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Raya & Potluck with Colleagues

I just copied some photos time raya potluck last month from a colleague. So now baru nak share wpon raya dah lama habes huhu. Nama jer potluck but we actually ordered from caterer because nobody sanggup nak masak banyak2 hahaha. Contohnye group A bawak food nie, group B bawak food tuh.

So the dishes that we had that day were mihun soto, sate, nasik impit, rendang daging, rendang ayam, lemang, nasi lemak, sambal udang, assorted kuih, brownies + ice cream and air kedondong. Marvelous!

Before the event started, weols busy2 gak ler kat 'dapoq' tolong potong2 and kopek itu ini. Memang meriah cam merewang untuk kenduri.

We also did some photobooth with some props but since space permits, soo sukatilah nak amik gambar kat ceruk mana pon hehe. Iols le nie yang buat bubble talk but yang potong kasik cantek2 tampal kat kadbod were kak ita and ernie.

Contoh gambar photo booth yang successful is this one and im not innit! Arghh jeles2...

Nih time guests blom mai boleh ler posing2 tepi foo…

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

First and foremost, the reason why i should get the Legoland tickets is because i'm obviously a Maybank user or i won't notice this contest in the first place hehe. I completed TONS of transactions every month, let's just count the volume not the amount eh :)

Secondly, i can really save a lot on tickets expenses. I only need to spend on travelling, accommodation and food *wipe bucket of sweats* I just can't wait to be among the early birds who get to experience Legoland! As long as this year, i'll still consider it as early heheh. Since the tickets can be used in December, it would also be an awesome birthday gift for myself so i can bring my husband and son there :)

Fireworks during Legoland grand opening. I wish i was there! Photo credit Official Legoland Malaysia
Among the things i would love to do when i'm in Legoland are check in at foursquare, update status at facebook, upload some pix at instagram, update my activities at Twitter. And tag Maybank in one o…

2nd Day Raya 2012

On 2nd day raya, we went to PD to visit my sis and family yang beraya kat sana. Kira feeling2 balik kampung le jugak nie, wpon bukan kampung sendiri.

Sampai sana around lunch time and food pon dah ready wahaha. Siap ada sous chef yang tolong celup2 kan our yong tau foo. We also had mee kari, otak2, etc.

Syariah compliance...meja makan for guys only hehe.

Kept Qeeb occupied with kuih and toys (main masak2 summore)

Sini banyak kids so memang meriah ler ngan bising budak2. Qeeb pon excited nak join budak besar main bicycle. But of course kene reject from joining hahaha.

We lepak till petang, asik munched kuih kepek, borak2 and layan budak2 main.

And of course i would not miss for any big family group photo! 

Malam nyer we went to beraya at Rizal's house in Bukit Jelutong.

It was a full house that night but the batch queue system for makan2 sangat efficient!

All of us at the dining table. Qeeb tgh layan diri kat living room with Rizal's mom/ sisters/ relatives and friends.

At the …