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Raya Day 13

Went to BSN Open House at Hotel Istana. The decor was cantek and lit up the place and I love the fact that they put attention to details. I think the theme was ala2 Arabian kot.

The type of food they served were incredibly a lot and sedap (arab, malay, chinese, indian...sumer ada). The queue was boleh tahan panjang jugak because yang datang pon ramai! Sempat jumpe 3 orang jer yang kenal kat sana. Apparently Mas was there too time yang sama. But lepas tuh baru tau because she bumped into her ex-colleague who happened to be my colleague. Keciknya donia!

Long chan drinks FTW!

This mini apam balik sedap yaamatz! But i think kat stall tuh nama dia lain. Me and Aini enjoying our long chan drinks...straight from the bottle hehe.

They also setup a photobooth complete with props like jubah, accessories and callouts. Bestnyeee...pakkal bukan company sendiri kalo tak dah lama nyibok posing kat situ.

Thanks for inviting us!

Raya Day 11

Kusa & Mira held an open house at their house. We really enjoyed all the food, we didn't take photos tak bawak camera.

Mira even baked apple crumble. Sedappp! Ok gambar apple crumble pon takde...muka kitowang again.

One photo before we left their osem house.

Raya Day 6 @ Genting Highland

We planned for a short trip to Genting because we had few more days left before kene masuk kejer. Chilled weather is what we were looking for! Got a nice parking kat Theme Park Hotel and we started walking and enjoy the cool breeze!

First we singgah the garden blakang Theme Park Hotel.

Layan kabus yang kejap jer dah hilang.

Then we walked towards First World Indoor Theme Park. Lalu this spot where Jeeb and I used to posing kat sini time baru2 kawen lol! Best tangga bertingkek2 nie!

We had a quick breakfast at McD.

Qeeb said he wanted to play this Ride de Paris, so we bought a few tickets. I was nervous because he had to queue alone and he don't have a slightest idea about queuing! Gahhhh always a first time for everything right so i let Qeeb to queue for his first adventure alone. Muka dia blur abes and he keep on eyeing blue car. I had to monitor the eager kids behind him once in a while from pushing him (i hate to do that).

Honestly, I doa there'll be no stampede once the ga…

Raya Day 4

After few years beraya kat PD, this year first time we sleepover at auntie Zai's house. Tengkiu bg satu bilik yang sangat selesa kat kitowang. We planned to make a move after breakfast but it seemed borak tak habes, amik gambar tak puas so telajak sket sampai afternoon.

This year ada special prop for our group photo....keta kodok kak Eta hehe! Ini kalo pakai baju peplum ala2 saloma confirm gambar cun!

It was scorching hot! But i'm all smile for the camera :P

Budak ni tanak kluar from the car. Sanggup duduk kat dalam tuh berpeloh2 T____T

Adly is now officially taller than me! While DD terkene skin infection near to his ears (sideburn area). Kene operate hari tuh and now dah cam rupa pakai headphone je haa.

Raya Day 3

Usually second day of Raya, PD is is the place to be for me. But this year we delayed sehari because lagik best kot pegi hari Sabtu. We departed in the wee hours of morning. Qeeb continued to sleep in the car and tak mandi hehe. Apparently I fell asleep too because i did not notice Jeeb purposely drive super slow because we reached PD around 9.30am. Saja nak test level minyak keta katanya. Ingatkan nak bagi Qeeb mandi kat the beach but he's not interested.

Actually time baru sampai tuh we heard a wailing sound of a dog yang kene langgar ngan motor/kereta. Kesian gila terbaring tengah jalan :( Tak sampai few minutes ada lori sampah lalu and the staff helped to angkat the dog. Tatau lah what happen to it.

We had breakfast at PD Waterfront. Sis and family went to studio for family photoshoot. So we kill time jap and singgah kedai2 kat situ. Ada big Mr. DIY lak tuh! Then baru kitowang sampai rumah auntie Zai and freshen up. Cuaca panas beno!

Qeeb syiok le because banyak budak2 kat sin…

Raya Day 2

Raya Day 2, we went to visit pusara arwah Bapak and Mom. Brought Qeeb for the first time to tengok kubur Tok Wan and Mak Tok. We spent time kat situ for a while till noon. Jeeb went for Friday prayer kat masjid next to tanah perkuburan. While waiting, bawak Qeeb gi makan then pickup Jeeb to go home.

At night we went to beraya at Rizal's house kat Bkt Jelutong. Look forward to makan their kuah kacang hehe! Sedap weh!!

All the siblings are friendly and thank you for the superb hospitality :)

The next house was Auntie Aki. Meet up with PIL, abg Kamal kat situ. Walaupon dah full, we just can't say no to all the dishes cooked by an Indonesian lady yang auntie Aki bawak to masak for raya. Just like last year, ada sambal pengantin and daging hitam. Gaaahh! Overload.

We had a portrait photoshoot session because we discovered lighting best + x100s = oh well poyo pose. Got photobombed by Qeeb too! lol!