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After meet up wit Wawa @ Kl sent, I headed to M.Jamek as usual. Time nak turun tangga, someone tapped my shoulder. A mid-age chinese guy smiling at me, staring and smiling. Blank. who the heck is this? I said what? and then he said wrong person. duh...dia turun tangga half way dia naik balik. i turned back and saw him grabbing a guy yang tgh naik tangga and then pegang? his hands, his bag, pushing him to the wall. that guy struggle to break free in blur state. Hoh...berderau darah aku. konpem tiz guy is maniac. just imagine, punyalah hectic M Jamek at that time, still orang tuh brani buat cengitu in public. i started walking in daze and tgk balik that psycho, dah turun tangga. hampes. tpaksa aku lari masuk star and get ready to scream and kickin' if he suddenly decides to attack me. haha biler citer balik cam klako...tapik time tuh menggelabah ler gak. well...thats how it goes. screaming is the best weapon at panic time to get attention or help :P i'm gettin a pepper spray!
Ooo yeah yearghh...The Orange County on air, at 10.45 p.m, every Saturday, on 8TV. Wuhuuu...1st viewing already got me glued. like almost everyone kept raving about.
Friday nite...accompanied Bapak to Utusan's Kelab Veteran, KVUM or pronounce as Kevooom. hehe. The dinner was held in PWTC. Door gift would be none other than mags published by Utusan, URTV dan sespecies dengannya, and some sponsors like Maggie, etc. All the penyanyi jemputan malam tuh sungguh membusankan...nash, aris ariwatan, nana+achik, and ader lagik yang aku tak kenal, Datin Rosmah (DPM's wife) oso sang. Sumernya nyanyi lagu dolu?, dahler tuh, diiringi oleh okestra RTM plak. couldn't be any more happening. And then A. Samad Said cite a poem. pastuh sesi melawak by Yusof Chong (gini kot spelling)+aziz satar.

Jumpa balik pakcik² yang dulu slalu lepak kat opis bapak zaman kecik? dolu. yang bagi aku main cutter blade, pastuh menggelabah when i cut myself. ader ke tadah blood ngan paper A4...seriau!! yang slalu bagi buku tok aku conteng. yang slalu banjer makan cup cake 30 sen kat kedai mamak. it's all my childhood memories. and all the makcik² kept on cupping my face …

Finally the perfectly sick plastic couple, Barbie and Ken split up after 43 years of dating. One of the reason is due to Ken's reluctance to get married, and Barbie had found someone new, a surfer (how kewl can it be?). adeh sakit perut aku gelak. does Mattel really need to break 'em up? :D

[more: dividing the dollhouse]

I've seen The Bratz on display, Barbie's biggest rival. These dolls are more realistic in a way of fashion, teen-wannabes mindset, proportioned bodies, exotic looking faces and edgy wardrobe. Seriously aku pon bleh jatuh cinta ngan My Scenes dolls. kalo tak mandang umur, bleh gak wat collection. heh!

Low is quitting the job. Me, Tan and Weng gigit jari jeles tgk dia dah nak blah. It feels like watching your fren graduate

earlier than you. Karu plak saja carik pasal pegi carik Alicia soh jangan approve the resignation letter. Conflict tahapa² yang saja dicomplicated kan.

after work, had dinner @ Neilis, Ampang with Inot, Susu and BB...celebr8 sempena Inot going to futher study and pursue her career as a teacher. I had sheperd pie. Burak² sambil bersila sampai kebas kaki. And then we headed to Jusco, since Inot de lagik buying list yang tak lengkap. Anyway I wanna wish Inot all the best in her new path. You alreadeh got the look...the teacher-look. hehe!! hope you'll have a great time in Perlis.

Oso...Happy Burfday to Fadh!! Slamat ari warga tua...cecah 24 beb! (^o^)
Image home! kengkonon lepaih balik from Wani's wedding @ Chemur yesterday. Went there with 7 others in 2 cars. Mok and his gf back out last minute at 2 a.m, but that didn't dampen our mood. I dropped at Universiti, naik keta gabak, alid ngan eila...huru hara ah jawabnya. serius penat gelak, nak mengantuk pon tabley...Sampai Chemur around 12.30 trus makan. and then the gurls gi tgk wani da pengantin...ahakz. lepak² amik gambo. time bersanding tuh meriah coz colleagues memasing koji and wani nak merenjis. pelamin pon len dari yang lain. ader butterfly lagik, which ekceli one of x'mas props for midvalley decor. hahah...since koji works there and dia yang wat menatang tuh, hapa lagik. time diaorang nak start bersantap...kitaorang pon blah. objektif dah tercapai! heheh. and then stop at pamelo and jambu. Time balik tuh, the other driver, maziah, she kinda drive recklessly, folo keta depan rapat², jap melencong kiri kanan. Lan yang kat dalam …
Zect left KL 3 hours ago. Off she goes to Australia with one whole family for holiday. hope she have a good time there.

"Justin Timberlake performs with Janet Jackson during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas"

This 'incident' of JJ and JT as they claim as 'wardrobe malfunction'...whaddaya think? deliberately yeah i'll get u naked by the end of this song or whoops...oh migosh, it ripped!!!

I received a letter from KFC today...not that they're offering me a position...but a prize for KFC TeenVantage Contest (LOTR). It was 2 buckets of chickens. I'm hoping to get the gold plated ring...tapik dapat yang nih pon bolehla. ahakz!
MAS new launched advertisement series is fun to watch. The kangaroo, the bear, and the tagline. Did I hear right, at the end of the bear ad, the bear-voice-over said 'fed-up'??? but its still cute tho! And now a gazette of Putri Gunung Ledang, which going to hit the screen sometime soon. Wawa and Zet surely going ooohh-aaahh over M.Nasir. *wink*

Just donloded iTunes for Window. Can't play almost half of my list. Its the same list I have for my Mac. Why eh? I don't see any config needs to be change. Maybe I missed somethin' in there. But whadda heck. As long it can convert cd audio to mp3 in style. hehe!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!!!

p.s: yeah aku rasa tsangatlah busan!