had seafood lasagna and spaghetti bolognaise for lunch. yeah 2 dishes from pizza hut. haha. it's cheap can't help it...t'was like a price of 1 plate in dave's deli. and its quite good.

The past few weeks I had less problem from falling into sleep at the office. well...because there's a love drama script being passed over the network. it's a msg conversation. and me and wani take a peek at their mac every few minutes after they exchange msges. hehehe...they never bother to put on password, so what da heck... first couple between SH and WY, real life they never showed any interest on each other, they barely talk. but based on their 'phua chu kang-slang' messages...wuhuu! 2nd couple is between A and L. A have bf and plan to get married but at the same time playing off the fields wit L. this came out quite surprising coz all this time we tot L yang wasting his time courting for something he won't get. their dialogue skema giler..very yusof haslam-type. meremang² aku baca, tapik baca gak. mostly bantai gelak. kalah ayat karangan SPM.

its funny to see when they try to pretend in front of others, when you ekceli already know the truth. do i feel guilty reading their msg...erm no! hahaha. it's just for da sake of reading, not that i plan to use it to stabb ppl. who knows someone might oso hack my mac and read my msgs. ahakz...:P


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