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Got to see rainbow today. beautifool. some myth says leprechaun moves thru rainbow. am i so terribly bored dat i was thinkin of leprechaun??? gosh!

Am taking 2 days off. It's like a criminal applying to get outta jail when i passed the leave form. They never make it easy. Sungguh lar susah nak mintak cuti! annual leave aku...sukati ar aku nak cuti biler!
Currently borrowed and reading Dreaming of a Stranger-Sheila O'Flanagan. It just confirm my worst nightmare about relationship! agagaga... Dreams aren't always what they seem. And only time will tell if real life can be as satisfying as a dream.
Latest addiction is Chicken Floss - Bread Story. Dulu nak beli biler singgah midvalley jek. since now de new outlet kat m.jamek, i'll be hop-in more often for the next couple of weeks sampai lar dah burink makan. haha same goes Roti Boy. sanggup singgah KLCC smata nak beli this bread. but now i'm over it.

Somehow, da road in MJamek now became more alive with all the too-familiar signage emblazoned create a temptation for strollin in spite of throngs of ppl, compared once upon a time ago nak jalan pon rasa conscious and over-alert (ekceli skang pon still does..duh!). I never like MJamek before. It always smells, easily flood, not to mention the crowd and a very old building around. and now...only this small potion one of the building has improved!
From my point of view, Malaysian Idol is almost too much. Too many unnecessary talks and interviews, not too mention very dragging. Tang nyanyi nyer sket jer. takleh nak gelak besar²an. dia punya suntingan tabes, its like something is missing. and the judges...roslan aziz talks too much with lame jokes, fauziah latiff asik ulang aper yang other judges cakap, she didn't have much of her own opinion anyway, paul moss bulih lar.


Dinner at NZ, Wangsa Maju. Its a great place to hang-out. lotsa ppl to watch. but the service is kinda slow takleh lawan Tomyam 2000.

Personal note: When a waiter drop a paper with scribble handwriting on it, he must be meant to spell PAID, not his name which least possibly could be PAUL. kih kih!
I sat for an aptitude test @ tv3 yesterday, which turns out an IQ test from MENSA. pergh..tak spasal eksesais mata. but besaler tak sempat nak jawab sumer. zaki offered soh tiru paper dia. huhu per lagik! yang si zureen lak tiru aku. sure marks IQ jadik below 100. bak kater orang mensa tuh if below 100 is not stupid but slow. yoh! cuba bagi 2 jam, konpem bleh jawab sumer. ahakz! i dunno how this gonna effect my application. hope not! this time they combined 2 sessions yang 1st interview ari tuh and shortlisted. mostly yang de is from my session, 2 jer from session lain. on day way balik ajak susu gi minum. so we're off to midvalley. then balik.

today is the last day of 'clean-and-non-smell air' in the opis. cause tomorrow karupillay will start workin after 2 weeks holiday. its gonna be dreadful! there's so many things for her to catch up with copy editing titles. and i'm one of her favourite person she would most likely to see regarding the matter. and balik tadik for the first time tumpang 'makcik', my boss yang garang giler, since dia nak balik awal. so eila tumpang sampai bangsar. aku lak tumpang sampai depan umah (umah dia dekat jer ngan umah aku). koh! koh!

Notes: National Geographic Special last nite about Saddam Hussein is very interesting!
Down! down giler rite now. nih yang rasa nak....tsk! nih yang rasa nak makan kinder bueno bebanyak!

So many things to say, but some things are better left not. How to fix it tho? These are one of the things in life that cannot be teach by anyone. hou san fuuu ar!
Nightmare neighbour. How gross can they be? Ewww!!

Currently working on:

Constructing Global Civil Society

Public Private Partnership

Governance of East Asian Corporations

Global Regulation

United Nations Disarment Processes in Intra-State Conflict.

Yoshhh!! Sume deadline dekat². Drop dead! *mind boggle* Look at those titles. It's soo boring with capital B. It's all charts, graphs, maps, tables. I missed doing encyclopedia type.
This is kinda cute. For light reading :D. Taken from Squeak.

Every evening

as I'm laying here in bed

This little prayer keeps running

through my mortal head.

God bless my mom and dad,

and bless my little child.

And take care of my spouse

when things start getting wild...

And God there's one more thing

I wish that you could do.

Hope ya don't mind me askin

but please bless my 'puter too?

Now I know that it's not normal

to bless a MOTHER BOARD.

But listen just a second

while I explain to you, my lord

you see, that little metal box

holds more than odds and ends.

Inside those small components

rest a hundred of my 'BEST FRIENDS'.

Some it's true I've never seen

and most I've never met.

We've never shaken hands

or shared a meal as yet...

I know for sure they like me

by the kindness that they give.

And this little scrap of metal

is how i travel to where they live.

by faith is how I know them

much the same as I know You.

I share in what life brings them

from that our friendship grew.

PLEASE take an extra minute

from your duties up above,

to bless this hunk of metal

that's filled with so much love.

-Author Unknown.-
Putra LRT with new Hotlink skin for Euro 2004. Tak cukup dinding, tingkap, bumbung, dia diorang boh kat lantai plak cam tikar getah kaler hijau. memula masuk rasa cam nak bersila pon de ahaha. ader one group of giggling girls main lompat² kat circles striker, midfield, etc. cam bengong dlm tren pon nak main lompat²! kalo de bola time tuh mmg aku bagi!
rabu...ari ketiga aku jumpa budak krp. hehe this time, RINA (budak krp gak kan :D). koh koh! not klcc lar, but at m.jamek. aku tgh jalan tetiba ader orang debik aku ngan buku! ganaz tol. hehe

malam tuh gi tgk the day after 2moro with susu, bb and pjot. aku plg suke ayat last skali..."have u seen the air so clear?". have u?

adly was admitted to SJMC smalam. memula kat klinik suspected appendix. but nana said something like infection. i haven't got the chance to visit him yet. nak pegi sana sini nak kena jaga. besoookk then.
2 days in a row bump into budak KRP @ klcc. Monday, saw Bahaq-Kawanku. Spontaneous reaction...i kinda hide my face behind my burger. And today, tnampak Medya aka Med aka Riyatama depan tgv. yossshh! sok kena g klcc lagik, who's gonna be next?