The most suck current ad is Rejoice Shampoo. :> *cringe!*

a guy came in, "hey saya dapat tawaran ke luar negeri...tapi 2 tahun"

and the girl slowly (and i mean really slow) turn away, "pergilah, kalau tidak kamu akan menyesal"

and the guy stroke the girls hair "tapi sblom tuh sudikah berkawin dengan saya?"

both embrace in a hug...sheesh!

what's hair got to do with the damn whole thing? bullz...and the girl looks pale and sick. nak gerak kepala pon cam tak larat...nak maintain rambut i guess. bak kater zect pompuan sakit yang berambut cantik. the most enjoyable ad rite now is certainly TV3, the series for romance. That woman is hilarious, and the way she blocked Rosalinda out of if Fernando Jose looking at her :D creative!


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