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Ticking Bomb

Today is my first day on maternity leave. Ekceli blom count annual leave because i was given 5 days mc, since Dr. M offered it of course i grabbed it (>.-). And boy, i'm glad i did because during this morning checkup, Dr. M said i was 2cm dilated! Wow!! I was like 'Whattt?! Wowww!" How soon it's gonna be? Haaa itu kiter tatau (O_O). And my hospital card pon dah tak tulis the next checkup date...doc tulis "see in labor room!" hahaha

Due date

My pregnancy ticker dalam organizer hehe. So baby pumpkin, are u planning to make an earlier grand entrance? Whatever the date is, insya Allah i shall be ready and go with the flow.

Due Date

I oso dah rendam the akar fatimah yang my opismate bagi. Semalam time cuci tak kembang but today dah kembang sekembangnyer bunga tuh! Amazing and definitely a sign! Hope nanti sempat amik gambar time dia kembang because now nie tgh keringkan kat kitchen. For those yang tatau, akar fatimah datang dari Mekah and dikatakan boleh tunjuk tanda (cue) if preggy woman dah nak bersalin. And air yang direndam ngan akar fatimah nie boleh jadik air selusuh. But sumer ni kuasa Allah, i just doa and tawakal dipermudahkan the delivery process and the most important thing is the baby selamat.

Akar Fatimah

Nota kaki: Dear friends, please pray that everything goes well.

Irina's 1yo Birthday

Irina turned to 1year old on the 1st Oct. So last Sunday, Kak Liza threw a birthday party for her. It was a makan2 gathering. No clown this time because Irina is too small to appreciate that kind of entertainment hehe. For me the best part of this party was this sate stall, been waiting for it since Kak Liza mentioned that she's going to order from this delicious sate caterer because it was recommended by a relative during Raya open house ari tuh. Loads of sate for everyone and there are still a lot more to be eaten. Memang sedap giler and i just can't stop eating it!

Irina's Birthday 2010

See, we just can't stay away from the sate hehe!

Irina's Birthday 2010

Other foods available - soto, mihun goreng, pasta and few types of kuih like koci, karipap, cream puff, sandwiches and coconut jelly.

Irina's Birthday 2010

Marshmallows and gummies for party packs.

Irina's Birthday 2010

The birthday cake - Barney baked with love by Irina's grandma :) And here's Irina in front of her Barney cake. Hehe she was pressured with all the too much attention. At first an ice cube managed to keep her cool (that explained why her hand dalam cawan). But when everybody started singing birthday song, trus dia melalak. Lol! Soo cute!

Irina's Birthday 2010 Irina's Birthday 2010
Irina's Birthday 2010 Irina's Birthday 2010

Ololo sedey sungguh sampai meleleh2 air mata hahaha. So in the end her sis's Iman helped to blow the candles :)

Irina's Birthday 2010 Irina's Birthday 2010

Irina and her dad took a stroll. Barulah nampak dia sengih2 hehe.

Irina's Birthday 2010

The kids continued playing, running and jumping sampai lah parents dorang ajak balik.

Irina's Birthday 2010

Alhamdulillah, party dah setel and pumpkin gave me a chance to eat the sate as much as i want ;)

Tea Party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

What was your activity on the tententen (10/10/2010)? I went to Pitter Patter Delightful tea party with lil'' bumps at Carcosa Sri Negara.

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

The event itinerary and event coverage here.

Me and Cheep arrived around 1.30pm and we checked in at the counter to get doorgifts

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

Expert talks for mothers kick started with Beautiful with bumps – how does good nutrition enhance your beauty & immunity in pregnancy by Ms Loo Mei Fong Nutritionist from Dutch Lady Milk. Follow suit was the information talk on “Preparing yourself for the BIG DAY” by Dr Wong Pak Seng from Sunway Medical Centre. This one was interesting but he talked to fast. We learned that there were other talks running concurrently at other room for dad-to-be. It was one of the talks i was looking forward to listen to so kinda frustrated jugak when they susun camtuh >.<

Photo credit: Pitter Patter

We were then ushered to the drawing room for Carcosa’s Classical English Hi Tea. Unfortunately there weren't many seats so we had to looked around inside out to find available seats before we can enjoy our food. And i saw ada yang terpaksa makan berdiri.

After makan, we snapped photos sket kat luar. Carcosa is ekceli a colonial mansions so the decor and building is like a big mat saleh's house.

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

We stayed for a while to see the participants getting ready for their catwalk. This was the second time i declined to participate the fashion show hak hak. At first macam nak but lepas tuh cam maleh plak. But when i saw their make up was sponsored by Bobbi Brown i was like 'cheisss! rugi!' hehe!

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

The catwalk runway

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

But we didn't stay long after that because i started to feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Besides it's Sunday and we needed the extra rest to lazy around before Monday. I think the previous event held at KLGCC is much more better and fun. I like Carcosa, however that place kinda crammed for preggy ladies to walk around. On the other hand, the sponsors were awesome!

1) Immunity During Pregnancy by Friso Mum Gold

2) Doll Up with Makeup by Bobbi Brown

3) Chic Clothing Picks for the Bump by Maternity Wearhouz

4) Bonding thru Breastfeeding by Medela

5) Closet for my little one by Super Cute Baby

6) Cellsafe

7) Prudential

8) Relaxation Through Massage for Little Bumps by Bella Luna

The goodies from the Tea Party event.

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

Month 9

Medical checkup at 37 weeks. Dr. M said pumpkin's weight was 3kg. Alhamdulillah so far so good. Got tetanus shot summore :( So next checkup will be on the 25th and she said time tuh baru tgk ada dilation onot. Errkkk! Nervous but i'm hoping ada dilation at least 1cm maybe? After the checkup, i was given this tote bag with Anmum formula milk and a car sunshade :) Hehehe macam budak baru lepas kene inject...dapat freebie to cheer me up.

So test pasang kat my car window. Hehe so kiut! But i doubt ken tahan lama. Tarik sket pon dah bleh tercabut.

D & Azhar's Wedding

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe
-Old English rhyme
The wedding theme for D and Poji was blue and the pengantin looked so berseri2 and happy. When we arrived dorang tgh bersanding so we went straight to the pelamin to amik gambar. I like the pelamin too!

Wedding D & AzharWedding D & Azhar Wedding D & Azhar

Close up pengantin laki and pompuan \(^o\) (/o^)/

Wedding D & Azhar Wedding D & Azhar

The wedding cake and cupcakes in white and blue

Wedding D & Azhar

Pengantin baru rasmikan facetime kat iphone 4 Cheep. Lol! sempat lagik tuh padahal tgh makan sedap2.

Wedding D & Azhar

Among GLC yang datang dat day. Rugi plak rasa tak amik gambar kat pelamin :( but sib baik ada jugak group photo for kenang2an.

Wedding D & Azhar

Colleagues yang datang around the same time after sesat sejam lebey kat BTR area. Kesian padahal dah dekat sangat dah but tak jumpe gak jalan nak tembus ke umah D until Delailah called me and asked for directions.

Wedding D & Azhar

Me in my uniform for kenduri (T___T) with Sharax yang nampak kiut miut and Jannah yang nampak sangat tinggi dalam gambar nie.

Wedding D & Azhar

Nampak wedding arch, tents and red carpet jer dah boleh rasa wedding mood kan? ;) I'm so happy for D and Azhar dah slamat tied the knot. It's still not too late to wish both of you Selamat Pengantin Baru! Be good to each other and may you live happily ever after.

Wedding D & Azhar

The one with Open House and Birthday

On 3rd October, my sis Rina buat makan2 at Cheras's house for family members. The main course and buffet table settings were awesome and there were lots of food!!! She cooked the signature ketam dish, udang, ayam goreng rempah, rendang, and laksa. *drool*

Raya 2010 @ Cheras Raya 2010 @ Cheras

The buffet line up and everyone enjoying the food. And gambar bottom right tuh the kiut couple tgh masak together kat kitchen. Awwww! To be spesific dorang tgh prepare fried mushroom! Sodapppp!

Raya 2010 @ Cheras Raya 2010 @ Cheras
Raya 2010 @ Cheras Raya 2010 @ Cheras

At 2pm, me and Cheep escaped to D's wedding kat Cheras area jugak which i will post some pics in the next entry. Then lepas tuh back to my sis's house because Cheep's parents are coming. They came with the cucus, Khairan and Fariz. After borak2 sambil minom petang around 6pm they made a move and we stayed for a while to celebrate birthday my sis pulak.

Raya 2010 @ Cheras

Sorry ye tak order cake spesel, we just bought Choc Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe.

Rina's Birthday 2010

Lepas nih mmg scene berebut blow candles between Lily and Didi. Adly dah tak join dah because he's playing the cool big bro.

Rina's Birthday 2010

Happy birthday to my dear lalink sister, Rina. Or Nana the name yang sumer orang dah lekat panggey dia including my friends, lol! I wish you a good health, happiness, panjang umur dan murah rezeki :)

Rina's Birthday 2010

Sementara tuh kat blah tepi, si tecik bolat nih pon excited jugak tengah borak ngan papa dia. Myra is 3 months now.

Rina's Birthday 2010

And a close up pix of her yang tgh digest whats going on around her. Geramphhhh lah ngan pipi dia neh!

Rina's Birthday 2010