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The new fav song!

Double the size

Fuhhhh besaq neh size. Dunno how much plak. Anyone yang dah tried?

Double the taste. Double the enjoyment!

I found this gambar cam pelik. Cam burger letak atas kerusi.

Be careful

Awww sangat cute! Shared by Jeeb - Don't worry I will catch you if you fall

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Company Dinner 2010

My company held an annual dinner for 2010 at Sime Darby Convention Center. It was not exactly annual lah because last year takde haha. The theme was Night of Colours and the company even declared a half day leave so that the staff can go home and get ready. But i'm not so lucky to balik awal though...something happened at the office which made me hangen satu badan. My plan to buy accessories to go with my top and run few errands hancus lebuq. So by the time i got home at 6.20pm, i was really not in the mood to go to the dinner because I only have like 30mins to get ready. Bukanlah nak melawa pon but hangen tak abes lagik hahaha. Layan emo jer dah baper minit. In fact i made a decision to tukar baju at the very last minute because i don't have necklace to go with my top! Why go colorful when i'm actually in a bad mood. So i chose black, senang nak match with anything! I even asked Cheep to changed his shirt instead of the original shirt he's supposed to wear which i alr…

Petronas Pit Pulse @ KLCC

The motorsport carnival, Petronas Pit Pulse was held at Jln Binj*i, KLCC from 28 March to 4 April. As nearby as it can be to my workplace, i didn't have the chance to go. Pffttt! Well every evening during the event, when i walked to my car i can hear the music blast! Fuhh geram jer nak gi tgk but the timing is just not right.

On the day ada F1 Street Demo featuring Michael Shumacher/ Nico Rosberg, i just watched it from the back stairs. So nampak lah cinonet jer the F1 car (kot) and i don't even know who's driving it. All i can see was memula the truck lead the car to show him the route. Then second round baru lah the action started.

But how laju can the driver bawak lah kan because tempat sempit. Dia lalu kat lane yang nak gi parking KLCC, made a u-turn and lalu sblah menara Tan & Tan and then pusing balik masuk Pit for few rounds. After few minutes i got bored, lol! Besides back stairs tuh kuat sangat bau cigarettes...tak boleh tahan :P

Alice in Wonderland Graffiti

Came across this wall at Wangsa Maju area and i was like 'Wow!'

Close up on Mad Hatter.

Kalo dapat tgk work in progress saper yangbuat graffiti nih sure bes! I wonder how long they took to finish the whole thing.

Green Day

A coincidence of 3 green shades

iPhone PreOrder Collection

We reached One Utama as early as 10.30am and went straight to the Digi roadshow at Oval Concourse. My pre order collection was on Thursday but could not make it because hari kejer and later found out that my subline kalo nak upgrade kene ada principal sama. Sib baik tak glojoh pegi sorang2 on Thursday.

We filled up the forms and with our details (iPhone color aper, size aper and which Digi plan nak subscribe) then straight to the registration counter. Since i have to convert my subline to principal first, kene gi kaunter lain dolu. Tatau lah aper benda dorang buat but they processed Cheep and my applications together. Sonang :)

At collection counter, dorang kuarkan warranty card and the iPhone box ^.^ We both chose the cool black karer. Here can check if the iPhone ada defect or not. Mine got spots which at first i thought was calar kat chrome. Lama gak orang tuh tolong lap sampai hilang muahaha. And then went to check out counter plak where they explained cemana nak masukkan sim card…

Visit GLC Mommies

Couple of weeks ago, me and Cheep went to visit Kak Fara at her house in Klang. This is second time pegi tapik still sesat jugak :P Dari shah alam pon still bleh rasa jauh haha tapik biler dah jumpe rumahnyer lega rasa! lol! Yang turut memeriahkan rombongan were D, Poji, Kak Moji and family.

Kak Moji pon baru deliver jugak 1month+ earlier. Her baby's name is Mukhri (left) and Kak Fara punyer baby nama Fahren Adly (right)

Lepas dah makan puas2 and coochie coochie coo ngan baby kitowang pon gerak balik. Alhamdulillah dapat nengok 2 babies at one time :) Kak fara, thanks for having us.