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[Quote] Happiness

What is Happiness? We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a results of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. - Frederick Koenig

Snacking @ Kopimeo, Shah Alam

Another cafe in SA area, Kopimeo. When we were there, kedai penuh. Tampak meriah.

Our first experience here was so so. All the staff dah takleh nak senyum musbi really penat i guess. But really, a smile is very important. I had cappucino. Meja cantek for flat lay photos.

I wanted to try something else that night, i can't remember. But dah abes so i ordered fries with sour and cream instead. Jeeb was not feeling well so we had a quick bite and balik.

This round of cafe hunt dunno laa biler nak datang lagik. Tgk IG cam banyak food sedap that i wanted to try. One of those random days maybe.

Dessert @ Cake Jalan Tiung, Shah Alam

Cake Jalan Tiung just opened their cafe recently. But their name apparently dah well known way before. They even listed in the famous local bakers via Says. Their cafe is in Seksyen 9, above Anis Sup Utara.

Simple decor at the entrance

Time kitowang pegi, almost full house. Except for one big table with high stools at the corner. Risau plak Qeeb duduk tergolek but since he sat there quietly sambil draw so everything is fine.

Love the counter. Decorated with origamis. Unfortunately, cake almost finished and tak banyak options. Frust!

So we tried a slice of Christiung Applegate. Light and sedap. Their dessert plate is lovely!

The kah-pucinos.

If tingin nak makan cake and coffee, we will drop by again. I also ordered Jeeb's birthday cake from them. Best sket skang banyak options of halal cafe and dekat summore.

Dinner @ Lads & Lassies, Shah Alam

We went to Lads and Lassies three times so far. Because Jeeb loves their sloppy burger so much.

This corner looks very cosy. 

Our coffee came with beskot icing.

Here comes the Sloppy Cheese Burger (RM18.90) with generous amount of blue cheese and beef bacon slices. The one yang charcoal bun tuh was Mahalo Moa (RM18.90). During our second visit, I tried Mushroom burger with beef bacon slices (RM23).

Their chilli fries was awesome too! 

Nih pon Jeeb dah hint nak pegi lagik skali before bulan puasa. Burger monsta!
Update: we went there for the 3rd time and repeated Sloppy Cheese Burger hehe. If you order a burger between 6-8pm, you'll get 10% discount.