Heyaaa…quite sometimes now. maleh nak updet…got flu. Which has nothing to do with updating tiz thang, I know! Haha…last Saturday went to San Peng, trader area, wit Susu. Well, we had a nice time browsing and bit disappointing since most of the shops are wholesale. No retail. Not to forget a lil incident where we became a language victim duh! Its very frustrating moment where we couldn’t get our tounges right!

Sunday, my next-door neighbour wedding, nona. Lilac-theme…very nice! And then…layan Fellowship of the ring, xtended version. Then comes Monday again. Still bugged wit flu. Sarjeet clearly trying her best to stay away from me…takut infected ler tuh. Hahha…quite a peaceful day. And the best part is, Alias is back on tv! Wuhuuu! Now there’s something to look forward on Monday, for a non-Astro subscriber like me…heheh. Bliss! :D

p/s: sori for those who tried to call or sms me. biler connected sure putus. its getting on my nerves now. oso, as for sms, forget gettin any answer in real-time. coz i would receive it 6 hours later. bullz!


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