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Haze oh Haze!

I just had a conversation with Cheep about haze last night time balik kejer. Syukur sangat the view dah clear and what not. And pagi tadik time subuh plak ujan selebat2nyer. Terbayang2 nak sedut fresh air. Skali tuh bangun after nap bau asap daaaa and visibility pon nampak hazy jer.

We have been cloaked in smoke blown-in from tinder-dry Sumatra island for about three weeks now. Lama hoccay! It's hazardous and unhealthy! Kesian budak and orang saket especially yang ada asthma. Le sigh. Biler laaa nak abes episode haze nie.

Salam Aidil Adha

On the holy occasion of Eid al-Adha that celebrates the Hajj, may your life filled with good health, happiness and blessed by Allah.

Dinner @ Grease, Shah Alam

Found old pics when we had dinner at Grease some time ago. Located in Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Big crowd time kitowang pegi tuh but the staff (or maybe owner) were very friendly. They showed us mana tempat kosong yang kitowang boleh duduk. [Left] kitchen area, [Right] counter area.

The menu. Ada cheesesteaks, burgers, pastas, sub & sandwiches and also hot dogs. Self service system - order and pay at the counter.

Since it's been a while, I can't really remember what we ordered. I think Jeeb had Texas Chilli Cheesesteak.

I'm pretty sure I ordered Mushroom Cheesesteak. The food sedap but i think it was a bit pricey. Suasana cafe plak loud so agak susah nak borak romantika. Kalo in the mood nak gelak2 huha paling sesuai!

Infographic on BreastFeeding and How to Raise a Child

Interesting facts and links for reference
Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms and also other interesting facts.

4D3N at Ara Damansara Medical Centre

Qeeb was admitted due to mild pneumonia on Monday night. Ekceli dah considered as Tuesday pagi because when we reached the Ara Dsara Medical Centre (ADMC) it was already passed midnight. At first we went to DEMC because we were worried Qeeb's cough dah more than a week. Ubat klinik and 2 kali neb tak jalan so we were expecting the DEMC doc will prescribe antibiotics. But instead the doc said Qeeb dah kene pneumonia and need to be warded that night jugak. That made us panic. Unfortunately DEMC itself full house, so we called KPJ, Sunway, Salam was either dah penoh or first come first serve. Alhamdulillah ADMC returned Jeeb's call and asked us to reach the hospital before midnght. Banyak benda tak sempat nak pack properly because time tuh dah pukul 11.15pm. Had to distracted Qeeb with iPad because dia dah risau ada jarum, darah etc.

Took this photo on the last day we were there. Baru tau cemana rupa building time siang hehe
Qeeb was the 2nd patient there. Before him the…

Farewell Lunch @ Edo Ichi, Nexus

We celebrated Muiz's second last day by having farewell lunch at Edo Ichi. My first time there and oh mai the food was good. Food yang kitowang share ramai2 were salmon mentai island roll, horenso (spinach) and edamame.

Lyn, Muiz and Apip's choices. Hanif punyer tak sempat nak amik gambar. Ada gyuniku teriyaki, shake teriyaki, gindara and yaki sakana...dunno lah which is which ahahah.

My lunch set, soft shell crab don. Sedappp! 

Last but not least strawberry parfait as dessert.

Hilang lagik sorang member nak borak. Lepas nih ada one more biz team jugak yang leaving...and after that saper lagik tah ler huhu!

Caden's 6th Birthday Party

We received an invitation from Karen to celebrate Caden's 6th birthday at Nandos, Ikano on 13 Sept 2015. On the day itself, we reached there and parked at The Curve around 5.30pm but suddenly Jeeb received call from k.shua saying that somebody hit her car from behind. Oh noess...luckily it happened nearby so Jeeb can quickly reach there as soon as possible. So me and Qeeb walked together2 towards Nandos Ikano. Caden's birthday theme was dinosaur. Check out the cake!

This area for cake cutting, pinata, photobooth and buffet.

The buffet spread. I heart nandos ciken with hot peri peri sauce. Yummeh!
[pic from Karen]

Family photo

Caden blowing off the lit candle.

And us with birthday boy. One bikmama there...i shudve stand behind Jeeb! Qeeb was behind the camera at that time. He refused to take photo #nothingnew

[pic from Karen]
Awesome party packs. 
[pic from Karen]
Also polaroid pix for momento. Naisss!

Fox Mouse

Meet my new cute Logitech foxy mouse yang masih suci murni. At first i thought it was an owl. Biler baca packaging baru tau it's a fox hehe. But i still bought it because it's cute! Nak ganti the current microsoft mouse yang problematic to scroll dah tuh.

Base dia white! Abeslaaa macam belacan nanti. But isokay....pakai sampai pueh :)

Ilyas Birthday Celebration

We went to Alia's son, Ilyas 1st birthday party cum akikah at their house. Time tuh belom jerebu, indah sungguh rasa time tuh. Birthday boy was soo cute and friendly with everyone.

The cute birthday cake. The theme was Safari.

The food was nice. Dessert pon banyak. But the most popular one was this aiskrim goyang. Ada few flavors and mmg layan makan banyak kali.

The kids enjoyed themselves main bubbles. Qeeb pon but if takde budak masuk his 'zone' yang dia set sendiri. Tatau nak explain cemana dah kat si Qeeb. And i tried to avoid jadik singa jadian kat situ.

Kusa (checkered shirt) plak buat experimen bubbles and vape. And the result? One fine looking bubble that looked like a pearl.

After bubbles, we wind down the day by watching Qeeb with this cute lil girl tgk fishes dalam pond.

Picnic at D' River Resort, Janda Baik

Post raya gathering with UTM friends. Saspen gak tetiba takleh join because ada ad hoc migration the night before. But sebaik it got cancelled petang tuh. Dahler im supposed to bawak pinggan, cawan sumer kang dorang nak makan cemana lak hahaha. Lokasi yang dituju pagi tuh adalah D'River Resort at Janda Baik. 1 hour drive and majority sampai sana around 11.30am. Nice jugak tempatnyer, clean and tak ramai orang. In fact time tuh cuma ada kitowang jer.

Food meriah gile. Siong bawak nasik arab dalam periok sebeso2nyer, jaa bawak roti jala ngan kuah durian and kari ayam, wan bawak buah and air, akmal/jann bawak dessert, amad bawak pasta, zect bawak ciken pie, rusyd bawak burger, walad bawak beg plastic sampah ngan aper benda tah satu lagik x ingat and last but not least aku bawak jajan.

The kids were the most yang having fun main air. The guys main celup2 kaki and monitor the kids jer sbb air cetek. The ladies plak makan, borak, makan and standby tok tukar kan baju bebudak lepas mandi…