugak) but still i just replied THANKS, DUMBASS (if only they know how sarcastic that thanks sounds) and cc to my bosses instead of bising kat dalam email tu.

Haih, Cheepster said i should defend myself. Wish i did but as usual biler geram sangat i have no idea what to say. It's so obvious that every parties have their ulterior motives (any company pon ada), but i shall reserve my judgement till this project is over.
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starting time : 5.47pm

Name : Soulie
Sister : 1 and only
Brothers : None
Shoe size : 6
Height : 157cm (kot)
Where do you live : BTR, Cheras
Have you ever been on a plane : Yes
Swam in the ocean : Yeap time snorkeling! Once without life jacket but ada lifeguard heheh
Fallen asleep at school : Huhu always!
Broken someone's heart : Macam tak penah
Fell of your chair : First time was when i sat on kosi lembik, second time when Wan main2 tarik kosi
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Tried but sleep conquers all
Saved e mails : At least 40% of usage in my gmail.
What is your room like : Stuffy
What's right beside u : Files and papers
What is the last thing you ate : Fish and Chips @ Delicious
Chicken Pox : Penah time kecik2 dolu
Sore throat : Once in a blue moon
Stitches : Penah when my upper butt tercocok kat besi
Broken nose : Never...Alhamdulillah
Do you believe in love at first sight : Unfortunately i don't
Like picnics : Suker if i'm not the one who had to prepare the foods
Who was the last person you dance with : Lily my niece
Last made you smile : Cheep who just called me and made silly joke
You last yelled at : Adalah...but bukan jerit, tercakap kuat jer hehe

Today did you ..
Talk to someone you like : yes
Kissed anyone : yes
Get sick : saket tengkok sket
Talk to an ex : nope
Miss someone : always do

Who do you really hate : can't think of anyone right now
Do you like your handwriting : yeah eventhough cam handwriting budak skolah
Are your toe nails painted : no
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : I can sleep anywhere hahaha
What colour shirt are you wearing now : blue and white stripes
Are you friendly person : depends
Do you have any pets : takde :(
Do you sleep with the tv on : I can sleep with the tv on but i will accidentally wake up to turn it off
What are you doing right now : Typing
Can you handle the truth : Susah to handle but i'd rather to know the truth
Are you closer to your mother or father : Bapak
Do you eat healthy : yeah thats why im too much 'healthy' huhu
Do you still have pictures of you and your ex : takdak
If you are having a bad day, who are you mostly like to go to : cheep, my sis or friends
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : a little bit of both
Are you confident : bolehlah (hahaha jawab pon cam tak confident)

5 things i was doing 10 years ago :
~ graduated
~ got my driving license
~ vacation with family and friends

Things i would do if i was a billionaire :
~ Tunaikan Haji
~ Invest on some unit trust
~ Vacation
~ Bought a house in cool areas
~ Upgrade with latest gadgets

5 places i've lived/living :
~ UTM Skudai
~ Tmn Sri Pulai Utama, JB

Next tag victims
~ Zaza
~ Diana
~ Sharax
~ Kak Fara
~ Kak Moji
Skandal Mawi

Huhu skandal lah sangat! We were having lunch @ Delici*us where LV's photoshoot took place. There were Mawi, Reshm*nu to name a few. D mmg minat Mawi nih i guess hehehe, frust giler biler camera yang dia bawak takde battery. So capture ngan my fon jelah.

"biler lah nak jumpe my prince charming..."

*suddenly* "oowh i can feel he's in this room!"

"i'm sure he's heading this way rite now *hiks*"

why this guy asik bediri blakang D is because that's the starting point where he have to walk towards camera. So tuh yang snang nak snap tuh! Oh well wpon ramai yang tak suker mamat nie but gotta admit he's a celebrity. Sure ada jugak yang jeling2 tgk like me :P koh koh
It's my arwah bapak's birthday today. I pray everyday that Bapak & Mom's soul rest in peace and the whole family members sampai lah ke cucu cicit find the true pleasure of living in their memories and keeping them alive in our hearts.

Bapak's burfday

The last birthday photo we captured on Bapak's 63rd birthday celebration (last 2 years). Al-fatihah.
My Flickr photos are getting dull :( Asik2 gambar makan and camwhore, i'm also malas to use my camera ever since i bought cameraphone. Although i know the quality is a big disapointment but its such a hassle to take out my camera. Oh well, here's another camwhore session @ Kopitiam recently. I didn't realize when this pix was taken but it shows we just can't sit still, tangan musti unconsciously pegang fon wpon browse tahpape.

Lunch @ Kopitiam

Lunch treat by Eddin...or wazit Mizan?

Lunch @ Kopitiam

Got myself coffee(s)

Lunch @ Kopitiam

Nih saper plak nehh?!

Lunch @ Kopitiam
A good coffee boost at Vivo

Tri Star Squid Roll @ Mr. Baoz

Kodi design on the box

Cheepster's choice
Canon Phot*marath*n

I registered to this event 2 weeks ago. But i had to go for fitting on the same date which of course is much more important. So i had to cancel the canon thingy but that morning, the girlfrens called me up and asked me to come and collect the goodies because the compact camera category tak ramai orang hehe. Since i'm supposed to drive to Shah Alam, so i decided to drop by Times Sq. By the time i've arrived, the event was about to start.

Canon Photomarathon

Collect my stuff, then nampak bebudak nih sumer dah clad in canon tshirt! hehe cheerful sungguh sekoq2 tapik blur tatau photo theme aper kene amik. and then few snaps here and there...jadik lah because i had to make a move to SA sudaaa.

Canon Photomarathon

The freebies are red canon tshirt, red cap, lanyard, mihun goreng for breakfast, a bun, mineral water and a map to each pitt stop. Weehooo!

The other day zect brought up subject pasal workstation. And then few started to post how their workstation look like. It was fun to see other ppl punyer dekstop!
Opis rina @ Mar* with ol skool pc. That screen musbi our daily spam thread on gmail! tissue box is important but i never put one on my table. I shud get one nanti!

Opis irma @ kementerian. Kemas and besar gila bilik! the best part is tayah duduk ngadap partition. but for me yang takbesnyer takleh sorok muka blakang lcd :P

Opis zect @ Panas*nic. Siap ada calculator, nampak cam auditor gitu. Me like the fashionitas postcard! messy table. Sticky notes are everywhere. I was writing postcards for my swap when D took a snap with her new camera (kantoi wat kejer lain) but that explains the glue and scissors. I like L-shape desk but i prefer if its on my right side because i tend to lenguh cepat with this position. Air freshener is necessary because the colleagues always have a ciggies from their workstation after office hour. Anyway, I had given up on decorating cubicles because we're always pindah randah. Like ZZ said, don't get too comfortable sitting in one place.