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Fricken hot sites!

:: Lexus @ minority report

:: Sound Bombing
Force myself to wake up as early as 8.50 on saturday morning! Better than stay unconscious for the next 3 hours...wasted!

Here i the Lab. In fact i'm the first...muahahah!
Does your name begin with: S?

For you, it is pleasure before business. You can be romantically idealistic to a fault and is capable of much sensuality. But you never loose control of your emotions. Once you make the commitment you stick like glue. You could get jealous and possessive. You tend to be very selfish often regarding yourself as the only human being on the lanet. You like being the center of attention. You are very caring, sensitive, private sometimes very passive. Turned on by soft lights, romantic thoughts. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can play any role, or any game, and take your love life very seriously. You don't fool around. You have the patience to wait for the right person to come along. You are very generous giving, often selfless.! You are kind nature sweet, which is found to be attractive ! by

many. You are a good friend.

Perghh puji melambung this thang...
try out Harry Potter character..

in spite of watching 22 player chasing a black and white ball back and forth there's a part that makes football worthwhile watching.

good looking player with nice bod and butt! all my housemate is head over heels with Turk's hearthrob Ilhan Masiz. but i'm batting my lashes for HIDE!

Japan's midfielder : Hidetoshi Nakata
i've tried the insulting name generator...

and the result IS insulting hehehe....

Republican Herpesmonkey....what da ""? monkey? geez...

go insult yourself @
last nite try wat login page for admin. hmmm stuck there. but page lain quite siap...that's just leave retrieving data from database and upload to database and all the linkage stuff.

huarghh petang nie ader kuiz simulasi. kolmogrov smirnov? kai square? run test? erghhh!
my personality for today...based on color:

> 12 hingga 21hb Disember - Maroon

Bagi kamu yang mewakili warna maroon ini, kamu digambarkan seorang yang

bijak dan tahu apa yang terbaik untuk diri kamu. Namun kamu juga suka melakukan

sesuatu itu menurut kehendak dan pendapat kamu sendiri tanpa

pedulikan perasaan atau pendapat orang lain. Itulah yang menjadi


Dari segi percintaan, kamu cukup sabar dan tidak terburu buru untuk

menjalinkan percintaan. Kamu juga terkenal dengan sikap setia kamu dalam


yea rite! hahaha

24 Jun [Monday]

Catch a glance of Big M today. Big smile plastered on my face for a few minutes. :D

Evening tag along rina to fetch Rock kat Senai. She just got back from KLIA, after antar adik dia study at Indonesia. Boarding School...bes giler! High skool dah blajo overseas! Sounds exactly like my storybook PenPal series. Musics, sports, unique sylabus etc..and the spesel part of this skool is they taught you to be a tahfiz. nice huh?
PM is going to retired. Sedey giler...for the past 21 years i have known no other Prime Minister except Dr. Mahathir. so there's major uncertainty in my mind.

IF THERE’S one achievement that Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad can be proud of during the last two decades of leading this nation, it’s the pride he put in us of being Malaysians.

[the star 25 june] : It’s not the Twin Towers, Formula 1, Putrajaya, Multimedia Super Corridor that declare our nationalism – yes, all these make us proud too – but it’s the sense of belonging to this great country that he imparted into us Malaysians that should rightfully mark his tenure. And it’s not just the feeling of being able to walk tall and call oneself Malaysian unashamedly that he should be remembered for; more importantly it’s the interaction and feeling of kinfolk between us – Malays, Chinese, Indians, all the other races who make up this country – that he engendered that has become something we take as a matter of fact and made us the envy of numerous other nations. Racial harmony, national unity, multiculturalism, cultural diversity. Call it what you will. Malaysia has made it a way of life. And Dr Mahathir played no small part in it. For 21 years, he emphasised this and promoted it.

But change must inevitably take place. That it has to happen now or later leaves us no more ready or happy to face the event than at any other time.

thanx A.I, for the otak-otak! memang aku tgh lapo tahap naga that time...
jumpa en.Shafry today...seems like he's not really in good mood. senyum sket maaa...takder la nak pasang wayar notebook pon ketaq. jemput duduk pon tak! aiih kejam.

luckily after 3 interface...the phone rang. gabra carik file which i transfer to other folder last nite. sib baik still under htdocs. phew! he's okay with the interface. next week another appointment.

put the report aside first though it looks pretty bad with all the red marks! gilo ah ding dong punya beso handwriting...saja nak bagik heart attack!
i'm supposed to meet Shafry this morning around 10-12. dia email lambat so how was i to know the appointment is on.

tadik pon sampai lambat...15 minutes to 12.

takder la kat bilik jawabnya....

bis tuh camno!

sok la kot after web...
erm...i had an accident last nite on my way to the lab. naik keta wawa, me at front and yulie kat blakang. we hit a motorbike. actually the bike hit us...but since we're in the car of course la motor terpelanting.

at first i saw flash straight in front of the road. And i was like what in the world? Then it dawns me...hey the biker is on the wrong side! tapi tak bis lagik compute ayat...BANG! wawa swirved to the right and brake, but still kena gak on my side. sempat la gak bayangkan kalo orang nie terbang ke cermin keta pecah musti kena aku takpon ngan moto skali kena.

alhamdullilah sumer dalam keta slamat. terkejut badak jelah. but the biker dah landing kat tgh jalan. tom make the story short...jalan dah jam giler and we havta move dat girl eventhough her leg is broken. time angkat tuh memang nampak sangat 'patah'nya! aiii lemah otot²!

rush to the clinic...only to find out she's not a student! then anto pi Hospital Tun Aminah at JB with ambulan. settle punya settle...balik umah around 12 p.m. assignment ntah kemana...trus mandi smayang tidoq!
Get emo last nite. Feeling low...miss mom!

Some people say don't live by the past. But I am and always will. Cause that's

all I ever had.

Memories of mom...the reason to stay strong. She's my peace of mind in

this crazy world.

Sometimes terkilan gak tak dpt tunaikan her wish when mom sihat dulu. Simple

things like temankan gi beli barang, sit and really 'talk' with her, cook

for her, and lots of other thing. And now...I'm dying to do anything for her.

I think I tried my best to take care of her during the last days. But not best enuf.

Can't save her, Can't take away her pain, don't know how to make her

comfortable. Never felt soo weak and helpless in my entire life. But Bapak

is the most supportive. "Trust in faith", thats what he always said.

installed coldFusion studio and CFServer. but cf server problemo sket...asyik abnormal termination. huarghhh dahler aku tak paham nak configure kat lab nie cemana. kena guna local host ka aper ka? if tak install apache...bis tuh time cfserver mintak route nak bagey ape?

aiiihh shooq! apsal aku call tak dapat! nak mintak tlg configurekan this tthing! whooaa....

by the way admin password is: kpu6psm [all caps]
visit how jedi are you?.. ..

this is me in star wars? hah! peace! :P

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

And when I catch my breath

It's you I breathe

morning...went to jog around poolai with rock, zaza, rina and wawa. breakfast at As. nasik lemak tak sodap, sambal masam and a new emo waiter. time jalan balik ingat nak amik shortcut, but then bumped into this big black dawg! dari mode dia tgh dok lepak, dia bangun abruptly then walk to us. geez muka ganas abis ah!

sumer kalut dah...tukar route lain. masuk jalan tepi...jumpa anjing kecik la plak. nie jenis yang lari laju tak ingat! peh....dia pon dok mundar mandir kat stu takder unsur² nak blah. aku dah naik angin...nak teruskan sah² aku kalah kalo main lumba lari ngan makhluk tuh. tapi dah dekat giler dah ngan umah. nak tanak tukau lagik route.

tapi kluar balik jalan beso, whooaaa big dawg tuh ader kat route tuh. taikk ah! kluar balik ikut umah kedai, terpaksa gak lalu umah DAB. nie memang btol punye eksesais sesak napas!
11 Jun-Send Chapter II

Mornin gi bilik Shafry...tgh discuss ngan Cik Anita. Segan nak interrupt. So kensel...naik balik lab...besides en.Iskandar was just about to leave! this lec is a one dead serious kiut! yewwwwww!

Then lagik bilik dia. knock! knock! tanak bukak la plak. aihhh...aku pon letak jelah kat folder depan pintu. petang pi simulasi [as usual kelas batal tok sekian kalinya], singgah lagik bilik dia. he said continue ngan project. nak tgk interface next week. Phooaaa...lega dia wat muka baik! tapi tak kater aper la plak pasal chap II aku. ntah betol ntah tidak.
Kuar makan ngan Azali last nite. All my housemates was ??! Sblom kuar sume control ayu dok tempat masing2.

kuar jek sumer rush mengendap kat master bedroom nak tgk muka dia. it happens Azali is the

only my skoolmate yang diaorang tak penah tgk lagi. so sumer curious gile. siap buat forum tuh nak figure out saper...

Lawak mengong tol!

the next morning wawa and rina pull the trigger...aler bukannya gi berchenta!
The other part is that i don't want you to slip away from me. I know what it's like to be with you, and i know what it's like to be apart from you. And I would rather be with you. Missing you...
pi pos laju adiah tok bapak...pi pejabat bendahari to check my status. part nie maleh nak pikiaq dolu!

pas tuh pi hep, konon nak mintak borang claim thesis. skali tuh just for penaja JPA ngan MARA jek. cilakak!

nie yang tak bes loan ntahapahapa nie! tak banyak benefit
smalam jumpa en. Shafry kat corridor. nak tanak aku kena tanya gak pasal architecture tuh! hak hak...ngan penuh sabo dia xplain kat aku. tapi muka ader sket tensen la gak! bis tuh nak wat camno dah memang aku blur tahap kuda!

sumer pdf yang aku jumpa kat ieee xplore tak sut! hmmm....petang tuh aku kena tinggal umah sensorang. sumer pi swimming. nak kecebur sama but then translating is way more 'exciting'....
Quiz Simulasi for 30 minutes. And during that half an hour pn. Azura talked non-stop. Real pressue…mental pressure I say. Manyak susah nak take a peek.

By the way…my hommie [this hommie ler] get listed in top 5 planet.time. Editors pick wooo! Hahaha…thumbs up :). But now all pics kena nie nie ah!

Rite now listening to all KRU’s ol’ song. Fizut punyer mp3 list…tumpang dengo jek. Database mp3 dia banyak giler lagu dolu2. Dari Alleycats sampaila ker Bunga Angkasa? Lama tak dengo…biler dengo balik bes la plak.

“ku terpinga tertanya di dalam dilemamu…woohoooo iyeh! Iyeh! Ku di dalam dilemma muuuu ooowoo”