lalu kl sentral, i got clear view of urbanscapes concert platform and tons of booth at the parking lot. aww sronotnya. why does it have to be on raya eve! darn!! kalo takder tix pon leh wat kejer giler ulang alik naik lrt from CM back to KL sent just to feel the paahtty! muahahha...but no sound lar. on transit @ m.jamek...there's lion dance show going on, rite in the middle of pave side between Star and Putra. the space is so limited, and the crowd is like wooh. dong dong dong chang...vibrate gegendang tlinga gua.

watched american idol for da 1st time. the audition is hilarious...some can be so pathetic. heheh...nak tgk yang batch kelly clarkson/ ruben. not sure tiz one who's the winner. and i heard there's going to be m'sia version, guess what. malaysian idol...duh! sumernya nak kena de label made in m'sia. previous there's m'sia pop star, and they form a group by'u. whateva happen to em. they sink after AF. and guess who's going to be the judges? harith-type again? urgh.


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