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when do you know that you're a klutz?

1. when u trip over a step while climbing down the stairs and fall (countless times)
2. when u step on a slice of cucumber and send u splitting across the floor
3. when u climbing up an escalator dat is goin down
4. when u sit on a chair...and fall backwards

if a klutzy ken be fames by how many times they fall, sure glemer gila, coz usually when the incident takes place, there'll be many audience.

today, me watched over the h*dge, highly recommended if u wanna have a gud laugh. dinner at koboi station, KJ. bes gak tempat nih but most of the menu is ridikeles our choices limited to yang tak baper mahal heheh.

the launching

the launching
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The reason i upload this photo is bcoz there's MB Khir T*yo, and me, and the stupid plastic tree. Not that i'm frustrated the handshake is blocked but its because of the ridiculous booth setup dat made ppl wonder why da heck is dat tree doin in the middle of the booth? Can u imagine there was actually a banner standing next to the tree but somebody removed it when the crowd started to swarmed.

The team set it up better earlier dat morning when suddenly the new angst project manager rearrange the whole thing like nobody biznez. Oh well ikot perintah jelah! During the exhibition period we stayed in Sh*h Alam for 4 days @ De P*lma Hotel. got to see some frens and even staff from sirim but i totally forgot to ring fadh! sigh!