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Weekend @ Sunway Pyramid

Another weekend at the mall with no specific reason. But Cheep got the chance to random snaps lots of things with his new camera.

Candid photo tgh try sunglasses hahaha. Test macam2 but satu hapa pon tak beli.

Qeeb's bored expression sitting in the stroller while waiting for me to browse here and there. No wonder he can walk the next day lol! He was really that bored :P

From new wing to old wing and back to new wing. Passing through Asian Avenue. Banyak benda cute2 kat sini.

Lepas tuh we went to the alfresco area to kasik chance Qeeb jalan2 pulak. 

Time nih Qeeb asik land his kepala on my face...tgh sayang2 mode. But main kasaq wooo...tolak2 ngan kepala dia sampai muka i senget.

Last shot before masuk balik mall. All of us are sweating already lol!

We had dinner at Wendy's...errrmm mushroom melt is the best burger ever! But Qeeb makan his homemade bubur.

We stopped by Ochado to try the pop egg milk tea for the first time. The coffee pearl is marvelous...lembut giler biler expl…

Qeeb can Walk

Qeeb officially can walk on 19th February 2012! w00000t!  One of the pix the day before he walked on his own, he still stumbled and gayat to let go of our hands. But now...he can really walk!

Things to remember when he starts walking:
Expression muka excited gila dapat jalan. Jalan macam frankestein - angkat tangan ke depan sbb nak balance body. Eyebrow terangkat sbb nak focus. He can jalan corner2, only once in a while lost balance.He become more excited biler ramai audience watching his walk demo.   Shooo cute. Time kat opis, biler tingat dia jalan cam frankestein tuh mmg nak tergelak. Haih Naqeeb, mama is soooo happy for you!

Chinese New Year 2012 celebration

CNY dah lama abes but now baru nak upload some photos hehe. This year we only went to visit aunty Pat's house at Mont Kiara. But this year was a bit special because we got the chance to watch lion dance up close right in front of the residence's entrance.

We arrived just in time to take this photo before they started. 

And one family photo too. One of the MANY photos yang my sis pejam -.-

2 lions shufflin'
Abg ayie and sis tgh dukung the small ones layan tgk lion dance. Halfway through, Qeeb got bored with the whole thing hehe.

After abes, we went up to aunty Pat's house. Unfortunately when i passed through the sliding door while holding Qeeb, the sensor tak detect betol so it's closing eventho ada orang lalu so Qeeb terantuk kat pintu kaca! Adehhh trus benjol. Tuh yang dok tenyeh ngan ais tuh...lucky thing by the time we're going back no sign of benjol anymore hehehe.

Aunty Pat prepared some refreshment for us. Sumer serang meja makan.

I like all the CNY decor…

Airplane Ride with JFK

I read k.Emila's tweet about a contest at her blog when i was about to hit the bed. The prize was a free ride on an airplane! Who doesn't get excited when u read something like that?! I do! The questions are quite simple and all the answers are in her blog. Senang nak cari actually thanks to k. Emila's neat archive. But i answered some questions wrong at first....gerammmm sampai office the next day pon still dok search for the answers lol! And after the 3rd try, i got all the answers correct and i was like OMG! really?! but control  hidong from kembang kempis keterujaan yang over depan colleagues.

So there i was at Skypark Terminal Subang that weekend with Cheep yang baik hati tolong hantar. I also got to know my flying partner Yuven, a friend of k.Emila who is very friendly just like she described him. We meetup with JFK at Skypark McDonald around 10.30am and i violently volunteered to be the co-pilot. Thanks to Yuven for being so gentleman hehe. I wish Cheep can join too…

Birthday Kak Liza 2012

The beginning of backlog entries! Cut the story short we attended kak Liza's birthday party at Sassoroso, an italian restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. The traffic on that day was a nightmare because it was raining that evening. We reached there around 9.30pm! Lucky thing the dinner was buffet style so takde lah segan silu nak masuk because we were late. Besides bak kater Jeeb "nih kakak sendiri punye bday party, slumber jer" betol gak tuh hehe

Tercangok2 gak nak duduk mana at first. Then we found out that K.Liza actually booked the whole place for herself so we can sit anywhere we want! Kah kah adik bongsu mmg lambat pickup story2 camnie. So we found ourselves a cozy and quiet corner, fill up our plate and start makan. Then Rizal + gf etc joined our table.

Kak Liza blew candles on her birthday cake. 43yo and still looking hawt!

Me and kekami sambil makan and borak. The dessert were awesome btw. But i forgot all the names!

K.Liza also got a DJ to spin her favorite songs.…