Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

First and foremost, the reason why i should get the Legoland tickets is because i'm obviously a Maybank user or i won't notice this contest in the first place hehe. I completed TONS of transactions every month, let's just count the volume not the amount eh :)

Secondly, i can really save a lot on tickets expenses. I only need to spend on travelling, accommodation and food *wipe bucket of sweats* I just can't wait to be among the early birds who get to experience Legoland! As long as this year, i'll still consider it as early heheh. Since the tickets can be used in December, it would also be an awesome birthday gift for myself so i can bring my husband and son there :)

Fireworks during Legoland grand opening. I wish i was there! Photo credit Official Legoland Malaysia

Among the things i would love to do when i'm in Legoland are check in at foursquare, update status at facebook, upload some pix at instagram, update my activities at Twitter. And tag Maybank in one or two posts to show how i appreciate it much ^.^

I also got some ideas what/ which angle to take picture already! Especially in front of the Legoland Malaysia famous entrance. I bet there will be many shots for this signage alone hehe. Ya know, just to make sure everything fits into the frame. Also want to take pictures with Ollie the dragon (Legoland's mascot) and every inch of the park :)

The entrance. Photo credit Official Legoland Malaysia Facebook

I would love to do some shopping at the souvenir shop using my Maybankard of course! Cool Lego characters for Jeeb, fridge magnets for me and a set of Duplo Lego for Qeeb.

Photo credit Official Legoland Malaysia Facebook

There goes most of my reasons why Maybank should give me a pair of tickets to Legoland®. Maybank Foundation has brought smiles to many faces when they brought the school children to visit Legoland. So it would be great to bring another few smiles (as I have a thousand mega-watts smile) if I get the tickets for free :)


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