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How do u feel when u received a smile from person yang mmg well known susah giler nak senyum and expressionless. I'm amazed! Its like when dat person smile, it lightens up the whole thing, the conversation, the face, and everytime it never fails to hit me this person ekceli know how to smile!

I've known a few this kind of ppl. Rasa cam pleased jer biler dorang senyum, coz u got positive reaction from em instead of blank face. But laughin, i think mmg susah nak dengar. the longest i heard is ha-ha-ha and halt. tader sequel langsung. where's the pleasure in laughin? thehehe!

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Aar its lovely...fresh flowers are always lovely. Mind the blue wall :P

A day @ KLIB

A day @ KLIB
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We did achieved our sales target, hahah which somethin i didn't expect. But it was quite fun. Sehari bulih lar, kalo tetiap ari no way. Lemau!


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It's dd's 4th bday!
went to watched The Jacket yesterday @ KLCC. and my pc lak trus admitted masuk ICU, adeh wish nana stop bugging me, i dunno wut the heck is wrong bout the darn pc. today i just got the chance to ask my frens yang mik vit C ari tuh after kecoh kat hmetro. ader yang klinik dorang pegi dah tak provide injection tuh. ader yang tinggal lagik 2 japs jer. huhuh! i dun see any difference to their face anyway.

This is brilliant shot, really! By Shaliza upon their trip to Venice.

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Preparin KLIB display
I really did it again, ter* kat tangga! shit lar! my fav baju tkoyak sket, broke my heels, my knees bled, i even sprained my ankles. bes giler! sbb de mamat bangla kenyit mata kat aku tu yang takleh handle tuh. huhuh! luckily fif wuz there. siap tulun balut camlar kaki aku patah. ekekeke...and then cdot tulun urut. sakit shiottt!

Attend aromatheraphy crash course?! ekekekeke. giler lah, len yang kitaorang expect len yang dapat...tapik blasahlar. dahler time tuh tgh lapar giler, and they only serve lemonade and cookies. abis 2 jam camtuh jek :P

Been in the opis for more than 24 hours, what else cud be more interesting? pc kat umah is getting worse. bukan takat RAM dah...tahpape error. and i had to use adly's, selo pon selo lah. which i'm sure dia hangin coz biler dia nak main game at my pc macam² excuse aku bagi. but in this case he can't say anything. huhuhu!

Today cuti. tido, mandi, tido, makan, tido, tido and tido, tgk tv, tido. eventually, my sista drag me outta the house. had dinner @ peel road. bes char koay tiaw ever! and skang takleh tido :D

Finally got my Beetle. Thanx bem, 'curik' yeah!
Jejak kaki kat Panason*c Trading. hahaha opis zet ar tuh. De pocket pc 'demo'...hahah, macam wat marketing jer time tuh. Then four of us gi dinner @ Vicchuda. Balik singgah opis lagik sorang mik pamphlet + notebook skali, around 10 reached home. Awal! Phew!
Finally submit dah addm3. Phew!...can't describe how hectic it was dat morning. printing, collating, binding, packing. everybody wuz like go! go! go! since all the packages havta reached pjaya before 12 noon. no more panda mode i hope dalam masa terdekat nih. but neway i just experienced buat tender. lost (definitely) len citer haha!:P

Friday, went out for dinner at Calypso. There's a live band performing. Not bad.
Saturday, wawa moved officially to bdr sri permaisuri. Zet get her car tint, and me...'deliberately' missed the chance to watched peterpan @ klcc. because i dun have the cam wit me. cam rugi but at dat time rasa baik tak gi dari cudn't capture the scene. mmm... dunno what i'm thinkin.
Fatha matha punya error!!!! buduhs! pagemaker schucckkss!