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Went to watch Tengku Anum theatre last nite @ Istana Budaya. The props are nice, the songs are beautiful…and the theatre was okayla. And I’m actually expecting Tengku Anum is a she! Maybe because of the name and certainly lack of history. Familiar faces like Azri Iskandar, Melissa Saila, Juhara Ayub, Serina, and yeahhh Intan Mahsuri’s hero I-can’t-remember-his-name. His the joker (^o^) as Prince of Siam Kingdom. And as usual Serina Chef Wan over-acting just like in Mr. Cinderella. Ptthhhh.

The thing is thought I could escape from ringing phone in theatre but nooo...just like in cinemas :P Moron! They could let their mobile ringing with stupid tune for whole 5 minutes. Annoying! Annoying! Annoying! Maybe they couldn't find the phone somewhere in the bag...whateva. But the point is TURN OFF the handphone or what is Silent Mode or Vibrate for? Duh...

Christmas pix uploaded.
Like this jokes some sorta like Santalite owned by Bill Gates. Ha ha...wondering when the competitors will stop suing this poor Microsoft guy. Come again...he's not poor yet.

A Microsoft Christmas

Twas the nite before Christmas, when all thru the house

Not a creature was stirring, except Papa’s mouse

The computer was humming, the icons were hopping,

As Papa did last minute Internet shopping



No more dolls or toy soldiers or little toy drums (ahem-pardon me)

No more dolls or tin soldiers or little toy drums

Will be under the tree, only compact dsk ROMs

With the Microsoft label. So spin up your drive,

From now on Christmas runs only on Win95.

-Copyright (As published in The Star)
Felicia Ang is the owner of Big Brown Bag! Terkejut badak aku tgk muka dia kat paper. Macam pernah aku lihat, tapik di mana ya? Hehehe...i served this lady before in Formaggie. Very selective but generous tips! (^o^).

p/s: Jaring account tinggal RM4.03. Mana nak carik duit nak reload! Shit..i'm declaring myself on hiatus.
My next door neighbour, Nona got engaged today. Also back door-neighbour. Rock, Renee and friend, Lina came to braya. WOhooo wit PED6680! Primary skool friends Sek. Keb Batu 31/2 , nine of em came. 7 years tak jumpa…sronot giler. Nila budak² flat yang aku slalu leypak sesama for 8 years until one **tch came along time kat Bandaraya dolu.

One card raya yang aku hanto bulan posa ri tuh, makes today a reunion…without that pompuan, luckily! Update each other…flash back zaman kecik² dolu. Everything was soo simple back then. :D

Went to eWorld organized by The Star yesterday. Straight to LOTR’s booth. I wore this Hobbit costume with The Fellowship of the Ring background (why not Two Towers I wonder) and take a snap. I luv free goodies! Sony booth is the best i guess. So does Apple. I luv Apple notebook so much and their iPod now support Windows (good news) and I'm getting this...hopefully. Then found this one bookstore called The Book Chest at The Mall. Finally I found the purfect supply of ol and new books. Novel City sucks! Mamak CM bole la tapik tak banyak choice. But this…wah sei! Rambang mata aku!

License To Kill

Sometimes I feel sooooooooooo rebel (like soo rite now) when I’m stuck at home with two kids (not mine). I luv them dearly, yes. But whaddaya feel when the rest of yer gang is out enjoying…and I had to say “sorry I’m babysitting” and spend the rest of the day chasing the lil ones so dat they don’t the crush the cookies or spill the milk.

Even when I already make one-week plan. Leaving me no choice I had to cancel em last minute for the sake of her if something come up and can't get away from it. Shucks! I am babysitting the kids now everyday till they get back from work. But on weekends too? Where’s my freedom? I’m not even married yet! Erghhhhhhhhhhh geram! And don't even think of saying Practise makes Perfect. And why the heck procedures of gettin' a maid is so damn friggin slow?

MOOD: Feel like killing..................mosquito.

Nothing couldn't been berra. My pc soundcard refuse to make a sound even a tiny beep. Notebook wayar rosak. Can't operate the scanner without the notebook, bontot-pc aku naper tah tanak connect. I have a zit on my right cheek! Oh my God I'm whining...

I Love Thee

I received three wedding invitation cards today in one shot! Could it mean something? At this point of age...think i'm in "attending-friends-reception-phase". Or could it be "you-come-to-my-reception-phase"? Soul glanced slyly at this sentence. Hmmm...
Too many guests today…my feet aching! Chul, Saha and kaum krabat dropped by mengejut nak braya. Ka che chung yi chula…har har har! Nana’s friends, ayie’s friends, maksu & family plus maklong & family all the way from Penang. They gonna crash the place for 2 days. Also my x-boss in Sirim. Bakri and kak Tini the newly wed couple came….didn’t see them for quite sometime. Long enuff in LICT, Bakri now settled down in UPM as a lecturer and felo. Hahahah the last thing on earth he ever become a felo in girls college.

Later, I was just landing peacefully at the couch to watch not-to-be-missed Roswell, 3 cars of Penangite mai. Hardly know even one of em. Kelentang kelentung lagik kat dapur. Sheesh! Everybody speaks pure bahsa 'ibunda'…bes bes giler ah ding dong. But my Roswell...walawei!

Potato Couch

Watched Intan Mahsuri. Beautiful cinematography. Puduraya yang bughok tuh pon jadik lawo. Nak tergelak tgk scene kat Puduraya tuh where the bus driver waited patiently sampaila abis peluk² then baru naik bas. Bertuah kalo aku jumpa bus driver cenggitu kat Mesia nie. Mau kena maki kalo real life beremo² depan xpress bus yang dah nak blah. wakakakaka....Rasyid Salleh aka Orang Utan is cute. English memang berabuk...but all I can say is his BM shucks. Har! Har! Cam citer Markonah dolu. "Bole nenek awak jadik nenek saya? Bole mak awak jadik mak saya? Bole adik² awak jadik adik saya?" Kalo sploh keturunan mau disebut sumernya.

Called Tok Chik in Penang. Happy to hear that she still in a pink of health. The only Tok around...Maybe Maklong datang braya kat KL nanti on the 12th. Org kat sg buluh pon kena jemput gak. Almost a year I dint see em except Karen.
1 Syawal

Jemaah surau stopped by the house last nite for takbir raya. The second Raya without beloved Mom. The grievous pain i couldn't bear till now. This morning sembahyang raya, salam² mintak ampun maap , then me, bapak, nana and adly headed to pusara. Cheras Baru pack with Muslims yang nak pegi menziarah. Sebak oooo...

Nana buat nasik tomato. Arrange here and there...very efficient. Maybe her decision to join F&B full time is the right choice. She seems enjoying it. Then she depart to her in-laws sometimes in the evening. Will be back on Sunday. And that just leave me and Bapak. la crita adik bradik sket. Kalo big family datang nak braya abisla aku tunggang langgang sensorang kat dapur. Bluarghhhh!

May Allah bless us on this beautiful day.
Adly got himself a pet today. A fish he called Fish. My sista kept on 'oh no' on the way back takut ikan tuh kiok sblom sempat sampai umah. Gladly Fish made it!

I believe this is the first pet ever stepped into this house. In my entire of 22 years, I never have a pet. Some house rulez...but i think it only apply to fur creature :D. Dad is being xtra nice...he bought an aquarium the next day and some fish friends for Fish. And more in the we kinda have like 50 fish now. Erghh tedious job. But at least it could make him occupied. But he also spent too much money on those fish whereas he could buy new clothes...or maybe my clothes. thehehehe! Hmmm....I've already got him a shirt...nana would do the rest.

I'm totally self sponsored this year. So I'm back to broke now. Why do I get the feeling tahun nie aku langsung tak dapat duit raya?Whoaaaa....shucks! So azam aku tahun depan kutip hong pau banyak²! Tinggal lagik sminggu bulan Ramadhan...sayu la plak. Isk!
Aku nak balik Penang...but they don't. Okay fine but don't make me go to PD. A few hours there suits me...but not stayin' overnight. I'll die of boredom!

I'll survive on the first day Raya even if i'll be alone. Lotsa my friends pon tak balik kampung. Tapi takkan nak tinggal bapak sensorang. Kalo aku stay..kang dia kluar, aku lak tinggal sensorang. I'll make a deal later...but no matter what I'm not going to stay at PD. Ni la susah sedara mara jauh.