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Weekend @ Babah & Co, SA Mall and Sign Up for Preschool

First pit stop of the day was Zafeer's pre-school. After chit chat with the principal we decided to just enroll him to that school. It was really rather a last minute and we didn't do a school hunting at all. But one of the main reason we chose this school because of the location, not a shop lot and within our budget walaupon berangan lah jugak nak masuk another one but banyak sangat extra cost. After that we went to Seksyen 7 to collect school stuff at Kaunselor. Right across the street is Babah & Co. cafe so we decided to have lunch here.

Buttermilk RM23, yin yong noodle RM19, meaty breakfast RM19. Looking at the portion i think it's worth it because KFC recently pon dah almost RM20 per meal.

Wall with frames always interesting to look at. 

Then we went straight to SA mall to cut the boys hair. School week is just around the corner and of course need to look fresh and neat. We promised ice cream if there's no drama after haircut and voila Zafeer sat on the chair …

It's My Birthday!

Post birthday cake with my lil' family. Qeeb yang tanya where is mama's birthday cake? So dapat laaa few days lepas tuh. Jeeb blanja but sendiri beli dolu sbb ada promo BR. Lol!

One with team members during KY's farewell lunch. It was few days in advanced because most of us will be on leave that week. KY was so sweet to get this burnt cheesecake at Huckleberry first before reached Majapahit for the lunch.

For goodness bake, they put on loads of candles there!

One with friends at Botanica + Co. We had fisherman pizza and fries! 

Sonot sembang sebab dah lama x lepak ngan dorang.

Luckily one candle jer. Kalo banyak cam ari tuh abes laa cair this donut churros yang sedap giler!

Astaghfirullah for my past, Alhamdulillah for my present and Insya Allah for my future. Doa yang baik-baik for ourselves and every one else.

Gift Exchange

I always relate December as a colorful festive month, presents with beautiful packaging, and of course my birthday month. We had a secret santa gift exchange as one of dept activity, food that lasted all day long including roasted turkey and we also dressed up in orange on that day.

What we got...


Cantekkann the wrapper, packaging, and tin box