Leypak at CG in Citrus Park just now. I didn't know they have a cute chef behind the counter! muahahaha! Oso take away yee sang...finally the craving ended! Heheh...

last nite pegi Ampang Point. I tot we're going to Jusco so I don't bother to change the-almost-ugly-shirt-alive-in-closet. So it happens, the driver decided to change venue to Ampang Point. Sampai sana...glad its close! huhu...so we ate nasi lemak sri pandan @ the nearest stall, then had 4 slices of cheese cakes @ secret recipe. Makan sampai tepu! Then pegi Jusco...and its OPEN. duh! grab 2 items! :D

saturday...its the ***kin' workin' day! tak gitu wawa??? sungguh hampes skali! this co. shucks! kemut! kedekut! bakhil! tell me waaaiiii!!!


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