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lalu kl sentral, i got clear view of urbanscapes concert platform and tons of booth at the parking lot. aww sronotnya. why does it have to be on raya eve! darn!! kalo takder tix pon leh wat kejer giler ulang alik naik lrt from CM back to KL sent just to feel the paahtty! muahahha...but no sound lar. on transit @ m.jamek...there's lion dance show going on, rite in the middle of pave side between Star and Putra. the space is so limited, and the crowd is like wooh. dong dong dong chang...vibrate gegendang tlinga gua.

watched american idol for da 1st time. the audition is hilarious...some can be so pathetic. heheh...nak tgk yang batch kelly clarkson/ ruben. not sure tiz one who's the winner. and i heard there's going to be m'sia version, guess what. malaysian idol...duh! sumernya nak kena de label made in m'sia. previous there's m'sia pop star, and they form a group by'u. whateva happen to em. they sink after AF. and guess who's going to be the judges? harith-type again? urgh.
Just lurve Dido vidz for White Flag. David Boreanaz was starring in it! It's great to see him being a non-Angelus. Lurve the song, like the vidz.

Well I will go down with this ship

And I won't put my hands up and surrender

There will be no white flag above my door

I'm in love and always will be

And when we meet

As I'm sure we will

All that was then

Will be there still

I'll let it pass

And hold my tongue

And you will think

That I've moved on

Leypak at CG in Citrus Park just now. I didn't know they have a cute chef behind the counter! muahahaha! Oso take away yee sang...finally the craving ended! Heheh...

last nite pegi Ampang Point. I tot we're going to Jusco so I don't bother to change the-almost-ugly-shirt-alive-in-closet. So it happens, the driver decided to change venue to Ampang Point. Sampai sana...glad its close! we ate nasi lemak sri pandan @ the nearest stall, then had 4 slices of cheese cakes @ secret recipe. Makan sampai tepu! Then pegi Jusco...and its OPEN. duh! grab 2 items! :D

saturday...its the ***kin' workin' day! tak gitu wawa??? sungguh hampes skali! this co. shucks! kemut! kedekut! bakhil! tell me waaaiiii!!!

Gong xi! Gong xi! Monkey rules! Ader orang datang braya umah aku tadik. ahahaha...pepagi dah kena hidang makanan. tinggal takder rendang, kacang ngan air oren jer. just kiddin''s only my sista's parents-in-law to pick up adly. he's goin' to have a swimmin' weekend. am i glad to hear that! :P

Oso HEPPI BURFDAY to cik ZETTY!!! wish u a burfday filled with all things that make you happy (^o^).
Top 5 lrt user need to be avoid

1. men who sit with spreading leg like he has big ball.

2. ppl who put their bag on a seat as if they’re paying seats for two.

3. ppl who’s carrying umbrella secara merbahaya like they’re ready to poke you any minute.

4. Unpleasant smell next to you can be suffocating. Especially wit cigarette smell.

5. ppl who likes to read paper in a crowded train. And others had to make space, yang sememangnya takde, for ‘em to flip their papers.

I've had 3 from the list today! Gosh it's annoying!!
had seafood lasagna and spaghetti bolognaise for lunch. yeah 2 dishes from pizza hut. haha. it's cheap can't help it...t'was like a price of 1 plate in dave's deli. and its quite good.

The past few weeks I had less problem from falling into sleep at the office. well...because there's a love drama script being passed over the network. it's a msg conversation. and me and wani take a peek at their mac every few minutes after they exchange msges. hehehe...they never bother to put on password, so what da heck... first couple between SH and WY, real life they never showed any interest on each other, they barely talk. but based on their 'phua chu kang-slang' messages...wuhuu! 2nd couple is between A and L. A have bf and plan to get married but at the same time playing off the fields wit L. this came out quite surprising coz all this time we tot L yang wasting his time courting for something he won't get. their dialogue skema giler..very yusof haslam-type. meremang² aku baca, tapik baca gak. mostly bantai gelak. kalah ayat karangan SPM.

its funny to see when they try to pretend in front of others, when you ekceli already know the truth. do i feel guilty reading their msg...erm no! hahaha. it's just for da sake of reading, not that i plan to use it to stabb ppl. who knows someone might oso hack my mac and read my msgs. ahakz...:P
Heyaaa…quite sometimes now. maleh nak updet…got flu. Which has nothing to do with updating tiz thang, I know! Haha…last Saturday went to San Peng, trader area, wit Susu. Well, we had a nice time browsing and bit disappointing since most of the shops are wholesale. No retail. Not to forget a lil incident where we became a language victim duh! Its very frustrating moment where we couldn’t get our tounges right!

Sunday, my next-door neighbour wedding, nona. Lilac-theme…very nice! And then…layan Fellowship of the ring, xtended version. Then comes Monday again. Still bugged wit flu. Sarjeet clearly trying her best to stay away from me…takut infected ler tuh. Hahha…quite a peaceful day. And the best part is, Alias is back on tv! Wuhuuu! Now there’s something to look forward on Monday, for a non-Astro subscriber like me…heheh. Bliss! :D

p/s: sori for those who tried to call or sms me. biler connected sure putus. its getting on my nerves now. oso, as for sms, forget gettin any answer in real-time. coz i would receive it 6 hours later. bullz!
Schucks! What do I have in early months of new year, 2004? Pile of bills from last month which costs me almost 2k! Whooaaaa!!! Baju baru shoes...mana de. So why am i paying this bills for? :P
I'm unexpectedly soo involved with Yatie's, my kazen engagement today physically and emotionally. heheh...the reception went smoothly @ first, guests datang, umah and khemah dah ready. tapik ader plak family blah pakcik jani buat muka biler makcik pakcik aku smp. what in the world is wrong with 'em? aper cina tabley gi majlis melayu? peh tu everything starts to spoil, when pak sedara pakcik jani soh yatie turun time nak sarung cincin. lorr...tuan rumah dah arrange naik diaorang soh turun. siap jerit² woi turunler cepat. menggelabah minah tu turun tak ready.

and then there's this one particular lady yang ntah aper talian ngan tuan umah, jenis suka spoil majlis, arrange itu ini, soh buat itu ini. Memang sakit ati. My sista paling frust skali coz she put all her efforts buat hantaran, decorate the room and everything. Dahler makcik tuh cakap cam petir memang nak carik gado...tak abis² cakap adat! paler hangguk dia... Abis hantaran sumer dah cam caca-marba! Yatie looks like to burst into tears any minute. Adeh...serius aku anti orang typical cenggini. Aunty aku pon speechless. Spoil! Spoil!
I always wonder how the book cover I layout for looks like xcept copy-editing title where Palgrave send me jacket proof.

Crazee I never thought before to search under Palgrave...duh! So did some keyword searching...tadaaa! Xcited to see those titles with a cover and tag as new!!. It doesn't look inviting enuff to read but on the inside I did that! The feeling is kinda different...heheh

Here's some...

Soothing colours eh?

New Case Book has same bg for all titles

Sydney who eh? Never heard of her...Tom Sawyer penahler

a lil bit of medic history here and there

Herrreee 2004!

Went to Times Square after work. Clothes hunting and dinner. Monorel still sucks! Nak boarding havta push it push it summore. Balik, countdown kat umah with droopy eyes. And then watch fireworks from the porch. peaceful! :D

Azam? Naaah...tiap² ari aku berazam. What's with 2003? A lil bit of tiz and dat...makes a whole lot. Hopefuli 2004 will bring a fresh start. Rajin kejer demi masa depan. but first of all tukaq kejer dolu. chayuukk!