I'm going to sit for a PTD test next week. wachaaa! bear in mind....

Date: 29/5

Time: 9-9.45 a.m

Venue: Hotel de Palma, Ampang

There's maths, essays....bring pencil, pen, ic, and the letter. Baca current issue, practise equation...naah!

I'm working on layout for novel: Dancing Nude in the Moonlight. It's s'pose to be easy, but i took longer time to finish it coz i've been reading it. Bengang jer Sarjeet. Sib ah...dah nama buku citer, sambil nyelam minum air. I like the title, but it means nothing bah. Unlike the other one, Mighty Lewd Books. Haaa tiz one, menggelabah jer buat. It's about erotic vs pornography. Agagaga...banyak a/work, macam² position! Nak selak page pon naik segan. Hishhh...but then the book is not available here. ;)


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