Raya Day 13

Went to BSN Open House at Hotel Istana. The decor was cantek and lit up the place and I love the fact that they put attention to details. I think the theme was ala2 Arabian kot.

BSN Open House 2013

The type of food they served were incredibly a lot and sedap (arab, malay, chinese, indian...sumer ada). The queue was boleh tahan panjang jugak because yang datang pon ramai! Sempat jumpe 3 orang jer yang kenal kat sana. Apparently Mas was there too time yang sama. But lepas tuh baru tau because she bumped into her ex-colleague who happened to be my colleague. Keciknya donia!

BKRM Open House 2013

Long chan drinks FTW!

BSN Open House 2013  BSN Open House 2013

This mini apam balik sedap yaamatz! But i think kat stall tuh nama dia lain. Me and Aini enjoying our long chan drinks...straight from the bottle hehe.

BSN Open House 2013  BSN Open House 2013

They also setup a photobooth complete with props like jubah, accessories and callouts. Bestnyeee...pakkal bukan company sendiri kalo tak dah lama nyibok posing kat situ.

BSN Open House 2013

Thanks for inviting us!

BSN Open House 2013


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