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Trip to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

On 8 March, we departed from SA on Sunday after isik minyak, isik angin tayar, siap kene patah balik rumah because tetinggal barang etc at almost 11am. Reached JPO about 1.30pm feeling hungreh. The parking was RM3 per entry. Nampak jer food court trus masuk isik perot dolu.

We explored some of the shops looking for something interesting to buy...nothing specific. If jumpe designer handbag yang berkenan with price within my budget is a bonus heheh. I ended up beli random stuff at Cotton on Kids yang takde kene mengene dengan baju/sluar.

Saw kedai Levis. Such a perfect timing because i need a good pair of jeans so badly. A really happy purchase i must say. By the time we were in Adidas, it was raining heavily. Biler reda sket, kaki plak dah saket and Qeeb pon dah malas nak jalan, we stopped by Starbucks to have coffee (yang minom me only lah). But the lighting was too dimmed dalam kedai tuh make me feel more sleepy. Jeeb wandering around other shops like Nike, G2000 etc.

Dark clouds befo…