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A random emotional breakdown. I miss my parents soooooo badly. I miss to play the role as a daughter. I miss everything. Some people who talk to me act as if I should be over it already. I don't think i can get over it. Ever.

It's always too soon for them to leave me. Why does it have to be both? :(

Al Fatihah.
The induction/orientation week @ the new co. is ovah (hopefully)! The first few days was sesi kenal2 teammates. And then i had to read a lot of their documentations, prospectus, bla bla, received tasks and assignment. On Friday, i joined em for karaoke session @ RedBox, S*go. They booked a room which can fit in around 20 peeps.

Red Box @ Sogo

Tried so hard avoiding any form of microphones, but end up kene jugak. Demmit. But luckily tak kene solo. Hahaha.

Red Box @ Sogo