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Herreeee...Didn't get the chance to shout out! OT tak sempat nak online. Bout the PTD test 2 days ago, it was ok...although i didn't know what the heck to answer. Bumped into Gee, Zureen, Basyeer, and member skolah Rohaza, Azna, Fiza. It's great, pick up latest news bout each other. Peksa tuh makan masa sampai petang...and it consist of 5 papers with break in between. Maths question is not that horrible, but too bad, not much time provided. The general questions is killer one. There's bout NAM, Commonwealth, Perjanjian tuh perjanjian nie. Huarghhh....Blasah! Ngantuk toksah cakapler, dahler dalam ballroom...sah² lampu oren. Alahaiii....malap jer aku tgk soklan.

During the test there's one big guy sat next to me. It's not s'pose to be his seat...coz sticker ctu nama pompuan. But the thing is he kept mumbling and humming to himself thru the test which is very annoying.

While on the way back, dalam bas, one guy chose to sat next to me of all EMPTY seats. Duduk² jer dah setat mengayat, cakap dekat² lak tuh...ewww that is so not in! freak, what was he thinking, i'll give him my number in the next 5 minutes? i was like shit...cemana nak kuar nie. nyesal tak dok belah aisle. luckily he made way...the reason why Malaysian don't fall into conversation easily with too friendly stranger is maybe because 'some' may look like erm...'not too friendly'? This is where 'Judging Book by its Cover' apply. Cruel but thats the facts. Ladies have right to be suspicious with any stranger. Good looking or not...but I have warning bulb in my head "alert! alert!".
I have only one day to finish copy-editing DJ cause i'm gonna take 'mc' on thursday. Wth so many books coming in, surely my leave will be reject. Eila is taking MC too on the same day coz she have an appointment with her doc. That's just leave Hanim menggelabah sensorang. Sian la plak...but i'm not telling anyone in the office.!

Hereee Zetty. Go on pat her back. :D
I'm going to sit for a PTD test next week. wachaaa! bear in mind....

Date: 29/5

Time: 9-9.45 a.m

Venue: Hotel de Palma, Ampang

There's maths, essays....bring pencil, pen, ic, and the letter. Baca current issue, practise equation...naah!

I'm working on layout for novel: Dancing Nude in the Moonlight. It's s'pose to be easy, but i took longer time to finish it coz i've been reading it. Bengang jer Sarjeet. Sib ah...dah nama buku citer, sambil nyelam minum air. I like the title, but it means nothing bah. Unlike the other one, Mighty Lewd Books. Haaa tiz one, menggelabah jer buat. It's about erotic vs pornography. Agagaga...banyak a/work, macam² position! Nak selak page pon naik segan. Hishhh...but then the book is not available here. ;)
The most suck current ad is Rejoice Shampoo. :> *cringe!*

a guy came in, "hey saya dapat tawaran ke luar negeri...tapi 2 tahun"

and the girl slowly (and i mean really slow) turn away, "pergilah, kalau tidak kamu akan menyesal"

and the guy stroke the girls hair "tapi sblom tuh sudikah berkawin dengan saya?"

both embrace in a hug...sheesh!

what's hair got to do with the damn whole thing? bullz...and the girl looks pale and sick. nak gerak kepala pon cam tak larat...nak maintain rambut i guess. bak kater zect pompuan sakit yang berambut cantik. the most enjoyable ad rite now is certainly TV3, the series for romance. That woman is hilarious, and the way she blocked Rosalinda out of if Fernando Jose looking at her :D creative!
I have 2 books due for today. I only managed to send one. The other one, TIDEC dah siap but QC lambat marked. So...havta delay after cuti. that's just add 2 more books which i havta release on friday and 1 on saturday. biler masanya nak wat? errghh...tight deadlines means more wrinkles!

But anyway tomorrow is holiday! and also the day after. wuhuu....tengkiu! tengkiu Malaysia. agagaga :D
I've been looking for telenovelas theme song. finally found one telenovela mp3. Nana's out today celebrating mother's day at her sister in law's house. they all have small kids so its kinda play date for the kids and celebrate themselves for being a mother ;). Wonder when i become a mother would i be celebrating mother's day with my sista? hehe...surely her kids dah grown up by then.

Happy Mother's Day to my late mother. You're always in my heart, every heartbeat. I can't express my love for you least physically, but all i could do is say my prayer for you. Thank you for being my mother for the past 21 years. I love you.
I just read the FSKSM Yahoo Groups. Kena lak timing they discussed bout multi level marketing omegatrend, as i was approached by the twins for amway. One of the responders said sometimes MLM is not gonna work because of -ve perspective. that's exactly how i feel maybe because i'm not interested. some believe they can make money by doing this. and it's true ader yang dah succeed. it's actually a very good opportunity to grab but not at the moment. Coz somehow it's a matter of interest and commitment. Therefore, i have to turn down the offer. Which i haven't done it yet....
The twins came over the other day. They were proposing a marketing biz, network 21, a project under Amway. sounds like pyramid scheme to me. After the meeting, i'd actually discover a part of what I like to do.

They asked me what exactly do I want in life? Traveling, better standard of living, my case I wish I have more time with Bapak but at the same time enjoying my work with good income. But the main point is I can't commit with this kind of networking biz. Havta meet client, attend meetings, talks or function which I havta pay for it....It takes times and efforts but i'm one helluva lazy bum. I'm suck in convincing people, or explain even one simple process without stumbling a word. I'm still juggling with my career, and some will said i'll work like a slave, up till when? Even nana asked me the very same question...but back then i dunno what to answer and I chose to ignore. But now i think i have one.

I work berra with machine than with human. I rather meet up with sifu or master in something in my interest area rather than potential client and sell myself even though that’s what I have to do to be a freelancer and I definitely prefer to work on project basis. At this age I'm willing to do any job offering me doing what I like although the pay is low and damn far. And when the project is complete it's like I can sit back and say "..aah, i did that!". That's what I like and that is why i keep on doing it.

Boredom will come around. But I'll think about it when the time comes for I have few options.

Went to Bangsar to have lunch, stopped at APW on the way. Then board Putra turun kat M. Jamek. Naik Star turun kat Plaza Rakyat. Just one station, I could've walk...but did dat on purpose...coz i wanna use the monthly pass to the fullest. *wink!* Walked to S&M. Hectic along the way as always.

The mission is to find Mashi Moro. Which I'm having trouble finding one in small type not the fluffy. Tanya sales asst...sumer kater tarak. Lazy bone! Tanya other customer, this chinese girl happily pointed out Mashi Moro one after another. I didn't know Mashi Moro have other colour besides white! And Emporium Mydin already starts operating at Sinar Kota which used to be MetroJaya. It really draw a crowd! Where there's a crowd it drives me away. Nak masuk pon horror...but everybody seems so happy shopping at Mydin. Sesak pon takper...plastic bag kiri kanan. Hmmm....

p.s:Why in the world TV2 replaced Roswell with Felicity? Zaman biler punya citer daaa...that is sooo out! And Charmed, finally is back on screen. But I hate their next kin though....what's-her-name? Think I already watched at TCS5...Still remember kroni tgk Charmed, me, Pizet ngan Wawa vs Jack n Jill (Rock, Rina and me again)...Same time different channels. Sib baik de 2 tv kat umah tuh pon fight who gets the big tv with 2 color or smaller tv with RGB color. :D